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Every year, I stand in awe of the things my children choose to note that they are thankful for, and stand convicted in my perception of things (which is often way too complicated and even selfish, I’m ashamed to say.)

You see, my children are thankful for things that I don’t even realize they notice– our opening our doors to their friends, the closeness they have with each other, our home, their salvation, that they get to homeschool, David and me, etc. It’s fairly amazing that nothing they note is temporal or small. They are truly focusing on the things that are really important in life.

My takeaway as we sat around the table on Thanksgiving morning, dropping our kernels in our Thanksgiving candle was that I worry too much; I put thoughts in the head of my children that simply aren’t there; I try to “meet needs” that aren’t event that important to them; and I assume that I am not appreciated and sometimes even unnoticed when I simply am not.

I left our Thanksgiving table slightly convicted for my selfishness during the year– and for allowing the lies of the enemy to turn my heart far too often. But way more than my conviction, I left our table encouraged beyond words.

I am thankful for the opportunity to be called mom- and for the incredible privilege of being called a homeschool mom. I am thankful for the laundry I get to do, the meals I get to prepare, the chauffeuring I get to do, the conversations I get to have, and so much more; for God is using each of those opportunities to mold and shape the hearts and lives of the people I love most in this world.

We moms are truly most blessed, and I hope we will all be most grateful! As we conclude this week’s focus on Thanksgiving, I encourage you to read this tribute to a Homeschool Mom from her son. I guarantee you will be blessed, encouraged, excited, and motivated to keep on keeping on serving God right where He has placed you!

Click Here To Read The “Thank You, Mom!” article.

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PPPS– If you don’t get the reference to our Thanksgiving Candle above, you can learn more about that tradition by watching this video. You may also find other ideas about how to engage others in your homeschool this holiday season. :) 

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