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I’ll be honest, I have been a real curmudgeon when it comes to online events. I am so committed to getting people together for fellowship and encouragement that I have been very late to the game in evaluating the benefits of online equipping and encouraging events. Through our online video meetups in the Teach Them Diligently 365 community, though, I have come to really appreciate the way we can all get together virtually to share our hearts and learn together as homeschool moms.

With this fresh new year upon us, many of us are looking for that kind of encouragement. We all want to find the foundational principles and strategies that will help us grow more in 2019 than we ever have before. I wanted to share a few things that I truly believe will be a great help to you and your family this year.

A New Year, Your Best Year 2019 Conference For Moms

This is not a Teach Them Diligently produced event, but the following is the information from their website:

You want to make 2019 the best year ever, right?! But then again, don’t you say that every year? This year CAN and will be different! Do any of these sound like you?

  • You’ve made some goals for the new year, but you’re afraid that you won’t follow through.
  • You want to be a better wife and/or mother in 2019.
  • You finally want to get your finances under control this year!
  • You want to get {and stay} healthy!
  • You want to simplify your life.
  • You want to conquer the clutter in all areas of your life.
  • You want to find a fitness plan that fits your busy lifestyle.
  • You want to be a better manager of your time.
  • You want to learn new planning techniques that will actually work for you.
  • You want to deepen your faith in 2019.
  • You want to make more time for you.
  • You want to have a more involved, cohesive family life.
  • You need some fresh meal planning ideas.

If so, then the A New Year, Your Best Year: 2019 Conference for Moms is for you! 

The price for this online conference is only $20 for lifetime access to more than 150 video workshops (I’ll be presenting 2 of them– one on praying for your children (and how that will change your life) and one on discipleship-focused parenting!)  If you register on or before January 3, though, you can secure the early bird registration rate of only $15 for the same lifetime access. This is a GREAT way to jumpstart your new year hand-in-hand with me and several Teach Them Diligently favorites– Hal and Melanie Young, Rachael Carman, Kerry Beck, Lesa Dale, and others. Click here to get  more information and to sign up for this online mom-con.

(Please note that since we are not the producers of this event, we cannot personally vouch for all the speakers or presentations. As always, we should be discerning and thinking Biblically as we listen.)

Teach Them Diligently 365

This members-only community is starting out 2019 with a serious boost in commitment and focus. If you truly want to make sure that 2019 is your best year yet, I invite you to join us there. The first three weeks of every month, there will be a video mini-workshop of sorts available to you, whether it be in the form of an interview/conversation with a Teach Them Diligently speaker or a lesson from my heart, you will find very helpful, focused content every week of the year to give you that boost that you need to rethink every area of your life and to endeavor to bring it all in line with how God’s Word tells us  to live. On the fourth week of each month, we will have an online members-only meetup. During those meetups, we’ll chat and go a little deeper into the content we have been discussing as we all mentor and learn from one another. With additional ways to connect with other like-minded moms throughout the year– and enhanced offerings at Teach Them Diligently events, joining Teach Them Diligently 365 now will give you day by day encouragements and helps to keep you focused and thriving all year long.

Click here for more information and get involved today!

Teach The Diligently Book

Finally, the Teach Them Diligently book provides a Biblical look at discipleship-focused parenting.

How I hope that as you read through the pages of this book, you will be encouraged by the fact that the fear of losing our children is not even discussed in God’s Word.   Instead, He gives us instructions on how we as their parents are to set them on the way they should go. Yes, we live in a fallen world, and sadly people act like fallen people — a lot. Were that not true, we would never see any exceptions to the inspired Proverb in which we are told to “Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it” (Proverbs 22:6). But we can take heart in that God’s perfect plan for our families is that our children will be trained well in their youth, and that when they start choosing their own way, they will continue in what they have learned. The One who knows our hearts and our children’s hearts best is the One we should trust. And it is exploring that role, in His great design for our families, that this book seeks to do.

I pray that after the last page is turned, you will walk away with a better vision for parenting your children the way God intended, with an actual game plan, and that you will have a much deeper trust in Him, confident in His ability to hold your children close as they grow. He is strong and mighty, and He loves them with an everlasting love.

