History Bites

History Bites® is an educational book series, YouTube channel, and touring company created by teenage author and homeschool graduate Solomon Schmidt. One of the youngest historians in America, Solomon has a passion to help children and people of all ages become interested in history and be inspired to learn more about the people and events that have shaped it.

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Learn history one bite at a time with teenage author, historian, and homeschool graduate Solomon Schmidt! Solomon’s History Bites book series helps to educate people of all ages about U.S. and world history in a fun and easy way.

Solomon has written eight books in the History Bites series, which provide foundational, bite-sized introductions to U.S. and world history. Each book is LOADED with fascinating history, full color illustrations, vocabulary, review questions, and fun facts! They are: U.S. History Bites, U.S. Presidential History Bites, In/Famous People History Bites Volume 1, In/Famous People History Bites Volume 2, The Life & Works of J.R.R. Tolkien History Bites, The Life & Works of C.S. Lewis History Bites, Major Wars History Bites, and his newest book, Great Adventures History Bites!