Celebrating Calm Over Chaos | 67

Do you ever find yourself reacting to your children in ways you wish you didn’t? Or, Do you have a strong-willed child that you wish you could figure out how to get to their heart? Well, today’s podcast is DEFINITELY for you!

We are excited to have Kirk Martin on the TTD podcast. Kirk is the founder of Celebrate Calm and has worked with thousands of families through hard parenting situations.  Kirk will be joining us next season in Pigeon Forge, TN and in Round Rock, TX, and you DEFINITELY will want to mark your calendars to hear him there. Kirk will help us reframe our interactions with our children and see how God can redeem even the most difficult relationships.

Additional Information:

You can find out more about Kirk Martin and Celebrate Calm by clicking HERE.

The Celebrate Calm podcast is another great resource to help parents stop the power struggle. Click HERE to find out more! 

Hear Kirk Martin LIVE at our 2022 convention in Round Rock, TX and Pigeon Forge, TN. Click HERE to reserve your ticket today!

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