Inquisicook Culinary Science

Inquisicook is an innovative homeschool concept that combines food science and culinary arts into a comprehensive, hands-on course. Learning takes place in both the classroom and the kitchen, and students put their knowledge to use right away cooking real food that the whole family can enjoy. Incorporation of the scientific method and hands-on experiments turn curious students into intuitive cooks–not just recipe followers.

Students who become Inquisicooks are competent collaborators in the kitchen, less reliant on convenience foods, wise with grocery dollars, and well-equipped for hospitality. You may also find that they are wildly creative and seriously science-minded.

Products / Services

Inquisicook begins with the basics of food science and culinary arts, then adds skills and concepts in a carefully crafted sequence that leads to proficiency. All instruction speaks directly to the student in a relaxed, conversational tone, so no teacher presentation is required. We offer comprehensive, full-semester courses as well as topical workshops.