Its really okay that we have some days that just don’t go well, we learn from those days, thank the Lord we have this opportunity to homeschool our kids and tomorrow is a new day:)

God has used TTD and the Marriage Series we got from Steve and Megan Scheibner last year to help my husband and I talk and become closer in our marriage.

We had a life changing experience and absolutely loved the convention. We are making plans to attend next year’s convention as well and bring many friends with us!!

The Lord has showed me how homeschooling isn’t me alone but it can be Him working through me. Our hardest days can be victories for Him if I lean on Him and surrender my responses to His.

Loved your speakers and the chance to visit with vendors and missions. We left feeling very informed and empowered to start our first year of homeschooling.

The speakers are fantastic. The exhibit hall is amazing. Everything was very well organized.

He has given me strength to homeschool for the long haul and not focus on the daily, but on the end. He has helped me counsel others in a way that has helped many others and after many years, I was able to start our local Homeschool Library to help others.

Through the homeschooling journey, I saw my children talk and discuss about our faith freely and often in the home.

Oh I had an awesome time. I’m overwhelmed with the way I feel God moving the homeschoolers to share the truth of God’s word.
I went there thinking I needed to get a math program from my kids but left feeling like I’d been to revival. Thank you so much for the great speakers.

If my anchor is in God, then I can make it through even “those” days/weeks/seasons. Homeschooling is about Him refining me as much as it is me pointing my children to Him.

I am so EXCITED about TTD because when you pack that many people who are PASSIONATE ABOUT FOLLOWING THE LORD, the atmosphere is so PEACEFUL and LOVING and ENERGIZING!

I’ve been reading so many wonderful comments from others about encouragement they received at The Teach Them Diligently Convention in Nashville this weekend and I want to add my voice to theirs! It was an absolute God-send for me! I can’t begin to explain the kind of help and encouragement I received. I know that so much prayer and effort and hard work, (most of it unseen by anyone but God,) goes into an event like this. But please know how deeply it is appreciated. God used you to bless SO MANY this weekend! Thank you and God bless you all…

I have been trying to come to an event since you began these and was beyond excited when you came so close to me this year. I booked it when you had the early early bird special in September of 2017 and have anxiously been awaiting May to get here. There were so many good sessions that I needed and enjoyed. I LOVED Heidi St. John and her ability to be so real and encouraging and make us laugh and cry all in the same session. Her desire to equip us for the task and battles that lie ahead was amazing. I would have to say the Mom’s event on Friday night was the icing on the cake for me. It was just what I needed personally as a mom. I loved how special she made us feel and how encouraging she was. It was such a fun and needed night for moms. The refreshment to my soul, wisdom and knowledge in my mind and encouragement to my heart was way more than I had anticipated.

I’m usually one who plans out exactly what sessions I’m going to each hour and writes out my schedule. I still did that BUT – I left my mind open to the Lord changing it and He did. Several times I was torn between two sessions and I simply stood in the hall beforehand and prayed the Lord would lead me to the right one for me at this time. Then I would read the description of each again and every time He led me. One time I was even sitting in the session waiting for it to start and felt the Lord telling me to go to another one. The sessions were so anointed too – I felt like they were encouraging for any area of life, not just homeschooling. And I felt the speakers were so focused on basing all on scripture which impressed me! The Lord truly used this year’s convention to change me!

These 3 days are marked off on our calendar like Christmas. For the past 2 years it has been where my husband has held off on starting a new job so he wouldn’t have to miss any days at the convention with us. It truly is a time for us all to come together as a family, to focus on where the Lord is really leading us as a family. It is a time of much needed renewal and encouragement. The Lord showed us opened doors for ministry while we were at the conference.

But the entire thing was so inspiring and I had forgotten what it was like to be surrounded with other homeschoolers. It was almost culture shock when I got back to my church!

Speakers were great, exhibit hall was great, hotel was great. My sons could not wait to get to their sessions everyday! They loved it!!

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