VIP Event with Chelsea Cameron

This Event is for 365 Members Only!

We have an exciting opportunity for you! Chelsea Cameron will be joining us for a special VIP event in Pigeon Forge on Saturday, May 6th, after the Keynote. This Q&A experience is only available to current TTD 365 members. You don’t want to miss this intimate event with Chelsea! To be a part of it, you will need to register for an annual TTD365 membership. We currently have this discounted at a special rate of only $100, that’s over 30% off! As a TTD 365 member, you get access to this special event, several other special events happening that weekend, PLUS you will receive 2 free tickets to the VIP Event. If you need additional tickets, those are only $20 each.

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Important Things To Note

  • The special TTD365 VIP event with Chelsea Cameron event is a Q&A format. Questions will be submitted before hand by the audience. That means we need YOU to submit questions using this form. 😃 You can submit up to 4 questions. We will read through them and choose the questions for Kirk Cameron based on submissions. We expect some great information to come from these questions regarding Kirk’s home with a much deeper insight into his family, views, ministries, movies, homeschooling, etc.
  • Our very own Leslie Nunnery will be the emcee for this special event.
  • The TTD365 VIP event with Chelsea Cameron will take place a few feet down the hall from the keynote room about 10 minutes following the keynote. The keynote begins at 10:15am on Saturday, May 6th. The keynote will be full with thousands of people but this special TTD365 VIP event will be much more intimate and interactive with only a few hundred in the room. We expect the VIP event to end around 12:45 pm.
  • As a TTD 365 member, you will receive up to two free tickets to the VIP event. You will have the opportunity to purchase additional tickets for your family at $20 each. Again, you will not be able to purchase these tickets without an active TTD 365 annual membership on your account with us. There is a $20 charge per ticket over the first two we give you for free.
  • This TTD365 VIP event with Chelsea and the keynote event are completely different events. The keynote will be opened for all attendees to attend where this event is only for TTD365 members and their families.

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