Charlotte Mason Mastery™

Charlotte Mason Mastery™ equips parents to raise self-educating children with strong faith, noble character, and wholesome conduct ensuring that a child goes the right way and grows to fruitful purpose. As a student of Charlotte Mason’s original writings since 1999, veteran homeschool mom, Dollie Freeman is on a mission to help parents design a home education with the sole end that includes intellectual, spiritual, moral, and physical education to prepare their children to take their place in society with careers marked out.

Products / Services

Charlotte Mason Mastery™ products include both digital and physical ones. Our digital product line simplifies the parental and educational philosophies of Charlotte Mason for parents inside LIFETIME digital courses and memberships that offers a step-by-step framework to habit formation, forming learning habits, designing self-education lessons plans from Kindergarten through High School, and consistent parenting with Christian principles that eliminates the struggles of consequences. Our physical product line has been intentionally designed to influence the ideas of imagination, reason, conscience, and affection to form Christian principles and opinions children will carry into their adulthood.