Our online school of apologetics provides fun, engaging videos and lessons that teach the evidence that makes Christians confident in what they believe, without dumbing things down, going over your head, or making you want to fall asleep!

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You know what you believe… but how do you show someone else why it’s true?
People ask questions like…
“Why do you think humans were created by God, when science proves that evolution created life?”
“How do you know Christianity is the truth, and not Islam, Buddhism, or some other religion?”
“Why do you believe that the Bible is the word of God if it was written by humans?”
“Why do you believe the Bible when it teaches that slavery was okay in the Old Testament?”
Being able to give a good answer to these types of questions can make a huge difference in someone’s confidence and faith in the Bible. And that’s what our comprehensive online curriculum provides. 40 engaging online video lessons broken up into four, easy to use sections including series 100 Created on Purpose, series 200 World Religions: Who’s Right?, series 300 Bible: Myth or Fact, series 400 Applying the Bible to Cultural Issues. Each lesson comes with follow along notes, group questions, quizzes, and supportive articles all meant to build a strong foundation in God’s Word for you and your children. Follow our outline or go at your own pace. Something like this should cost hundreds of dollars but our convention only special is an unbelievable $4.99/month. Use it for as long as you want and cancel anytime.
Just because you’re learning about something important doesn’t mean it has to be boring. In fact, people of all ages learn better when they’re interested and engaged.
That’s why this program keeps things interesting by using funny pictures, movie clips, jokes, you name it. You WILL learn all about apologetics—but you WON’T fall asleep in the process.
Don’t believe us, take our two week risk free trial and if you don’t like it, cancel and don’t pay a dime…or a nickel…or a penny. You’ll love it and so will your kids and together you’ll have an unshakeable faith in God’s Word!