Take Your Kids to Work Day Bingo

The month of April gets kind of a bad rap for the most memorable holidays.

The first day of it is called April Fool’s Day.  The 15th is the United States Tax Day.  It is true, Easter and Holy Week do fall in this month but not every year.

Take your kids to work Bingo

But I have to say, one of my most favorite unknown days of this month is:

Take your daughters and sons to WORK day.”

When I was growing up, my parents took me to their job regularly.  It helped that my Dad owned his own business and my Mom was the manager over her office.

My husband’s job allows our kids also to see him in action once in a while – he also frequently works from home.  When I was on bed rest with my 5th child and in the hospital for 6 weeks, my husband had no choice but to take our boys with him.  The three of them had the best time and made lifetime memories.

There were many free lessons that your kids can learn by watching you work:

  • They can see that you in another light other than being a parent.
    Your kids might not realize that you have authority somewhere other than home or being under someone else’s authority.
  • They will appreciate you more.
    Kids will see you have more on your plate than just helping them.  In my case, I desired to help my parents more when I realized how much they were doing elsewhere.
  • They might get a vision of what they want to do in the future.
    Personally, I did not want to follow in my parents’ business ventures but I did learn business ethics, from learning to answer the phone correctly to dealing with people who were having bad days.
  • They will see how business works.
    Kids see a little peek into economics up close.
  • They will develop a bond.
    Letting kids see something that is important to you can open conversations over dinner that they can understand.  How was the day at the office will actually mean something to them too.

Bosses might not smile at the idea of taking your child to work with you. Being creative is the key.  Maybe it will just be a tour of your workplace or just a ride to see where you work if you are not allowed to take your child on the premises.

Whatever you choose, it could be a lifetime memory etched in your child.

Some days when I went to my parents’ job, I would have enjoyed a game.
So I created a Take Your Child to Work with you Bingo Game.

The directions are simple:

1.  Print off the game.

2.  Check of the box once your child sees it.

Winners of the game might could get ice cream or a candy bar at the end of the day to conclude a great work day.

Blessings to you!  You are loved!

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