Beyond Personal Finance- for tweens and teens

Our passion is teaching teens that their choices matter. We know that in order to prepare teens for the road ahead they must be given the opportunity to practice making good (and not so good) choices using real dollars before they get out into the world and have real regrets.

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Beyond Personal Finance is a choice-based curriculum that opens the student’s eyes to the high cost of being an adult. This interactive, informative, 20 lesson, self-paced course immerses the students in their future by letting them experience age 22-42 for themselves through making personal choices and personal budgets. We start with learning about and choosing a college and/or career then move to cars, apartments, spouses, houses, investments and so much more. We have helped hundreds of families get their teens ready for the real world, and we can help you. Come see at www.bpfclass.com. This is an experience even the most skeptical teen will thank you for.