Ministry and Special Markets Sales Manager

Moody Publishers, a nonprofit Christian publisher founded in 1894 by D.L. Moody, has distributed more than 300 million books in over 71 languages and 130 countries around the world. Moody exists to publish books and resources that glorify god, serve the church’s work of discipling all people, and make Jesus Christ known throughout the world. In short…we prepare people for their purpose and calling! And, all proceeds from Moody Publishers benefit The Moody Bible Institute of Chicago, which exists to educate and equip students for Christian ministry. MBI is one of the most well-known evangelical institutions in the world, training thousands of people for pastoral ministry, media ministry, cross-cultural missions work, and more. And, we serve alongside our other partner institution, Moody Radio, which is one of the largest Christian radio networks in the United States.

Products / Services

As Moody Bible Institute provides a solid educational anchor for Moody Publishers, we have a wide array of trustworthy, Biblically sound titles by respected authors that serve children and adults of all ages. Find trustworthy, Bible-based, God-honoring books here that educate and disciple your children from preschool through teenagers that get them reading, either by themselves or alongside a parent, teacher, or other caregiver. We have Bible stories full of beautiful art and divine truth, as well as kids’ devotionals to help them learn to study the Bible on their own. At Moody Publishers, we believe it’s never too early to get children into the life-changing Word of God.

As our youth today struggle to understand their purpose and identity in today’s culture, help them find their identity in Christ with books that point toward Him. Moody Publishers Christian books that are based on the Bible can help children become mature, godly adults. Whether it’s devotionals, fiction, Bible studies, or general books about the wise course of life, we offer resources that grapple with the big questions—and as always at Moody, our books come from a Biblical worldview.

Parenting is difficult for everyone, but Christian parenting takes with it a new set of challenges as you strive to raise your children to love God and love people. At Moody Publishers, we have resources for parents that are reputable and wise to shepherd your family. We provide Jesus-centered books to support you on the parenting journey. Be ready to see the fruits that come when you place Jesus at the center of your home!