The Lightraiders Realm is a fantasy world of interconnected games and stories designed to teach Scripture memory and application and discipleship. We offer a number of games and book series that all work together. Plus, our big Adventure Bible Study System will launch this year. Our incredible team includes Christian author James R. Hannibal, pastor and freelance writer for The One Ring LOTR games James R. Brown, Holman Bible Dictionary contributor Dr. Gary C. Huckabay, and DC Comics illustrator Dean Zachary. Stop by and we’ll tell you all about it.

Products / Services

This year, Lightraiders is launching our Adventure Bible Study System in which students create a character and navigate a fantasy world while learning Scripture and real-world Scripture applications. Our foundation is the Word, and our pillars are the Fruit of the Spirit, the Armor of God, and the Telling of the Gospel. This structured program will allow students to progress through multiple cadet and knight ranks as they gain an ever deepening understanding of the Word and their relationship with Christ. This year’s initial boxed set includes the first semester full program. Another nine semesters will follow.

Starlots the Game – four games in one played on a two-sided cloth board that we designed to bring families and friends together at the game table. The various games encourage both competition and teamwork. The big adventure game on the map side of the board works like a miniature lightraider mission with snippets of adventure on every card. You’ll face trolls, goblins, flowing lava, portals, and much more. Bible Study rules that incorporate the verses on our First Watch Scripture memory card deck are on available as a pdf download from our website.

First Watch – a Scripture memory and application card game that stands alone or works with our other Lightraiders games and stories. Your lightraider party has ventured deep into the Dragon Lands on a mission for the Rescuer. The shadows gather around your camp in the first watch of the night. An enemy appears. Take up your sword and rouse your companions! Can you remember the sacred verse that will help you defeat this evil? First Watch is a game all its own but also merges with our Starlots the Game family board game for Bible Study rules.

The Lightraider Academy book series by James R. Hannibal (published by Enclave Escape) – a fantasy trilogy set in the Lightraiders Realm where knights from a mountain academy strike out into the Dragon Lands of Tanelethar to rescue the oppressed and stop a dragon invasion. Books One and Two of the series will be available this year.

The Section 13 book series by James R. Hannibal (published by Simon & Schuster) – Jack Buckles and his friend Gwen must navigate a secret world of hidden societies to find his missing father and stop madmen from using powerful historical artifacts to reek mayhem on the present world.

James R. Hannibal Spy Stories – Multiple series from Penguin Random House and Revell Books by Christian author and former stealth pilot James R. Hannibal.