Never in a million years would have thought my heart could be touched as deeply as it was…truly amazing!

By far, the BEST convention I have ever attended! Just want to share a testimony. My teenage son began the weekend with the attitude that he did NOT come to the convention to hear anyone talk. By the end of the weekend, he had attended almost every session by Ken Ham and was inspired by the question/answer session with the media track speakers! He COULDN’T STOP TALKING ABOUT IT the whole way home! Praise God! Thank you for all your hard work to put the conference together!

These 3 days are marked off on our calendar like Christmas. For the past 2 years it has been where my husband has held off on starting a new job so he wouldn’t have to miss any days at the convention with us. It truly is a time for us all to come together as a family, to focus on where the Lord is really leading us as a family. It is a time of much needed renewal and encouragement. The Lord showed us opened doors for ministry while we were at the conference.

…this seminar has renewed my passion for homeschooling, and has reminded me of the reason why I started homeschooling in the first place, to raise warriors who are obedient to Christ! I do feel like I was feeling very worn out before the conference, but feel invigorated after this event. I had started to question my decision to pull my son out of the school he attended last year, his first year of school outside of the home, but felt complete and utter peace (and dare I say excitement!!!) about my decision to homeschool my rising tenth grader! As we walked out the doors, he threw his arm around me and told me he was feeling the same way. I am sure my testimony will only grow as I live out the truths from this convention!

It was, by far, THE BEST convention I’ve ever attended!!! No detail was left out! I came away with a wealth of knowledge about the Lord and how to better teach my boys!

Thank you Leslie and crew!! This was my husband’s first one (outside of a quick trip to the vendor hall on a Saturday last year since we’re local). He’s hooked! We are booked for next year too!

If my anchor is in God, then I can make it through even “those” days/weeks/seasons. Homeschooling is about Him refining me as much as it is me pointing my children to Him.

God gave me back my joy in schooling my kids through wisdom imparted at TTD last year. Freedom from the idea of what school had to look like and everyone else and my own school standards. Reminded me of why I homeschool

I love that every speaker truly speaks from the Teach Them Diligently philosophy. Each one I listened to emphasized that God is the one leading our home schools. Love that!

At the last convention I attended … God laid it on my heart how important it is to make prayer a part of our homeschool learning. I had kind of forgotten that, so I am blessed for the reminder, thank you.

Having a great time at Teach Them Diligently Convention in SC. Really learning and being challenged to be more intentional in my parenting.

Wow, could go on for days about all my husband & I learned & how excited we were to discuss the sessions at the end with each other. Wonderful, thank you very much for all the hard work that went into planning this event!

 I leave feeling encouraged and motivated… also that we’re not alone in this journey

The speakers are fantastic. The exhibit hall is amazing. Everything was very well organized.

I really enjoyed Nancy Campbell of Above Rubies. She was so encouraging and helped me to realize that the Devil will pull me away from motherhood at every opportunity. It was all stuff I knew but hearing in a new way really convicted me.

He certainly did give me a JOYOUS time with my daughters. I guess most every homeschooling family gets a case of the February doldrums each year, and we certainly had a good case of it in our house this year. We did a girls’ trip to this conference, and I got to have so much fun WITH my girls on the way here and while here. If you’ve ever traveled a significant distance as a solo adult with multiple kids, you know that it COULD have been a misery. So I’m attributing the terrific time we had to the hand of God!

God has taught me the importance of leaving a Godly heritage for my children. Teaching my children daily the truths from His Word

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