Dealing With The Doubts That Are Flung Your Way

The other day I was driving with my oldest. Well, I wasn’t really driving. She was driving. On the highway. A week after she got her learner’s permit. I was “half-driving” in the passenger seat. (If you know, you know. If you don’t know… just wait, your kids will get their permit, and you will then know.)

We were following my brother to church on Sunday. We had GPS on from their house to the church, just in case we lost them, but still, we were trying to stay close behind. On the four-lane highway, we lost them at one point. A large semi truck passed us and moved over between our van and my brother’s truck.

I could feel the stress in our van mount. The girl driving and her sisters couldn’t see their uncle anymore. They began to talk about passing the semi. Ethan and I assured them that we had the directions. We told them we didn’t have to see his truck to know we were on the right road. We assured them they could just relax. We assured them it would be ok.

But they were still concerned.

As we watched the semi take the next exit ramp, they saw their uncle’s truck again. I could hear a sigh of relief from the girls. They were glad to see their uncle was still there and that we were heading the right way.

It got me thinking. How many times do I know the right way… I see God leading it. And then something gets in the way and blocks the view. How often do I freak out because I worry He’s turned off somewhere without me knowing? How often do I not see clearly and wonder if I’m not following Him anymore?

Especially when I get in the middle of the homeschool year.

I know God told me to homeschool… but sometimes I lose sight of Him for a bit… and then I worry, just like my daughters did that day on the highway.  I wonder if I will lose Him? Am I really going the right way? Am I following Him? Is this homeschool thing still the thing He wants me to do?

Like a semi-truck getting between my brother and us… Sometimes the way gets blocked. And I begin to wonder.

Doubts come… and this is when we lean on our faith.

  • Faith that when God calls us He will show us the way.
  • Faith that if God calls us to homeschool… He really meant, yes, homeschool for the whole day. Don’t quit at noon.
  • Faith that the semi-truck blocking the way will move, and we will be able to see clearly again.

What about you? Does anything ever come in the way and block your view of the God you are following?

Many of us are standing on the brink of another homeschool year…We know right now that we are to homeschool. BUT what about when we get to January? Will a semi-truck be in the way of that calling? Will we have lost sight of who we are following?

Today, before we dip our feet in the next year… I want to give you something practical for when it happens. Here is your assignment — write down how you know you are supposed to be homeschooling. Write down how God is asking you to design your homeschool. Write down what He has called you to.

With your words in hand, you will be ready for when (not if) the semi-truck gets in the way. You can go back to this page and say … God is still in front of me. He is still there. He still wants me on this path.

You will be able to say, with confidence… although I can’t see right now, I know He is still leading my way.

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