No matter what resources you avail yourself of, I pray that 2019 is truly a blessed year for you and for your family. I pray that God will show Himself strong, that you will grow closer to Him day by day, and that your family will be stronger at the end than it is as we embark on this year. I look forward to getting to know many of you through TTD365 and our events this Spring. How I pray you will join us there!!
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We at Teach Them Diligently are driven in our mission of encouraging you to seize the role God has for you while helping you move forward with greater confidence as a servant of Christ. We truly do believe that homeschooling when done Biblically will strengthen your family in countless ways. Here are all the places you can connect with Teach Them Diligently to find resources and connection all year long. 

Teach Them Diligently Blog—Regularly updated articles from trusted TTD authors, speakers, and partners giving you information, insight, ideas, and more about everything to do with homeschooling, parenting, family, and more! Subscribe today, so you don’t miss a thing!

TTD365—Looking for a deeper connection and even more helps? Join Teach Them Diligently 365 to get access to weekly videos and more than a thousand audio and video resources to strengthen your family through Biblical Home Education every day of the year. TTD365 members also have access to a vibrant community of like-minded homeschool families who interact regularly on social media and through monthly live online meet-ups. Get more information about TTD365 here.

Facebook—Get updated information about Teach Them Diligently events, insightful conversation, humor, encouragement and more by following our Teach Them Diligently Facebook Page. Give us your opinion or thoughts on some of the posts to make sure you see the new content when it is published.

Facebook Groups—We have special Facebook groups for each TTD event, as well as a group for 365 members, Homeschool Guidance Counselor members, a curriculum exchange, and more. Check out the many Teach Them Diligently FB groups and start making some new friends there today! 

Instagram—Get super ideas about #TTDHomeschoolSpace and get encouraged and equipped for your homeschool and parenting journey by following us on Instagram.

YouTube—Featuring hundreds of videos, there is a great amount of content old and new on our YouTube channel. With new content being loaded every single week, subscribe to the channel today, so you can always know what’s new.

Pinterest—Get inspirational ideas for your homeschool and more when you follow Teach Them Diligently on Pinterest.                                  

We look forward to getting to connect with you all year long and then seeing you at Teach Them Diligently in the Spring!

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Horizons Cyber Week Promotion

Check out the Horizons Complete Grade Sets Promotion for Cyber Week! Hurry offer is limited!

Savings up to 40% on November 26th till noon only! Then additional savings of 15% to 20% offered from November 26-30, 2018.

Highlights of Horizons Grade Sets

Christian Workbook Curriculum
Grades PreK-12
Spiral-based to Reinforce Learning
Teacher-directed Curriculum
Hands-on Activities
Health and Physical Education Electives

AOP Horizons discount


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Middle school students are mature enough to begin thinking more deeply about Thanksgiving. They are able to complete more complex assignments about the related history. Thanksgiving unit studies for middle school students create hands-on learning opportunities when holiday excitement makes it hard to concentrate on text books.

Children who enjoy role playing may enjoy creating costumes and writing plays for friends and family to participate in. Costume making combines history and home economics subjects. Who doesn’t like getting two for one? Perhaps your reluctant writer will forget to be reluctant when carried away by writing the play?

Ways to Teach the History of Thanksgiving

Unit studies allow elementary and older children to work on the same historical time period together. Expand the requirements for an elementary unit study to make it middle school appropriate.

1)  Research Pilgrim-era games and teach them to younger friends and family during the holidays.

2) Create a timeline of Pilgrim leaders and other historical figures who lived at the same time, etc.

3) Identify the character traits, good and bad, of the major figures in the Pilgrim story. Did those traits help or hurt the person? Which of those traits to you see in yourself?

4) Computer savvy youngsters may want to create a power point presentation of their findings on a Thanksgiving related topic.

Nothing like knocking out two subjects with one assignment!


