The HomeschoolHQ app is a user-populated homeschool resource platform. Four homeschooling parents created HomeschoolHQ to help homeschooling families across America find learning opportunities and community! We want every homeschooling family to find success in home education.
We offer a two-week free trial. After that, the app is $19.99 per year.
Your privacy is important to us! Unlike big tech, we will never sell or track your data.

Products / Services

The HomeschoolHQ app provides an easy-to-navigate platform to find local and national resources such as activities, arts, clubs, co-ops, community events, conventions, and field trip ideas. There is also a discount section for exclusive user discounts! Built-in location services enable homeschoolers to find nearby resources that suit their family’s needs. The app is user-populated, which means the users add resources they know and love to the app so that more homeschooling families can find resources and succeed in their home education journey. In future updates, we plan to add a digital homeschool teacher ID, enhanced searchability, professional services, military-specific resources, and more!