CrossWired Science

CrossWired Science is a whole new way to learn together! We offer God Centered Science Curriculum for
Grades K-12. Our mission is to show the Glory of God through the things He has made. Our desire is to share our excitement about what God has done in His creation with young people and their families across the world. We create a framework of powerful science knowledge and experiences that will give students an appreciation of all God has created.

Along the journey, we introduce families to great works of science and introduce students to hundreds of Scriptures related to His Creation. Our goal is for young people to deeply understand that the Creator is the inspired source of Truth and the Savior of mankind, through His son Jesus.

Products / Services

CWS offers full curriculum in multiple levels. CWS Core program is for students grades K-8. CWS – Bio/Chem/Physics program is for high school students.