Visit the Thanksgiving unit study at 123 Homeschool 4 Me. Ideas include: costumes, quills, DIY marbles, Johnny Cakes, and book printables. I love the hands on activites included in this engaging unit study. Especially for a youngster who learns by doing more than reading, hands on activities make learning easier.

Want to teach your middle school student more about Plymouth Rock? Take the ideas from Fall Into First and create more challenging tasks for middle schoolers while working with younger ones on the same topics.

Love Pinterest? Amanda Bennett has a wonderful board of unit study ideas.

The website In All You Do offers a free printable Thanksgiving unit study for pre-K through 5th grade.

Field of Daisies has listings of poems, audiobooks, a play, science activities, and loads of cooking fun tucked inside the Old Fashioned Thanksgiving unit study. Math, music, Bible studies and  printables round out this wonderful resource.

Unit studies may seem challenging for moms who are more comfortable with text book based learning. The holiday season is a good time to try one on for size. Offer your middle schoolers the opportunity to use unit studies and broaden their understanding of colonial history while celebrating Thanksgiving.

This article was originally published on our Homeschool Launch Blog.



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Free Resource – The 14 Day Starter Bible Devotional for Homeschool Moms!

Bible Devotional for Homeschool Moms

Focusing on the foundation of your homeschool provides a powerful anchor to direct your day and your school teaching to the Gospel. A short focus on the foundation at the beginning of your day will bear massive results.

    Each entry can be read in minutes each day.
    It is amazing how other priorities fall in line when we get the foundation right each day. Starting with the correct priority will minimize distraction.
    Teach Them Diligently is known for addressing the heart of discipleship in homeschooling. Let us help!


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Many homeschool families make a drastic change when their children hit middle school or high school–they stop homeschooling.

Some make this change based on well-thought-through decisions and preferences. The choice is what they’ve determined is best for them, and that’s wonderful! Those families are not who I am writing to today.

I’m addressing those who really want to continue homeschooling but don’t think they have what it takes to homeschool into the upper grades, those who are fearful they might “mess up” their child’s education or chance of getting into college.

You DO have what it takes, and you won’t mess up anything!

One of the reasons I know this? RESOURCES. Resources abound, online and off, to help you through and lead you along the path.

Resources for Homeschooling Middle School and High School

Homeschool Guidance Counselor– Teach Them Diligently has set up a FREE homeschool guidance counselor program that is designed to give you all the information you need to homeschool your children all the way through high school. Starting with a downloadable road map for each year and continuing with monthly email reminders of what you can expect and weekly office hour videos, and culminating in onsite helps and information at Teach Them Diligently events, the Homeschool Guidance Counselor program is the most comprehensive help for high school available. Sign up today and get started homeschooling high school with a lot more confidence.

Homeschool Guidance Counselor Facebook Group— Through the free guidance counselor program, we also make available a private homeschool high school Facebook group, moderated by Matthew Bullington, the TTD guidance counselor. This is a great place to watch the weekly office hours videos live, interact with others who are homeschooling high school, ask your questions, and more. Join us there today!

*HSLDAThere is a ton of general homeschooling information here, but they also have links for specific state education websites where you can find graduation requirements. Very important stuff to know!

*The Ultimate Guide to Homeschooling Teens by Debra Bell–Inside this incredible resource you will find: tools for developing critical and creative thinking skills, study-smart strategies for maximized learning, what to do if your child is behind or ahead, how to prepare your child for high school during grades 6–8, all the forms, charts, and resources you will need to teach your child through high school, and much more”. This is a fabulously detailed and encouraging book!

*Let’s Homeschool High SchoolThere are ways to connect with other high school parents here, ways for your kids to connect with other homeschool high schoolers, and an amazing amount of practical helps and tips. This is a great place to start if you’re just beginning to look into homeschooling through high school. They’ve got a beginner’s guide that is quite helpful.

*CurrClickThis site offers live online classes, book studies, specialty classes, and much more for all ages.

*Lee Binz, The Home ScholarLee is a fantastic source of information and has answers for pretty much any question you might have about homeschooling into the upper grades.

