Math is so important Homeschool Convention

Why Math Is So Important

by Vinod Agrawal

MATH is used in many ways in our daily lives. MATH is one of the core subjects with many other subjects requiring some level of skill in MATH. Many people find MATH to be one of the most difficult subjects to master, but it could be fun and easy to learn with the right approach, proper tools, and a little effort.

Math is so important Homeschool Convention


You will find basic MATH in your everyday life such as,

  •  When you and your parents work with family finances and budget.
  • When you purchase most basic items such as groceries, toys, or clothes.
  • When planning for a family vacation.
  • When making decision on whether to rent or own a house.
  • When saving for your college and future expenses and many more ways of your daily life.


You will find complex math operations in the field of engineering and information technology such as,

  • Designers use very complex MATH operations when designing automobiles, trains, airplanes, and space shuttle programs.
  • The designers of high tech telecommunications and internet use complex MATH operations in their design work.
  • The US government uses very complex MATH operations when engineers and scientists design national defense systems.
  • The designers and scientists of advance medical devices also use complex MATH operations in their design.

MATH is typically used with many other branches of science in high tech industries of Physics, Chemistry, Biomedical Research, and many more.

Also, more and more companies now require high school equivalency of MATH even for most basic job skills. The United States of America is the world leader in most aspects, but when it comes to MATH and Science education we are far behind many other industrialized nations. Curriculum standards from other industrialized nations have a significant focus on MATH as its core subject and they devote numerous resources to ensure that children get a very strong foundation in MATH. As a result, we in the United States have lost our leading edge in many high tech jobs as well as manufacturing jobs. We must refocus our efforts on our MATH education and give our children a strong foundation so that they can compete with their peers not just in our homeland, but also those around the world.

We live in a very well connected global world, and it seems like the world is getting even smaller as we continue to advance. We must play a critical role in the global economy so that we can regain our competitive edge when looking for well paying jobs in many industries. Many experts strongly believe that competency in MATH is one of the many ways we can regain our competitive edge.  Competency in MATH will also allow us to better manage many aspects of our daily life such as family budgeting and finances, making decisions on important purchases, saving for college or retirement, and many more.


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