Christian Homeschooling Defined

This is our 10th year of hosting families for Teach Them Diligently events, so I’ve been waxing a little nostalgic as we’re gearing up for our next event in May.

All those years ago, God called us to point parents to what’s at the heart of our call to homeschool—the discipleship of our children.

We believed way back then as we do now that home education is a form of ministry, and that whether we’ve ever considered it or not, we are reproducing who we are in our children as we pass on our beliefs, habits, and more.

What an amazing opportunity we have!

Through our years of homeschooling and refining our vision of it. David and I have learned so much, and we’ve found that our approach to Christian homeschooling can actually be summed up in just a couple of sentences.

Christian Homeschooling prioritizes the hearts of children. When priorities are in line: hearts are won, academic excellence is achieved as love of learning develops, and confidence grows in parents and children alike.

It really is that simple.

God has called each one of us to teach our children diligently to love God and love people. As parents, we’re tasked with being their primary guides as they learn those things.

We’re also privileged to prepare them well to walk through whatever doors God opens for them in the years ahead.

Keeping that mission in mind, brings clarity and peace to our homeschools that many in the world are absolutely missing.

📌 It informs how you choose and use curriculum.
📌 It informs how you organize your days.
📌 It gives insight into what activities you participate in and what you pass on for that season.
📌 It answers so many of the questions you probably wrestle with in any given week.

But a focus on your mission will also give comfort and context when you’re tempted to believe the lie that you’re failing your children or you’re not (insert whatever doubt you may have) enough to do this.

We all have a million little decisions to make each day, so zero in on your main mission, discipling your children, and the answers to all your homeschool questions and thousands more will become so much clearer.

Since our mission is so great, it’s incredibly important for homeschool families to have a constant source for renewal and encouragement in Christ, and connecting with those who truly get us is paramount. Our lives look very different than our brothers and sisters whose children are in brick and mortar schools.

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