*Homeschool High Facebook PageThis is a group on Facebook for homeschooling parents of high schoolers. Have questions? Ask away! Searching for curriculum ideas? Get a feel for what others have used. Not sure what subjects to include for what year? Hear from those who have tried different methods. This is a wonderful support community.

*Online Schools and Curriculum–If you prefer for your child to be accountable to someone other than you for their work, there are many options available for online schools and classes. Here are just a few: MorningStar Academy (an online Christian school), Apologia (offers online science and Bible/apologetics/worldview classes for grades 7-12), Alpha Omega Academy (an online Christian school), BJU Press (online distance learning). and Liberty Online Academy (online distance learning.)

*People who have “been there”–One of the great resources available to you is someone who has walked the path you are just stepping foot on! And there are many of them out there! Here is one, for example: Weird, Unsocialized Homeschoolers. Kris has lots of curriculum posts and ideas, plus great encouragement for how to raise teens, homeschool them, and LOVE DOING IT!

*Your student–An exciting component to homeschooling your upper grade students is tailoring their education to their interests, passions, and strengths. As your children mature and get a clearer picture of where they may be headed after graduation, you can gear their years at home toward those goals and desires. Lee Binz who is mentioned above, really focuses on this aspect of homeschooling your older children.

*Yourself–Yes, you! You know your child and are still his or her best teacher, even into the middle and high school years.

Will you, as the homeschool parent, need to do your homework, a.k.a research and plan? Yes. Will you need to know the requirements? Yes. Will you need to keep track of curriculum and credits? Yes. Is all this really doable? Absolutely.


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Register TONIGHT to save $11 off the opening $55 family registration, meaning your family could attend Teach Them Diligently Convention for only $44!!! Discount code TTD2019LAUNCH is valid until Thursday, October 4at midnight! After that, it will be gone forever!!


We are so glad you joined us, and we’re so excited about what the next season holds! Before you check out the free resources below, please take a moment to thank some of our partners who helped to make this evening possible.

Special thanks to the following:

Alpha Omega Publications who gave a fantastic gift basket full of AOP curriculum, as well as a backpack stuffed with even more of the homeschool brands you love – Monarch, LIFEPAC, and Horizons! Approximate retail price: $135.00.

Christian Healthcare Ministries who gave away an entire month’s membership FREE to one family. Our family has been deeply blessed through our membership with CHM. Not only has it saved us a lot of money on our health insurance, but it is encouraging to read the prayer requests and updates as Christians around the country join together to support and minister to one another through our gifts. Click here to see how your family can benefit from CHM as well.

Covenant Eyes who gave away one six-month subscription to their internet filtering and accountability software. It is valued at $95.94, with unlimited users within a household on unlimited devices.

Timothy Plan who gave away 4 $50 gift cards and 1 $100 gift card. You will find some amazing resources and articles available on the Timothy Plan Blog. I encourage you to Check it out.

World News Group who gave away a prize package including a free one-year WORLD membership, which includes 24 print issues of WORLD Magazine, full access to WORLD Digital content, and unlimited listening to WORLD Radio podcasts Free one-year God’s Big WORLD (ages 3-6), WORLDkids (ages 7-10), or WORLDteen (ages 11-14) membership (choose one), which includes six print issues, full access to daily news content online, plus teaching guides, reading comprehension quizzes, and other extras Free 19-volume CD set of the Chronicles of Narnia, which includes the entire book series in full performance audio One- year WORLD membership is a $59.76 value, one-year God’s Big WORLD, WORLDkids, or WORLDteen (pick one) membership is a $35.88 value, and the Narnia CD set is a $50 value, totaling approximately $145.64. Learn how you can become a Member of World News Group Today.

Evangelical Christian Credit Union who gave away piggy banks to help your children learn the value of what to save and what to spend. Make sure you check out the free Homeschool Financial Counselor program and download the Start Young Roadmap today.

Bob Jones University who gave away a Bruins prize package and deserves many thanks for the service they provide with our children’s and teen programs.

University of Mobile who gave away a college prize package as well. We are excited to have them joining us for the first time this year and at all of our locations!


