Broadcasting Hope: The Impact of Christian Music Broadcasters | 291

Join us in this episode of the Teach Them Diligently podcast as we dive into the world of Christian music broadcasting with Michelle Younkman, Executive Director at Christian Music Broadcasters. She discusses the impact of Christian broadcasting and how it has changed over the years, reaching millions of listeners each week. Michelle emphasizes the importance of having a heart to serve and shares stories of how Christian radio has touched and transformed lives. Michelle also provides insights on the various roles and skill sets needed in Christian broadcasting and offers advice for homeschool parents on preparing their children for a career in this field. Michelle highlights the upcoming event, CMB University, which equips young people to pursue careers in Christian music broadcasting. Discover how radio stations are using music as a powerful tool to spread the gospel message, impacting millions of lives each week. From heartwarming stories to career insights, this episode will inspire and uplift you. 

Meet the Guest:

Michelle joined Christian Music Broadcasters in 2011 after working 15 years on the label side of the music industry where her concentration was on radio promotion. She has juggled her role as an executive with homeschooling her three children. After 18 years, she is finally graduating her youngest son.  

Key Takeaways:

  • Christian broadcasting reaches millions of listeners each week and serves as a powerful tool for spreading the gospel message.
  • Having a heart to serve is essential in the field of Christian broadcasting, as it involves pouring love, hope, and encouragement to listeners.
  • There are various roles and skill sets needed in Christian broadcasting, including programming, marketing, promotions, and content creation.
  • Homeschool parents can prepare their children for a career in Christian broadcasting by fostering a love for music, encouraging networking, and exploring relevant college programs.
  • CMB University is an event that equips college-age students interested in Christian music broadcasting by providing networking opportunities and insights from industry leaders.


Additional Resources:

  • You can find out more about CMB HERE
  • Click HERE for more information about our CMB University event.

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