Why Manners Matter

The Importance of Good Manners

By Monica Irvine, The Etiquette Factory

What a pleasure it is to speak with you for a moment on the importance of teaching manners to our children. I know I don’t have to tell you what a benefit it is to our lives when we have the skills we need to succeed in life both personally and professionally, but sometimes as parents, we feel overwhelmed by the task at hand. What do I want for my children? I want them to be happy. I want them to grow up to be great husbands and wives, great fathers and mothers. I want them to be a positive contributor to our society. I know if these are their goals, then they will be happy; not free from trials but truly happy.

Learning social skills and manners is key in reaching these goals. How do I define manners? Proper manners is a way that we help those around us to feel valued and comfortable. Learning these skills is essential. As you can well see, the gap between those in our society who possess these skills and those who do not is ever widening. The good news for our children is this; those who do possess these skills “stand out” like amazing creatures just because they say “Yes Ma’am” or “No Thank you”. Having these skills will bless our children’s lives in so many ways and will give them opportunities that would not come without exhibiting these skills.

Recently, I had a mother come up and tell me about her son who has had an amazing college career at a prestigious music college here in the United States. She said because he had done so well, during his Senior year, the college approached him and asked him if he would accompany some of the college staff as they dined with potential donors to the college, so he could testify of his marvelous experience at the school. The mother said, “I had prepared my son for many things, but not for this. Going to fancy restaurants with such an important agenda was disastrous for my son. He felt so insecure, so inept that although he had so much to say, he stumbled and fumbled because he was so nervous about the dining experience.” The fact is, we do not know where life will take our children. Don’t we want them to be as prepared and confident as possible? Manners is so much more than just dining etiquette. It touches every aspect of our lives. Teaching them Etiquette Skills is what will help them to have the confidence to handle most any situation.

Join the movement today to make teaching manners a priority. The Etiquette Factory curriculum has made teaching manners so fun, so easy and the results….I can’t wait until you see.



Monica Irvine Homeschool EtiquetteMonica Irvine, is a master motivator and dedicated instructor, who loves to help children see the benefits and rewards of having good manners. As a Certified Etiquette Instructor, Ms. Irvine specializes in etiquette instruction for children, ages preschool through high school. She is the owner and creator of The Etiquette Factory as well as the author of Etiquette for Beginners, Etiquette Intermediate and Etiquette Masters. She also authors several monthly columns in various publications. Through years of experience working with children of all ages and being a home school mom herself, Mrs. Irvine is passionate about giving parents and educators the tools they need to successfully teach proper manners and social skills in the home and in the classroom. She feels strongly about the need to educate children in the art of etiquette to help ensure their future success both personally and professionally.
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