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What Parents Need To Know About Choosing A Fine Art Teacher

Many homeschool students are interested in learning more about art but don’t know where to start when it comes to finding the right teacher.  You don’t need to look hard to find many enthusiastic art teachers ranging from junior high school age and up. But, how do you find one that will give your children a love for fine art rather than coming away feeling like they just made another craft and feeling discouraged. I want to give parents five simple things to look for in an art teacher.

  • Choose a teacher who can produce masterpiece level art.

Many wonderful people claim to be art teachers because it is an easy way to make some side income. But they might not be the best choice to help your aspiring artist cultivate their skills. A great way to determine whether an art teacher is qualified in teaching your student fine art is to see some of their artwork. An art teacher who has never created good quality masterpiece level art themselves cannot teach your child to do so. If their artwork does not awe you, then keep looking.

  • Choose a teacher who can teach many medias.

An art teacher who can create masterpiece art in only one media may not be the right teacher for your child. It is ideal that school age children experiment with many media to find where their gifting lies. This necessitates learning many different media which in turn builds confidence in your child.  If possible, look for teachers who have mastered and taught many media. This will open your child’s world to possibilities they never knew existed. Who knows, but your child might be a master wood burner, or a sculptor, or create beautiful glass mosaics!

  • Choose a teacher who encourages your student.

Art students need lots of encouragement. Your teacher should be supportive while being honest and giving good directions. The artistic child has a sensitive personality, so if they are going to grow, they will need someone who will tell them the truth about their shortcomings but in a kind and gentle manner.

  • Choose a teacher who challenges your student.

A story is told of a 14 year old Michelangelo learning an unforgettable lesson from his master teacher Bertoldo de Giovanni. One day Giovanni saw Michelangelo creating a sculpture that was beneath his skill level. He grabbed a hammer and smashed Michelangelo’s sculpture shouting ““Michelangelo, talent is cheap; dedication is costly!” Michelangelo went on to become the greatest sculptor of his era.

Many students who could become great artists waste their time and talent doing crafty projects. Students need skilled teachers who recognize their capabilities and are not content to have the students waste their time. Challenge and growth go hand in hand. Find a teacher who is encouraging and yet challenging to your students.

  • Choose a teacher whose students achieve great results.

Talk to past students of the art teacher you are considering. The teacher’s skills are often shown in the work of their students. Look at their website. Are they showing you pictures of what their students have accomplished? If not, you might want to keep looking.

It is important to remember that age does play a factor in the results. For instance, a five year old will not create a perfect portrait.

Even though there are many other questions you could ask in determining the right kind of art teacher for you, these are a few of the most important questions worth considering.

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