Encouraging Wonder in Preschoolers

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There is a special time in a child’s life when they see everything around them as new and magical. Every day things like dandelions and raindrops get gasps and giggles. Autumn leaves shaped like stars catch the attention of a preschooler, and crunchy leaves to throw around make a toddler squeal in delight.

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If ever there was a perfect time to instill a wonder of God and all His creation, this is it. Preschoolers are so full of wonder and questions at everything around them, you simply need to encourage their delight. As you are walking by the way (Deut 6:7), point out all God’s artistry. Here are a few simple ways to encourage their exploration.

Have seasonal scavenger hunts outside. Learn about the lilies of the field, the sparrows, the rivers and streams and tie in scripture for your little ones. Use whatever Bible version you love and break it down in terms your preschooler will understand.

  • When you are snuggled up during a mighty thunder storm, talk about how God’s voice sounded like thunder to the Israelite people when He was speaking to Moses on the mountain. Using real life relatable experiences helps make God more of a person and less of an abstract idea to your preschooler.
  • Read lots of fun nature books and learn fun poems about nature and God’s creation together. Preschoolers learn a lot from soaking up information that is given to them. Take that knowledge and encourage them to tell you what they have learned while you are outside, on a plane, on a bus, snuggled by the fire, or getting ready for bed on a camp out.
  • Do nature crafts. Leaf rubbings, pine cone angel ornaments, acorn boats, and daisy chains are a few fun ways to incorporate God’s creations into your art class for your preschooler. Let them pick out materials on a walk and the glue it into a picture at home.
  • Let them explore. They learn so much this way! Take pictures and get dirty and have fun.

All Things Bright and Beautiful






To help you get started, here is a coloring sheet printable for All Things Bright and Beautiful. Enjoy learning about the birds, flowers, trees, and mighty forces of nature that God has given to us right alongside your preschooler.

All Things Bright and Beautiful