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Join Today! Membership Features Small Groups Grow together and make great friendships by connecting within our community groups, discussion groups, Mom’s Night Hangouts, Retreats, and

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Homeschool Curriculums

Homeschool Curriculums Choosing a curriculum – one of the most fun, yet most difficult parts of homeschooling! If you have any questions about homeschool curriculums,

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Character Building

Character Building Help your child build Christ-centered character through homeschooling! What Is Character? Having character means that you can be trusted to be honest, responsible,

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Finding Your Calling

Finding Your Calling Your guide to embracing your calling as a homeschool parent and helping your child find his or her own calling! The Calling

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Financial Stewardship

Financial Stewardship Your guide to managing your money and teaching your children to manage their money in a way that honors God! Teaching Your Kids

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Time Management Skills

Time Management Skills Your guide to managing your time as a homeschool family! Time Management for Homeschool Parents Are you a homeschool parent? Save time

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TTD 365 Membership

Join Today! A Home for Mission-Hearted Homeschool Moms! Join our vibrant community of dedicated mothers on a mission. Here, you’ll find the support, knowledge, and

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EntrepreneurshiP How does business and entrepreneurship fit with the Christian family? Well, we at Teach Them Diligently believe God has given Christians business as a

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Special Needs

Special Needs Your guide to helping your special needs child thrive in a homeschool environment! Homeschooling Special Needs Children It is not necessary to have

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Christian Marriage

Christian Marriage Your marriage is your most important human relationship– and approaching it biblically will strengthen your family in incredible ways. The Lord will refine

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Prayer A guide to prayer for homeschool parents and their children. Prayer for Your Children Several years ago, God burdened my heart that I was

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Family Relationships

Family Relationships Your guide to healthy and Christ-centered relationships within your family! Family Relationships At Teach Them Diligently we believe that having strong family relationships

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For Homeschool Dads

For Homeschool Dads Your guide to being a loving and caring husband and homeschool father! Homeschool Dads & Marriage When parents choose to homeschool their children,

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For Homeschool Moms

For Homeschool Moms Learn to thrive as a wife and homeschool mom. Encouragement for Homeschool Moms Networking with other homeschool moms is a way to

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Homeschooling Teens

IT’S TIME TO HAVE THAT BREAKTHROUGH YEAR! HOMESCHOOLING TEENS This free audio session is for you! Dr. Debra Bell is the best selling author of

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Health Curriculums

Health Curriculums Your guide to the best approaches to teaching health as a homeschool parent! Teaching Health as a Homeschool Parent Teaching our children health

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Encouragement Be blessed and encouraged as you walk with the Lord and homeschool your children! Encouragement for Homeschooling The cat got out, you are out

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Discipleship Your guide to helping raise your children in Christ as a homeschool parent. Discipling Your Kids How do we disciple our kids and lead

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Parenting Your guide to raising your children in Christ, disciplining them in love, and navigating your role as both parent and teacher. Christian Parenting Discipline

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Abeka Guide

Abeka Guide Your guide to one of the most well-known homeschool curriculums! Homeschooling with Abeka You do not have to have a degree in education

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