So … I CAN HARDLY CONTAIN MY EXCITEMENT UNTIL MAY!!! Prayerfully, nothing will come up this year. We are so LOOKING FORWARD to being with LIKE-MINDED people and being ENCOURAGED in our homeschool journey.

We were discouraged about homeschooling until we visited our first TTD. We were so encouraged and excited to homeschool. It really is a blessing to our family to be among like minded families. Meeting my hero Fly Lady, Marla Cilley, was a bonus!

We love the focus on family and my husband really appreciated the men’s focus this year. The session by Alex Kendrick for men only touched the depths of his soul. He said they ended up having an impromptu prayer session with all the men on their knees. He came out in tears. Loved the Getty’s concert.

I am so EXCITED about TTD because when you pack that many people who are PASSIONATE ABOUT FOLLOWING THE LORD, the atmosphere is so PEACEFUL and LOVING and ENERGIZING!

I’m a new homeschool mom and it makes me feel like I can do this and that I’m not alone! I’m telling all my friends! Even non homeschoolers – there so much good character content!

Really?!? Everything! The variety in the sessions offered was outstanding! My husband was able to attend some that were just for him, and one about adoption (which we have been praying about for a while). I feel renewed spiritually, and encouraged in this calling. I can’t pick one thing!

1st year, mind blown!! God put HS on my heart years ago and these past few days used TTD to convict me and solidify all His gentle nudges for our family. I’m definitely an overwhelmed and tired preggo but the excitement, preparedness, confidence, and solidification of His calling for our family, cover it all! Our first turns 6 this summer and our fun will begin for 3 babies! I absolutely recommend Sonya Shafers “5 flavors” for anyone new. It immediately lead me in the right direction for us and I now have a “plan”! God is in the details and TTD provides Him an avenue to feed them to you! I have a thankful overflowing heart! Thanks TTD!

Thanks for a great convention! We really enjoyed hearing so many wonderful speakers. Our kids were apprehensive about participating in the children’s program, but they loved it!

That’s hard, because I loved ALL of it. The workshops were SO encouraging. The prices and sales on the books were awesome. And the fact that the speakers were so personal and real. Getting to talk with them in person, and not just be lectured. Wow. It was such a blessing to my heart to be there all weekend!

Life is precious… A year ago my husband was disconnected and ended up having a heart attack. Now he’s present in our sons daily lives – including doing the bulk of the schooling- and volunteering at church.

 I was scared to death about pulling my kids out of public school to begin homeschooling in 8th and 10th grade! But TTD gave me SO much encouragement and practical help with curriculum, etc. Thank you for helping me take the plunge!

At the last convention I attended … God laid it on my heart how important it is to make prayer a part of our homeschool learning. I had kind of forgotten that, so I am blessed for the reminder, thank you.

The encouragement is amazing! I did not come from a homeschooling family and the support is unbelievable at TTD. The friends we have made has been amazing!

My husband was only half in to this Homeschool lifestyle! After his first session, we split up so I could have ears in more sessions, he was juiced up about Jesus and curriculum and homeschooling!!! He started out just coming for moral support, and by the end of conference he was excited about helping to pick out curriculum and getting involved with our Homeschool making it an actual lifestyle for all of us not just school for the kids! Our marriage grew closer during this conference and our children are better off for it!

If my anchor is in God, then I can make it through even “those” days/weeks/seasons. Homeschooling is about Him refining me as much as it is me pointing my children to Him.

The speakers. I truly heard God speaking to me through them. I wish I had attended a conference earlier in my homeschooling journey!!

…I got to hear my husband and 2 long time friends sing together during worship. I haven’t gotten to do that in almost 20 years! That just set me up for a great conference.

One of the things I loved seeing last year was my daughter’s servant heart grow as a result of your children’s program. She was intentional about her OCC box for the rest. of. the. year.

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