The mission of Lightgliders is to encourage faith, character, and service into kids before their teenage years and to be a strategic partner for parents, churches, schools, and children’s ministries worldwide. To do this, Lightgliders has created a virtual world of Christian faith, games, and community for kids embedded with a weekly Biblical worldview curriculum and resources for family discipleship. Kids get to create and customize a character, play games, explore, connect with others, go on missions, attend events, journal, and engage in Bible-based activities. Parents and leaders receive weekly resources and activities to encourage meaningful conversations about faith and values. Lightgliders engages kids, redeems screentime, encourages family conversations, and inspires deeper connections with God.

Products / Services

Lightgliders Platform Access
* Monthly Individual Membership (1 user) – $5.95/mo
* Monthly Family Membership (up to 5 users) – $9.95/mo
* Monthly Group Membership (up to 35 users) – $34.95/mo
* Annual Individual Membership (1 user) – $59.95/yr
* Annual Family Membership (up to 5 users) – $99.95/yr
* Annual Group Membership (up to 35 users) – $349.95/yr