Resources from Our Keynote Speakers

Ray Comfort— CLICK HERE— to get your copy of “God Has A Wonderful Plan For Your Life” by Ray Comfort.   For decades, the world’s most popular gospel message has been drawing the lost by promising God’s wonderful plan for their life. But Jesus promised trials, temptation, and persecution. How can we reconcile the two? (Limit one per customer)

Ken Ham— From Creation To Forever, A Timeline of Biblical History. This chronological Timeline of Biblical History pinpoints 52 of Scripture’s most strategic events, and shows how the Bible fits with the major geological eras of our young earth. There’s nothing else like it! CLICK HERE to download your copy now!

Heidi St. John— Join Heidi and ladies from all over the world as they write and study scripture together. CLICK HERE to set up your free MomStrong Account.

Homeschool Resources

Rethink Education Ebook— If you didn’t download your free ebook as part of our giveaway, make sure you do so now. This book turns 11 of the scary questions families ask when they’re thinking about homeschooling into exciting possibilities! If you are new to homeschool or just thinking about it, this book will give you great insight into the journey ahead. If you are a homeschool veteran, this book may well remind you of some of the reasons you love homeschooling the most. :) Either way, I hope you will thoroughly enjoy it! CLICK HERE to claim your copy.

History Curriculum from Ashbrook — Download this free curriculum to teach your children with primary sources, not textbooks! With your curriculum, you will receive 9 units of primary documents, free monthly webinars, and a love of history! CLICK HERE to download your copy now.
Homeschooling High School Resource Set from Hal and Melanie YoungCLICK HERE to claim your resource set, which includes a free download of Homeschooling High School, an editable transcript template and our College Decision Resource Pack.
FREE Month By Month Homeschool Guidance Counselor Guide and access to the Homeschool Guidance Counselor Program from Teach Them DiligentlyCLICK HERE to sign up for this free program and get a jumpstart on homeschooling high school when you download our month by month guide today.
Bible Based Homeschooling ebook from Karen DeBeus — This book shares our story of how we managed to homeschool using the Bible as the center of our studies. For one year, we studied the Bible in depth as a family, and learned so much history, science, geography, and more right from our lessons. It was an amazing experience. It wasn’t without its challenges though, and I will also share what challenges we faced.” CLICK HERE to download your copy today.
A History of the Homeschooling Movement from Israel WayneCLICK HERE to download your free workshop and learn about the origins of the rebirth of home-based learning, and discover God’s purposes and plans for the future of the homeschooling movement.
50 Fall Activities For Kids (with a free unit study!) from Kerry Beck— With fall just around the corner, I’m ready to celebrate. I love fall and all the fun, family activities you can do with your kids.  Fall is one of those times I do more crafts. Do you enjoy fall crafts for kids, too?  To get your creative juices going, here are 50 fall activities for kids … including fall crafts for kids. CLICK HERE to claim yours now.

Ten Days Of Road Schooling From Gypsy Road-CLICK HERE  and use access code gypsy2u2018 to learn how to plan and execute a 10 day Road schooling trip complete with history, arts, science, and much more!

Summer Nature Study and More from Katie’s Homeschool CottageCLICK HERE to claim this resource showing you easy, hands on ways to study science without spending tons of money on supplies.

Good Books and GREAT Books List from Hal and Melanie YoungCLICK HERE to download this free resource to help you find some GREAT books for your own family! (Includes a free download of Media-Proofing your Kids and several different book lists for different ages.)

10% off your first RENTAL Homeschool Curriculum from Yellow House Book Rental Homeschool Curriculum–Did you know you could RENT homeschool curriculum?  CLICK HERE to get your coupon and start exploring the curriculum Yellow House Books has available now.

FREE Workshop, Why History is the Most Important Subject You Teach from Landmark EventsCLICK HERE to access.  While there, you can also access a discount code for an additional 10% off early bird rates for our Civil War in the West tour prior to TTDNashville 2019.

Organizational Resources

The Ultimate Homeschool Printables Collection from Kim SorgiusCLICK HERE to access this MASSIVE collection of homeschool printables, which includes the Ultimate Family Discipleship Printable Collection, the Ultimate Homeschool Printable Collection, and the Ultimate Christian Holidays Printable Collection.

