Kaleidoscope Kids Bibles

Of all the books ever written, the most important one to get in our children’s hands is the Bible. But most kids’ bibles, because of space, have to skip over huge portions of the Bible.

The other option isn’t much better. Even so-called “Children’s Bibles” are little more than an adult translation with colorful illustrations. The problem is, these “Children’s Bibles” are written at a high school level.

Kaleidoscope is here to change the game and get kids excited about reading the Bible. We are writing every book of the Bible, in beautifully designed single volumes, at an elementary level.

For every parent who has struggled with the transition between the Jesus Storybook Bible and an NIV, ESV, or NASB translation…we are the transitional resource you’ve been looking for.

Kaleidoscope is a growing company with multiple writers, illustrators, and a vision to produce over 60 volumes by the year 2028. Tell your friends, ask them to follow us and have them tell their friends. Together, we are reimagining kids’ Bibles so our children grow to know and love Jesus.

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Illustrated chapter books of the Bible, written at an elementary level.