Circuit Class by E-Tron

Presented by

May 4th @ 1:50pm

This class will be about one hour long.

Holiday Inn

This class will be taking place in Mountain Vista B at the Holiday Inn across from the LeConte center. Please have your child present ticket at door for entry.

Class Cost

$25 per student, per class

Does Your Child Want To Learn Circuitry?

Join Etron Circuit Labs for an exciting, hands on project that will teach important electronic principles that will demonstrate a basic understanding of how a typical alarm system works, either in a home or in a vehicle.  Participants will build a basic circuit that demonstrates the theory behind the inner-workings of a typical alarm system, and once completed, be challenged to build upon that principle to achieve additional outcomes using the basic circuit they have built.  
This interactive hands on session will include prizes while being fun and engaging for all.  Recommended for students 11 & above (or younger with parental participation).

Class registration is just $25 per child and includes all the supplies they will need to participate.


No, all materials will be returned at the end of the session
Participants will receive a coupon that will take money off the cost of the curriculum if they participate in the class.

We will provide everything necessary to complete the project.

This class is 1 hour long and only offered once during the convention.