Your Most Organized Homeschool Year Ever Audio Recording from Teach Them Diligently— Are you ready to influence lasting transformation in your child? Discover these organizational strategies that will help you make this your most organized homeschool year ever!  CLICK HERE to download your audio workshop now.

The Ultimate Homeschool Mom’s Planner from Outmatched Mama— CLICK HERE to access this printable resource that you can customize and insert into your favorite binder to make your homeschool organizing a breeze no matter what style of home educator your are!

Devotional/Discipleship or Family Resources

A Homeschool Mother’s Prayer printable from Karen DeBeus– frame it, put it in your journal, place it where you will need encouragement to keep your focus where it needs to be! CLICK HERE to access.

Praying For Your Children guide from Leslie Nunnery of Teach Them Diligently. This guide to praying for your children has been downloaded thousands of times, and the testimonies we have heard from families who have used it has been incredible. CLICK HERE to download your copy now.

Parenting The Internet Generation from Covenant Eyes— In Parenting the Internet Generation, we will show parents how to have honest conversations about self-image, sexuality, sin, and shame.  Provide proven methods for training our children how to be media literate.  Explain how certain parenting styles can actually enable a pornography addiction.  Point towards parental controls and accountability as tools for creating a safer home. And much, much more!   CLICK HERE to download this valuable resource now, and try Covenant Eyes for 30 days for free when you use discount code TTD.

Essential Oils 101 Class—  CLICK HERE to sign up via the pop up to access this class. You will receive access to an email course as well as a Facebook Live event.


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Let’s Go BEHIND-THE-SCENES to get to know Ray and Charlene Notgrass

After 22 years in church ministry, Ray and Charlene Notgrass decided to serve God in a different way by writing Bible curriculum for homeschoolers. At their first convention, a mother told us that she wished someone would write a Tennessee history, so they decided to write one and call it Exploring Tennessee. They included Bible study in it. Two years later Ray wrote Exploring America for high school. This time they included Bible and added literature. They kept listening to homeschooling parents and writing what they told us they wanted, first for high school and then for middle school and junior high. Now they are writing for grades 1-4 as well. Ray and Charlene believe that God has been preparing them since childhood to do what they are doing now. Their goal of writing Bible curriculum has grown into history curriculum that includes Bible and literature. Thus they are able to share God’s Word with many more homeschooling families. Charlene says, “It was His plan, not ours, and we love what we do.”

Did you know…
Ray and Charlene are personally connected to history stories they tell. Their ancestors include a French-Canadian fur trader who fought with the Continental Army during the American Revolution; pioneers who traveled through Cumberland Gap and on the Tennessee, Ohio, and Cumberland Rivers to found Nashville, Tennessee; and veterans who served during the Civil War, World War II, and the Korean War. They stand on the shoulders of Ray’s dad, who encouraged him to read great literature, and Charlene’s dad, who took her family to historic sites. Those formed the basis for how they taught their own children, what they like to do for fun (read great books and travel to historic sites), and how they write for other homeschooling families.

We think you’ll love them, too! :) Make your plans to stop by the Notgrass booth in Nashville, Atlanta and Myrtle Beach to say hi!


Special Offers for Teach Them Diligently families from Ray and Charlene Notgass.

The Notgrasses love to help families enjoy history. Download their free field trip guide to sites across the country where you and your children can learn about the Presidents and First Ladies:

Behind-The-Scenes With Author Cassandra Driver

Cassandra Driver was homeschooled all the way through school and self-published her first book at age eighteen. As she developed a love for reading while growing up, she rapidly realized there wasn’t an overabundance of clean books out there! This spurred her to try her hand at writing in order to put more wholesome and exciting stories on the shelves, particularly for young people, and the Lauren Series was born. Cassandra now has published 3 books in the Lauren Series with a 4th due out soon. Make sure you stop by and meet Cassandra at #TTDNashville!

