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We are dedicated to supporting innovative ways to capture the interest and imagination of today’s students. Started by a former private educator, ILP understands what it takes to be successful in modern curriculum. We are dedicated to thinking outside the box and publishing educational tools that deliver measured results. Our top-selling novel writing course and memory study skills courses are dynamically impacting the homeschool experience!

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English Curriculum:
180 Days to Save The World
YA (9-12th)

Do you love books and movies? Have you ever had a story in your heart but didn’t know how to share it with others? People love a great story. Good stories make us feel emotions that can change the way we see the world and the people around us.

In the 180 Days workbook, author Jane Garrett walks students through the process of planning, writing, and self-publishing their very own novel. Through the woven tapestry of story elements, she helps students organize their ideas into a comprehensive outline. With thoughtful guidance, attention to detail, and a war chest full of writing aids, the 180 Days to Save the World creative writing workbook turns students into self-published authors! The English Creative Writing curriculum comes with a workbook, course syllabus, 16-week semester pacing guide for fall and spring semesters, and PowerPoint lecture notes.

180 Days to Save the World
Middle Grade (5-8th)

The Encephalon Code: Remember Everything
Level 1
Level 2

Travel Learn Create
5-12th grades

All classes are live online with an instructor and fellow students.

Summer Creative Writing Camp:
8-week short story writing camp

Fall/Spring Creative Writing:
180 Days Novel Writing – YA (9-12th)
180 Days Novel Writing – MG (5-8th)
The Encephalon Code – Level 2

Classes are already filling for our novel writing course! Registration must be at the conference tables, no registrations online will be taken. Innovative Learning Press must meet all parents and/or students prior to registration. Our online classes are safe, interactive, and a LOT of fun. Special pricing and gifts are available at the conference for all new students.