Chalcedon Foundation

Established in 1965, the Chalcedon Foundation (pronounced kal-SEE-dun) is a Christian educational institution promoting the application of a comprehensive Biblical worldview across all disciplines and domains. Chalcedon Founder R. J. Rushdoony (1916-2001) is considered by many to be the father of the homeschooling movement in America. He vigorously promoted homeschooling as early as 1961, and by the 1980s he had become an expert witness in court cases around the country where civil jurisdictions were suing parents for homeschooling their children, or attempting to shutter Christian schools. His key contributions to the pivotal Leeper trial (held in Austin, Texas in 1987) created an important judicial precedent protecting homeschooling parents from state molestation.

The Chalcedon Foundation continues to extend and promote an uncompromising approach to Christian scholarship through the Chalcedon Teachers Training Institute, periodicals, books, podcasts, and a website that Christians worldwide continue to use as a powerful research tool. Operating with zero debt since its founding, the Chalcedon Foundation continues to focus on its stated mission of “Equipping to Advance the Kingdom” while applying the faith to all of life.

Products / Services

Chalcedon publishes over 200 titles covering theology, Biblical exposition, education, history, economics, philosophy, governance, law, science, mathematics, and culture. The vast majority of Chalcedon’s books are made available to read for free on-line, alongside several different podcast series that cover a wide range of topics from a Christian perspective. Its website is structured as a comprehensive research tool that is free for all to use.

The Chalcedon Teachers Training Institute (CTTI) is a self-paced, multi-track mentoring program that provides a robust Biblical foundation for those interested in digging deeper. Unlike other teacher training approaches, CTTI allows and encourages the homeschool teacher to “remain on the job” while advancing her own education. This unique aspect provides a more “hands on” approach to the coursework, enabling the homeschool teacher to immediately apply what she is learning to the real-life situations in her homeschool.