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On today’s podcast, we will be speaking with Dr. Rebecka Spencer about Homeschooling With Dyslexia and Igniting your child’s brain. We so appreciate Dr. Spencer’s insights, because as a highly degreed educator, she shares well-researched academic help. But when she found she couldn’t teach her child to read because of his learning difference, it all became personal, and she’s able to offer incredible insights about learning differences both as a mom and as an educator. 

This is a podcast you can’t afford to miss! You can also find this podcast posted on our YouTube channel. Here, you can watch as Dr. Spencer displays and explains the tools she’s used to help her son overcome much as he’s learned to read over the past several years.

I wanted to share a resource that has made a huge difference in my own family, and I know it will be transformational in yours as well. I have personally seen a focus on thanksgiving fundamentally transform people I love as they turn their eyes upward and start seeing things as God does. My husband, David has written a phenomenal resource that will walk you through 40 transformational days in the Psalms as you learn what Thanksgiving is and how it will impact your life and your relationships when you actively practice it day by day. I can’t encourage you strongly enough to pick up a copy and make the Transform Journal, Thanksgiving in the Psalms part of your devotional time. You can buy them as a single copy, but we’ve found that most people buy two to do as a couple or the family pack and use them for family devotions. God is doing GREAT things through this resource, and I can’t wait to hear how He’ll use it in your family as well. You can learn more at TransformJournals.com— so go check it out today!

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Dr. Rebecka Spencer has SO MANY resources for families! She has most recently been part of our Family Conference and Back2Homeschool. You can still purchase tickets for those events HERE.


Check out the many many other resources offer by Dr. Spencer below:

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