Kendu Kids

Kendu Kids seeks to foster and facilitate traditional, virtuous and moral values among young children through art. From the creation, licensing, distribution and streaming of original feature length animated films to books and children’s art workshops, Kendu Kids looks to reinvigorate once established moral and cultural standards as championed in the Bible and as traditionally promoted by generations of traditional civilization.

Products / Services

Kendu Kids offers the Invisible Tails Series picture books. Each narrative in the Series is told from the animals’ point of view as eyewitnesses of some of the most compelling stories of faith throughout history. Kids learn bible story in a brand new perspective through the vivid illustrations and creative story telling, with allegories of faith, obedience, prayer, character and purpose in life.

Kendu Kids also offers online and onsite creative workshops where we equip children with communication, teamwork, and observation skills while encouraging others as they each build their own “can do” spirit projects. Through these processes, we seek to encourage children to embrace character-building and celebrate each child’s unique, God-given talent, and to remind them to maintain an “I Kendu it” attitude.