Historical Conquest

Historical Conquest is a history-based card game that has been proven to increase student retention in history and make it fun to learn. This game is great for 2-10 players, even the entire family. Think of a game that looks like the card game Pokémon, plays like the boardgame Risk, but all the cards are based on historical topics. This year we will be introducing two new products: our first ever Math game, called Totally Medieval. This game will help with strengthening your student’s Math skills without having to use worksheets that students don’t enjoy. Practicing math facts from adding and subtracting to Algebra I and each player can play at their own level. Get ready for a fun time crunching numbers and defeating your opponents. Note: The concept of this game is similar to Chess. The second is a fully digital homeschool educational gaming system where you can play games based on History and later this year we will add Math, ELA, Science and much more. This is the first of its type.

Products / Services

We sell educational games that even adults will want to play. Perfect for the family or a student K-12, covering subjects such as History, Math, and more.