Click Here To Check out our other TTD Behind-The-Scenes articles and learn more about Teach Them Diligently 2018 speakers.
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At long last, we are so excited to announce our first ever Teach Them Diligently top 15 homeschool blogs list as chosen by Teach Them Diligently families and fans. Many of these bloggers will be at our spring homeschool events, which will provide you a great opportunity to meet them and hear them share their heart in their sessions. This year your family can join us in Nashville, TN; Atlanta, GA; Rogers, AR; Mobile, AL; Myrtle Beach, SC; and Columbus, OH. We would love to see you there!

Now, without further ado, here is our Teach Them Diligently Top 15 Homeschool Blogger list 

 Hip Homeschool Moms–

Hip Homeschool Moms is owned by Trish Corlew and Wendy Hilton and is one of the most Vibrant Communities for Homeschooling Families. Check out their website to find lots of information about Homeschooling, Family, and Deals and join the fun in their Facebook Group which boasts a membership of more than 24,000 homeschool moms (and maybe a dad or two!)

Special Gift for Teach Them Diligently Families:  Become an expert with these free insect note booking pages! 

Confessions of a Homeschooler–

Confessions of a Homeschooler is a homeschooling and parenting website authored by Erica Arndt. She offers tons of free printables, educational resources, ideas, and homeschool curriculum. She also shares crafting, DIY projects, recipes, home management tips and more! Feel free to drop by her site for some encouragement on your homeschooling journey and some practical tips to make your days run smoother!

Subscribe to her newsletter when you visit her site to receive Her Top 10 Tips for Getting Started Homeschooling.

 Raising Clovers—

If you are looking for homeschool encouragement and advice, then be sure to check out Kristi Clover over at Raising Clovers.  The heart of Raising Clovers is to provide encouragement for Christian families and inspiration to find “simple solutions for a more joy-filled life.” From Kristi’s uplifting podcast, Simply Joyful, to her #HomeschoolHacks on Facebook Live every Friday at noon (PST), you’ll see her passion for helping families get organized so they can joyfully live out the life God has for them. Kristi is best known for her organizational tips. She is the creator of the Ultimate Homeschool Organization Course and is currently writing a book on home organization. Kristi also has a brand new book coming out in a few weeks called Homeschool Basics, co-authored with Tricia Goyer.

Kristi offers one of her books, Sanity Savers for Moms, away for free. You can get your free digital copy CLICKING HEREAnd, make sure you join Kristi at Teach Them Diligently in 2018.

 Not Consumed–

Not Consumed is a community devoted to helping families live #NotConsumed in life’s big and little circumstances through practical tips and resources for homeschooling, family life, and faith.

Check out Kim’s generous selection of free printables and content on her freebie page:

One of the favorite speakers at Teach Them Diligently each year, Kim will be joining us for all 6 events in 2018. Make your plans to join her there!

  Not Before 7–  

Not Before 7 is where Mary Wilson, a self-proclaimed homeschool night owl and iced tea addict, details her adventures in life and homeschooling. You can find her videos, tips, and thoughts about homeschooling. She loves the adventures that homeschooling brings from the everyday moments to the big ticket traveling fun! 

 Read aloud Revival—

It’s hard to connect with our kids in today’s busy, noisy world, but reading aloud gives us a chance to be fully present. At the Read-Aloud Revival we have a program that equips and inspires parents to make meaningful and lasting connections with their kids through stories.

Check out their free book list here: 


On 1+1+1=1, you will find many free printables for use in your classroom or homeschool, as well as much, much more.

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Weird, Unsocialized Homeschoolers—

Weird Unsocialized Homeschoolers is a blog for homeschool moms. It is full of bible studies, Encouragement, homeschool how to, and lots of other activities for your family.

 The Busy Mom—

Heidi St John has delighted tens of thousands of readers through her blog, her Facebook page, and her books. Her transparent style and her rich sense of humor combine to draw her readers into what feels like a very personal conversation over a cup of coffee. Heidi’s ability to bypass our prejudices and preconceptions allows her to speak directly to the heart of every reader as she offers wisdom, inspiration, and grace to those who are all-too-often feeling overwhelmed by all that’s on their plate.   Click here for a free downloadable audio workshop from Heidi just for Teach Them Diligently families!

