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What are my options to homeschool online? Years ago I would have blinked and given you a blank stare with the only options being the public school. Now we have a broad variety of options and families that have tried out everything from a full academy setting to a more class-by-class style.

You can homeschool your child utilizing online resources in a solid Christian manner online!

Live teachers, recorded sessions at your family/student’s pace, parent facilitated lessons, high quality high level education all of these options are at your fingertips. Literally! Homeschooling online has come of age and we get to reap the benefits of a variety of options.

Our community of families at Teach Them Diligently have been asked, “what do you recommend as a Online Homeschool academy choice.” We took all their suggestions and 39 other subjects of curriculum and put them in our FREE Homeschool Family Favorites Guide.

Here are the top 10 choices for Online Favorite Homeschool Academy

  1. Abeka Academy From the website- “Get the benefits of homeschooling — without the burden of doing everything yourself.”
  2. Bob Jones University Press Academy of Home Education From the website- “Video Lessons +Textbooks cover it all from teaching to testing. This option is perfect for busy parents or families with lots of kids learning at the same time.”
  3. Time 4 Learning From the website- “Award-winning, comprehensive curriculum allows parents to be in control of their child’s individual learning path.”

Online learning can be tailored to match your level of comfort with your child and screen time. Many online homeschooling options have built in timers you can use. On the parent side you will be able to see what your child is doing and how well they are doing. There are often several other things you can do such as look at time at task or how diligently your teen has been working (daily?). As the teacher parent adjust the schedule, timing, or whatever problem you see immediately because of fast accurate feedback and move on to be a success.

  1. Homeschool Legal Defense Agency Online Academy
  2. Veritas Scholars Academy
  3. Liberty Academy

Don’t forget parents your teens can do dual enrollment. This means that your teen is advanced enough to take college level courses with accreditation. Students in public high school  are doing just this their junior and senior year but with heavy restrictions as to what they can take. With homeschooling you can find a educational partner online like #6 Liberty Academy and start working toward a college degree at home.

  1. Memoria Press Online Academy
  2. Alpha Omega Academy (Found a Free Monarch Trial)
  3. The Potter’s School
  4. Accelerated Christian Education Digital Academy

Home Educating using online programs is a refreshing up to date method of homeschooling. Whether you go in for a full year of an academy or decide for a semester to have your teen take Algebra, you can craft the way and watch your child thrive. Flexibility is a hallmark of homeschooling and these options provide by the outstanding community at Teach Them Diligently will help guide you through the maze of options.

Homeschool Family Favorite Guide Free downloadable

This is just the beginning of many home education curriculum recommendations. Here is our FREE downloadable Homeschool Family Favorite Guide with many other top 10 recommendation by fellow homeschooling families.

Find more information with this article with details about Abeka Academy. Click here to read more.


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AOP online learning

Online Learning Opens Doors

As we dive deeper into an age of technology, it is encouraging to see how technology can be used for good in the education sector. Though it’s difficult to track, iNACOL estimates there are millions of students across the U.S. who use supplemental online learning and hundreds of thousands of students who attend a full-time online school.

Supplemental online classes allow students to catch up on missed work or go ahead in areas of interest, and online schools provide endless opportunities for students with unique lifestyles or complex family schedules.

Online learning benefits many students across the country and around the world. To learn more about these benefits, we asked two students at Alpha Omega Academy, the accredited online school of Alpha Omega Publications, how online learning opens doors for them.

Online learning opens doors…to travel.

Malorie Lucas is a 6th grade student who travels around the country with her family in a fifth wheel trailer. They usually reside in Louisiana, but the family has traveled all over the United States. Malorie’s favorite place she’s visited is Lake Jackson, Texas, not far from the Gulf Coast.

Going to an online school has allowed her to easily balance school with travel because her curriculum all comes with her easily on her laptop! Malorie enjoys science because it’s interesting and fun, although she admits it can occasionally be difficult to find the space for everything she needs for science projects.

Overall though, online learning has opened the door for her to do her school when and where she wants loves, and she loves that that her online school allows her to see the U.S. with her family and visit new places.

Online learning opens doors…to achieve dreams.

Annabelle Hampton is a barrel racer from Arizona. She practices 3-4 hours every day to prepare for rodeos, which she participates in almost every weekend.

A senior at Alpha Omega Academy, Annabelle she enjoys math because she views the problems like puzzles that need solving. She loves her online school because of the flexible schedule. She can work ahead on her schoolwork, so she can take days off when traveling to rodeos.

Annabelle got into barrel racing at the age of nine when she started riding her neighbor’s horses and fell in love. She now competes in pole bending, goat tying, and breakaway roping. She was also named the Arizona High School Rodeo Queen.

“Online schooling has given me the time needed to run for Miss Arizona High School Rodeo Queen and represent our state at nationals in Rock Springs, Wyoming,” Annabelle said. “I feel very blessed to attend a school that allows me to achieve my dreams.”



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It’s common for online learning to intimidate homeschool parents who are used to using textbooks. However, many families that make the switch to online curriculum discover that the benefits of learning online far outweigh the fears they once felt. Check out the list below to discover four ways online curriculum helps homeschoolers succeed.

It’s flexible.

No matter the time, place, or your child’s preferred pace, online curriculum lets homeschoolers study when and how it is convenient for them. Monarch Subscription Plans take convenience one step further by providing complete access to 50 courses for grades 3-12, allowing students to mix and match courses across grade levels to suit their individual learning needs.

Students build professional communication skills every day.

Because email and instant messaging systems are mainstream forms of communication within the workplace today, learning to express thoughts in an orderly fashion is vital to success in the professional world. Monarch’s built-in messaging system provides students with an opportunity to practice virtual communication skills as they encounter questions or concerns while completing coursework.

Online curriculum provides immediate access to the latest information.

As history happens and technology advances from day to day, there’s no need to wait around for software updates or a new edition of your textbook. Online curriculum can be updated anytime, providing your child with constant access to the most up-to-date information.

Record keeping is easy, and feedback is instant.

Online learning programs minimize clutter by storing student data digitally. In addition, Monarch makes life easier for everyone by automatically grading 85% of student work. This time-saving feature provides students with instant academic feedback and families with more time together.

Free 30-day Trial from Alpha Omega

Learn More about Alpha Omega Publication’s Monarch Curriculum and how it can help your family excel– plus, get a a free month to try it out when you use discount code MONTTD30! Click here for more details.

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