But the entire thing was so inspiring and I had forgotten what it was like to be surrounded with other homeschoolers. It was almost culture shock when I got back to my church!

Israel Wayne’s workshop challenged us as Full-Time Parents! Great workshop!

That faith is a shield and we have to push through. It’s hard but we can do it with Christ

So … I CAN HARDLY CONTAIN MY EXCITEMENT UNTIL MAY!!! Prayerfully, nothing will come up this year. We are so LOOKING FORWARD to being with LIKE-MINDED people and being ENCOURAGED in our homeschool journey.

I give God praise for your conference! I learned so much and was refreshed and encouraged in every area of my life. Fabulous speakers! I so need this time every year to recharge for this homeschooling journey. Thank you!

God has used TTD in the past to aid me and help walk me through my the moments of doubt on this journey…. I am forever grateful!!

I am so EXCITED about TTD because when you pack that many people who are PASSIONATE ABOUT FOLLOWING THE LORD, the atmosphere is so PEACEFUL and LOVING and ENERGIZING!

Trying to decide which of the many blessings to share. I think realizing my child isn’t broken just because he can’t sit still, can’t look someone in the eye. He isn’t broken because he had ADHD tendencies.

Our adoption journey was full of refinement from the Lord. The importance of children, grieving patiently and the importance of fully relying on HIS plan.

My husband and I would not be who we are today (as a couple, as parents, or as a homeschool family) if it were not for Teach Them Diligently. The speakers and resources you have made available to us have encouraged and equipped us to do what God had called us to do.

Loved your speakers and the chance to visit with vendors and missions. We left feeling very informed and empowered to start our first year of homeschooling.

I liked the variety of options. I loved the special needs focus, so fantastic for the mother of a dyslexic. I also liked that after a session on special needs I could concentrate on discipleship or raising sons, so many important topics and I need them all!

 I guess the biggest thing would be encouragement to continue even when it is hard. Also, to know that all moms have hard days and we are not alone. (You know the day the toilet overflows and the dog keeps puking on the floor. Yes, it really happened!)

I was convicted and encouraged by Rachael Carmen’s session on doubt and how we should be doing our Bible work first and what that tells the kids when we push academics ahead of God’s Word. So, we sat down as soon as we got home and cracked open Who Is God? that I bought from Apologia LAST year. The kids were quiet, listened, and interacted! Yay! I’m very encouraged, even if it was tough getting back to the “real” world. Anyone else up for sharing how God spoke to you through the sessions this weekend?

…this seminar has renewed my passion for homeschooling, and has reminded me of the reason why I started homeschooling in the first place, to raise warriors who are obedient to Christ! I do feel like I was feeling very worn out before the conference, but feel invigorated after this event. I had started to question my decision to pull my son out of the school he attended last year, his first year of school outside of the home, but felt complete and utter peace (and dare I say excitement!!!) about my decision to homeschool my rising tenth grader! As we walked out the doors, he threw his arm around me and told me he was feeling the same way. I am sure my testimony will only grow as I live out the truths from this convention!

God has been teaching me that in order to fill up my boys hearts with Him, I have to be filled up first!

Apart from Me, you can do nothing… This is how the Lord is refining me daily!

I loved everything! I especially loved the emphasis on Christ in everything! There were plenty of speakers and topics to choose from. I loved the women’s prayer time. It was so encouraging!

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"And thou shalt teach them diligently unto thy children,
and shalt talk of them when thou sittest in thine house."
- Deuteronomy 6:7
Yes, I want more from this Homeschooling Community!