Teach Them Diligently 365 —

Everyone bemoans the fact that Teach Them Diligently events only last a weekend. With Teach Them Diligently 365, you can get a sense of Teach Them Diligently 365 days a year. Offering access to all the audio sessions from Teach Them Diligently events 2013-2016, exclusive weekly video content from Leslie Nunnery and Teach Them Diligently speakers, monthly virtual video meetups to allow for fellowship and fun among the members, and private members-only events at Teach Them Diligently events, a membership in Teach Them Diligently 365 is a great way to stay focused and encouraged year-round as you pursue God’s plan for you. Sign up for a FREE webinar about how to create the perfect homeschool for your family and click here to get a free homeschool styles video series and chapter from How to Homeschool with Confidence.  Join Teach Them Diligently 365 today and use discount code 365MONTHLY5 to save 50% off the regular monthly membership rate.

Raising Arrows Large Family Homeschooling and Homemaking—

 Amy Roberts is “Teaching moms everywhere to simplify the big things so they can enjoy the little things!” Click here for access to Amy’s session on the Perfect Homeschool Schedule as presented at Teach Them Diligently.

Simple Homeschool—

Never Let your schooling interrupt your Education


Proverbial Homemaker—

I’m Tauna! This is me: Jesus follower, wife, mom, homemaker, homeschooler, and writer at 

Homeschool Creations—

At Homeschool Creations, you’ll find free educational printables, helpful tips, and resources for families, encouragement for your homeschool journey, and a homeschool planner to help you get organized. Join Jolanthe at Teach Them Diligently 2018.


Free Homeschool Deals—

Hi, I’m Jamerrill! I help families afford the homeschool life by providing the BEST homeschool freebies, deals, resources, & encouragement since 2012!


 Awe Filled Homemaker—

Laura Prater is a long time military spouse and her and her husband do a lot of Military outreach through their second website- Clay is diagnosed with PTSD and they have been very real and candid in sharing their struggles, triumphs, and hope only found in the Lord. They are busy also homeschooling their three boys who range in age from teen down to 8. Here at Awe Filled Homemaker, you will find encouragement for the homeschool mom, recipes, Bible Studies, and plenty of printables to encourage you in your homeschool and walk with the Lord. Teach Them Diligently families can get 1 item FREE in the Awe-Filled store! Click here- and use discount code BlogTTD2017 (ends December 1st.) Make sure you look for Laura at Teach Them Diligently 2018!

Simply Living for Him—

Simply Living for Him exists to encourage living more simply as we pursue God above all else. Knowing our lives are a reflection of our hearts, Simply Living for Him promotes seeking Him more and the world less, in combination with simplifying life in practical ways. Join me on my journey to clear the clutter as I am simply living…for Him! I am a homeschooling mom sharing about my faith, family, hobby-farm life, and Jesus. I am also an author, speaker, and podcaster that loves sharing my journey with others- and I am all about keeping it real and authentic! Join me as I seek less of this world, and more of Jesus! Click here to get a free printable of  31 days of praying for your homeschool. Make your plans to join Karen at Teach Them Diligently 2018!

 The Unlikely Homeschool—

Faith-based encouragement for homeschool moms.  Although so blessed to be able to “train up my children” every day…to be the first one to witness the passing of monumental spiritual, physical, and educational milestones…there was a time, that the very idea of homeschooling seemed very unlikely…  Make your plans to join Jamie at Teach Them Diligently 2018!

All 18 of these websites, and the lovely ladies behind them, provide great resources for your family as you continue on your homeschool journey. We hope you’ll continue to follow the Teach Them Diligently blog as well as checking out some of these for encouragement and helps all year long. Then, make sure you don’t neglect to join us at Teach Them Diligently 2018 for the most power-packed 2 1/2 days of homeschool awesomeness you’ll ever experience. Register now using discount code TOPBLOGS2017 to save $7 off your family registration rate!! (offer expires November 3rd.)


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