Photography Team (Ages 15+)

presented by Lenspiration

A Fun Additional Activity For Your Teen!

Lenspiration’s mission is to provide a safe, family-friendly place for young people to explore their photography passion and grow in their photography skills. On the Lenspiration website, students learn by going through photography courses and shooting monthly, real-life photo assignments. On a convention Photography Team, however, we are to learn hands-on with one-on-one coaching, guided photo shoots, and down-to-earth photo critique!

Photography Team Gallery

Frequently Asked Questions

Our goal is to make each conference an informative and
valuable event for you.

No. However, you must bring a DSLR, mirrorless, or “bridge camera” in addition to a laptop or tablet/iPad with your preferred pre-installed photo editing software in order to join the Photography Team. This means that most attendees will already have prior experience, and will not be complete beginners. A good way for beginners to gain some experience before coming to a Photography Team is to take Lenspiration’s online Foundations of Photography Course.

The best way to know if you have a DSLR or mirrorless camera is if the lens is interchangeable: the lens can be taken on and off. “Bridge camera” is an undefined category of higher quality cameras that do not have interchangeable lenses, but are a step up in quality and performance from point & shoot cameras. They can be distinguished by how the camera is designed, generally built with a hand grip (thus not the type that can slip easily into a pocket) and often boasts telephoto capabilities beyond that of cheap point and shoot cameras. While many mobile devices provide excellent image quality, they do not fit into the category of photojournalism-specific equipment needed for a Photography Team.

Yes! You can request to rent a camera here.

Yes. You must bring a laptop (or a tablet/iPad) with your preferred photo editing software pre-installed.

The Photography Team isn’t designed to help you figure out what software to use. It is designed to help you use the software you already have to be more organized and edit your photos more efficiently. Bring the software that you are most comfortable using. If you currently do not use photo editing software, it would be a good idea to complete Lenspiration’s online Foundations of Photography Course before signing up for the Photography Team.

After registering for the Photography Team through the convention, you should receive a password to to Lenspiration’s Photography Team Preparation page. From a broader perspective, do everything you can to become familiar with basic photography stuff through your own personal, self-motivated study, research and practice. We suggest finding a photographer whose work you want to emulate and follow them virtually on their blog or through courses they offer or recommend.

In general, the Photography Team meets when the Exhibit Hall opens each day (Thursday, Friday, and Saturday). See Schedule for more details.

Everything Photography Team related will happen or begin at the Lenspiration booth. That will be our meeting location.

While the Photography Team is considered a “whole weekend” program, it does not have activities planned every day, all day. On Friday afternoon, and especially Saturday afternoon, there may be less or no activities scheduled.

Each photographer must have their own camera. Feel free to rent one from Lenspiration here.

Yes, photographers can share the laptop or device used to edit their photos.

By registering for the Photography Team, you grant Lenspiration and the convention the perpetual right to use, print, and publish for any purpose all images you submit on the Photography Team.

Yes. As the photographer, you retain the copyright to all photos you take during the Photography Team, but like everyone else, you are under obligation to abide by commercial use publishing laws. To be safe, you will want to get written permission from all recognizable individuals and owners of recognizable property in a photo to use that photo beyond personal or artistic use.