Don’t Let The Turkey Hijack Your Thanksgiving | 172

It’s Thanksgiving week, and if you’ve spent any time listening to our conversations or hanging out with us over the last few years, you know that THANKSGIVING and gratitude are huge topics of conversations around here. Since David began his lengthy study on the subject, he’s found creative ways to tie just about every conversation we have to gratitude in some way. We tease him about it all the time, but the truth is that we’ve learned a TON from him on this and we’ve all grown because of it. I guess you could say he’s put things together for all of us to pass on wisdom like we discussed last week. 
This week, though, I am excited to let him share with you and your children a little more about the foundations of Thanksgiving and how that factors in to the way we’ll celebrate together later this week. We want to make sure that none of us allow the turkey to hijack our thanksgiving!

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The Transform Journal David created is an overflow of his study on Thanksgiving throughout the Psalms. It’s a 40-day, habit-creating, gratitude-instilling journal that will remake the way you think about things. There’s a lot of teaching like you’ll hear in this episode, along with a deeper look at 40 of the times that Thanksgiving is mentioned in the Psalms. He’ll also help you strategically journal your way through building this mental habit that will be so transformational for you and for your family. Learn more and pick up your copy today at

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