Juice PLUS+/Tower Garden: Live Well, Live Wisely

As a registered nurse, I believe this is the most effective and affordable way to get more fruit & vegetable nutrition. Ensured highest nutrient values & food quality without risk of contaminants. Highly-reputed medical & research institutions around the globe have published 35+ clinical studies of JP+ in real people.

Proven bioavailability; improved heart, lung, skin, gum health; immune support; reduced oxidative stress & systemic inflammation; stronger DNA strands.

Products / Services

Concentrated & convenient whole-food nutritional products: Juice PLUS+ fruit, vegetable, & berry blends in capsules & chewables; plant-based, protein-rich Complete drink mix & bars; plant-based, full-spectrum Omega Blend; Tower Garden, a vertical, dirtless, aeroponic gardening system, exclusively at JP+. For every adult who uses the Juice PLUS+ fruit/vegetable blends, I will sponsor a child for FREE fruit & vegetables for up to 4 years! Child must be age 4 to full-time college undergraduate.