Global LINK

Global LINK specializes in connecting organizations and individuals who meet the needs of others.

A lot of people want to help others by meeting needs, but they’re paralyzed by any number of logistical challenges. Global LINK resolves your challenges so you can start meeting the needs of those you feel called to help, whether it’s around the corner or around the world.

Products / Services

Global Link was created to connect people who help people. We do this by helping teams and organizations overcome logistical roadblocks as they prepare to help and share Good News with those in need.

Travel, lodging, meals, training, and even understanding proper protocols in other places are areas where we remove the roadblocks for teams.

We help organizations by vetting teams that serve with them as they make an impact on the people they serve.

And by the way, we do not charge consulting or service fees for the assistance Global LINK provides.