Mrs. Sally Clarkson spoke from her heart tonight at the Teach Them Diligently Conference. Moms heart matters its my child’s classroom. What I pour into myself my children can withdrawal. My children can not grow spiritually unless my focus is On The Lord. A mom has the opportunity to change the world through education!! Can’t accomplish that in the flesh. Created in the image of Christ. All ability needed is already provided through a surrendered life. In the photo is her blogs. Thank you Mrs. Clarkson.

Apart from Me, you can do nothing… This is how the Lord is refining me daily!

Our adoption journey was full of refinement from the Lord. The importance of children, grieving patiently and the importance of fully relying on HIS plan.

He certainly did give me a JOYOUS time with my daughters. I guess most every homeschooling family gets a case of the February doldrums each year, and we certainly had a good case of it in our house this year. We did a girls’ trip to this conference, and I got to have so much fun WITH my girls on the way here and while here. If you’ve ever traveled a significant distance as a solo adult with multiple kids, you know that it COULD have been a misery. So I’m attributing the terrific time we had to the hand of God!

After an awesome weekend at TTD we came home to finalize our son’s adoption. We have had him since he was a baby. He is now 5! We had a few issues along the way. He is officially ours today. We are so blessed.

The Christ centered atmosphere. Beginning with the concert, every session started & ended with prayer, being encouraged to pray over classes & curriculum.

I was tearing up within the first five minutes of the first session I attended on Thursday! I say it was immediately successful. It is just nice to hear that other people are in the same boat and have made it to the finished line (i.e. graduated their kids).

The sessions!! There where so many wonderful ones to choose from. All of the speakers I saw where passionate and informative. They were willing to hang around and answer questions or pray with the attendees. I felt like I was surrounded by godly wisdom and was so very blessed.

Outstanding speakers!! Appreciate affordability, love the focus on Jesus and bringing that into our family through school and life!

Thank you Teach Them Diligently Convention for a wonderful weekend. Heading home now encouraged and refreshed to see our sweet little ones. Already looking forward to next year!!!

The focus on the importance of a foundation in God for homeschooling. Not in my strength can homeschooling be what it is meant to be for the future of my children; it’s God’s strength that brings success

I was so encouraged to meet women and speakers in the same season of life, to share a similar vision was such an encouragement. It is so sweet how the Lord ministered to me during this time.

Really?!? Everything! The variety in the sessions offered was outstanding! My husband was able to attend some that were just for him, and one about adoption (which we have been praying about for a while). I feel renewed spiritually, and encouraged in this calling. I can’t pick one thing!

If my anchor is in God, then I can make it through even “those” days/weeks/seasons. Homeschooling is about Him refining me as much as it is me pointing my children to Him.

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"And thou shalt teach them diligently unto thy children,
and shalt talk of them when thou sittest in thine house."
- Deuteronomy 6:7
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