Photography Class (12+ years old)

Presented by

May 4th-6th

Each class is a different time. Please note the time on each class for specific times.

Holiday Inn

This class will be taking place in Mountain Vista A at the Holiday Inn across the bridge from the LeConte Center. Please have your child present ticket at door for entry.

Class Cost

$25 per student, per class

Enjoy photography? Then this is for you!

The Photo Class is a series of interactive photography classroom sessions centered around learning practical photography skills regardless of the camera you have. Bring any camera! For any skill level. Let’s go in-depth and more hands-on than a regular convention presentation. Topics include developing an artistic eye, understanding and overcoming the limitations of your camera, recognizing the significance of light, and learning various composition tools so you can walk away with the kind of photos you will be excited to share with others. Get ready for photo assignments and constructive photo critique by a professional photographer too. God has given us a love for art and beautiful things . . . let’s hone our photography skills for His glory!

Classes Offered

Taking the Artistic Approach

It’s not about technology; it’s about technique. Just because you don’t have a fancy camera doesn’t mean you can’t take nice photos! It’s how the photographer thinks—regardless of what camera they are using—that determines how a picture turns out. Know what to start looking for. Know what to start avoiding. There are special moments happening around you every day—learn to capture them well!

When: Thursday, May 4th, 2023 2:00pm – 2:50pm

Photo Critique

Shoot the assignments given in the first session to practice hands-on what you’ve learned. Then, come back to the classroom for some constructive coaching centered around the photos you submit! What makes one photo better than another? How would a professional have shot the exact same thing? What do you not know yet that could make your photos better? Now’s you’re chance to get some live photography coaching!

When: Friday, May 5th, 2023 10:20am – 11:20am

Photography Class Photo Gallery

Meet The Instructor!

James Staddon is a former homeschool student, now professional photographer and full-time photography educator from West Virginia. With a background in graphic design, his endless preoccupation with photography and love for Christian discipleship eventually led him to start up Lenspiration in 2009 to provide a family-friendly place for young people to learn photography. He and his wife enjoy outdoor recreation, traveling when possible, and working together in business entrepreneurship.


These classes are meant to be for 12+ years old.

Each class is about one hour long.

Nope! You can pick and choose which classes you want. Don’t forget, each class is $25 per student. If you choose to do 2 that would be $50.

No. You just need to bring a camera that you know how to use

You may bring a DSLR, morrorless, “bridge”, point & shoot, or cell phone camera. This class is not intended for GoPro, drone, film cameras, or other mobile device cameras.

Lenspiration has equipment available that you can rent for the Photography Class on a first come, first served basis. A DSLR camera plus lenses, accessories and a bag can be rented for $30. Send a request via Lenspiration’s Contact page as soon as possible after you have registered for the event. Payment due at first session.

No. But bringing a pen and notepad for taking notes isn’t a bad idea.

The more familiar you are with the camera that you bring, the more you will be able to pick up from this class.

Yes. See the schedule to verify that anything else you want to do at the convention does not interfere with scheduled Photography Class sessions.

Yes. As the photographer, you retain the copyright to all photos you take during the Photography Class. However, you may only use photos taken in the same way you would use photos taken at the Convention if you were not in the Photography Class.