The ActorsBible Family Experience

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May 5th 2023

Each class is around 30 minutes

LeConte Center

South 3

The ActorsBible Family Experience


Experience the power of enacting God’s Word together as a family!

  • Pick any Bible story and cast parts

  • Listen to the AudioDrama and practice the song

  • Put on costumes and props

  • Role-play the scene while being immersed in a visual and audio experience 

  • Answer spiritual application questions

The ActorsBible app dramatically presents the entire Bible, verbatim, as a script to be role-played. Comprised of 62 Acts and 806 Scenes, it includes a scrolling teleprompter which delivers participants their lines, 360˚ visuals of the Holy Lands of the actual location of the account, audio dramas, songs with lyrics, dramatic score and effects, and spiritual application questions.  Step back in time to your favorite Biblical account and be transported in an epic adventure your whole family never forget.  This experience is great for the whole family! 

What is Actors Bible? Watch to learn more!

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  • Friday 5:20pm-5:50pm – Group #1
  • Friday 6:00pm-6:30pm – Group #2


Each experience lasts 30 minutes. We will be doing two different rounds that you can sign up for.

The experience will be with multiple families.

Absolutely NOT! The experience is intended to be a memorable time for the family around God’s Word.

No. You will be reading your lines off of a teleprompter.

No, even young children who are not yet readers can play non-speaking roles or have family members spoon feed them their lines.

No. We are able to control the speed of the teleprompter based on the pace of the reader. 

We will be projecting the visuals of the Holy Lands where the actual account occurred. A sweeping score and sound effects will set the dramatic mood. Costumes and props will be provided as well. 

A group picture of your family in costume taken with your device.



This workshop is designed for high school students.

This class is approximately 30 minutes to an hour long and only offered once during the convention.