Top 10 Homeschooling High School Government & Economics Curriculum Choices

Are you ready to teach your homeschooling high schooler about the ins and out of government, civics, and economics? Homeschoolers excel in this area. The curriculum choices available for your teen are excellent and varied. Whether you are looking for a full online series or more of the living books ideal this top 10 list has you covered.

Teaching our teens to be independent and responsible is one of the many reasons to continue homeschooling through high school. We have the great joy of teaching our teens how to be responsible Christian citizens. The joy of seeing my teen walk into a voting booth for the first time brought tears to my eyes.

Helping our teens become an integral part of the community and active citizen means we need to lay a firm foundation of knowledge. Also one of the requirements for graduation is often a government or civics course. The upcoming Presidential election makes this year perfect to fit in that semester course and be prepared for the election.

We asked our fellow homeschooling Teach Them Diligently families what do you recommend as a High School Government & Economics curriculum choice. We compiled their choices along with 39 other levels and subjects of curriculum in our FREE Homeschool Family Favorites Guide.

Here are the top 10 choices for High School Government & Economics

  1. Exploring Government and Economics (by Notgrass History) (from the website- Textbooks generally provide context and comprehensiveness. Unit studies generally provide depth and richness. In our courses, we attempt to bridge the gap between these two approaches by giving you tools that help you teach the heart, soul, and mind of your student. Our curriculum is easy for parents, requiring little planning or preparation. Our curriculum is rewarding for students, helping them learn to analyze the present by understanding the past.)
  2. Uncle Eric Books (by Bluestocking Press) (from the website- The Uncle Eric series of books is written by Richard J. Maybury for young and old alike. Using the epistolary style of writing (using letters to tell a story), Mr. Maybury plays the part of an economist writing a series of letters to his niece or nephew. With stories and examples, he gives interesting and clear explanations of topics that are generally thought to be too difficult for anyone but experts.)
  3. Constitutional Literacy (by Michael Farris published Apologia)  (from the website- Prepare your students to begin their voting careers as informed citizens well versed in the content and meaning of the United States Constitution. This 25-part lecture series is engaging and approachable, combining high quality video and music with hundreds of beautiful photographs, timelines, and special effects. The course features over 500 minutes of engaging video instruction by Farris, who has argued cases before the United States Supreme Court.)

Would you like to get a feel for what an online course is like? Apologia has posted part of a lesson and here is the video so you can see for yourself.


  1. Words Aptly Spoken: American Documents: A study guide to the documents that shaped the United States (by Classic Conversations) Main page, High School Curriculum
  2. American Government and Economics (by Abeka)
  3. Bob Jones University Press Economics and Government
  4. Constitutional Law for the Enlightened Citizens(by HSLDA)Home School Legal Defense Association Main Page

These courses are often a full semester of learning that takes the place of history in your course plan. These wonderful in depth curriculum option can be listed in your teen’s high school transcript as a 1/2 credit if used for one semester. If you choose to partner the government/civics with American History or Economics for the second semester then it becomes a full credit. To really spice up your teen’s learning and the transcript for colleges have your teen work at a poling station or for your political party of choice.

  1. Life Pac Civics(Alpha Omega Publishing)
  2. Accelerated Christian Education United States Civics
  3. The Land of Fair Play (by Christian Liberty)
Homeschool Family Favorite Guide Free downloadable


Soon our teens will be transitioning from their youth into adults with a strong christian perspective. For us parents what a reward for the years of teaching and parenting that will be. Seeing our teens learn how to be citizens that know the foundations of our great country and how to be part of a brighter future for all.



This is just the beginning of many home education curriculum recommendations. Here is our FREE downloadable Homeschool Family Favorite Guide with many other top 10 recommendation by fellow homeschooling families.


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