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Ready or not, the time for starting up the regular routine of homeschool is almost upon us (unless you are one of the many who homeschool year round, so you’re well into your routine already!) :) For the rest of us, back to homeschool time is one of the more exciting few weeks of the year. The prep work is fun; our kiddos are as excited as we are to start the new year; and the whole new homeschool year lies ahead of us full of incredible opportunities with no mistakes in it yet. What an amazing time!!

As part of our celebration of back to homeschool this year, I want to make sure you have plenty of resources to encourage your heart and inspire you as you kick off this brand new adventure.  For those of us who have followed God’s call to home education, the opportunities that lie ahead of us are immense– and wonderful. Just think of the discussions that await us… the discipleship opportunities that will happen every day… the incredible blessing of watching those we love most gain new knowledge and understanding of the world around us … and so much more. We are truly most blessed!

Sometimes, though, heading back to homeschool comes with a bit of trepidation and fear. Satan likes to remind us of failures of days gone by. He tries to make us believe we are ill-equipped, ill-educated, ill-prepared for the task at hand. Yet, we can rest assured that God will never call us to do anything that He will not also equip us to do– and to walk with us through it.

“Be anxious for nothing; but in every thing by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made know unto God. And the peace of God, which passeth all understanding, shall keep your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus.” ~ Phillipians 4:6-7

So, for this back to homeschool, go into it with lots of encouragement and inspiration for your heart as the leader of your tribe. Then, go forth, laser-focused on the mission at hand and with expectation of the many ways God will grow both you and your children in the days ahead. I hope I get to hear all about your adventures in the days ahead. Make sure you connect with us on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, and other social media platforms, so we can all encourage one another day in and day out.

Resources for Back2Homeschool

Free Ebook– 14 Days of Inspiration Devotionals For HomeschoolersGet instant access to this free 14 day devotional for moms. Each entry can be read in just minutes a day and will help you focus on the Word of God at the beginning of your day. 

Quick Start Guide For A Great Back To Homeschool.This video, featured on Teach Them Diligently 365, gives you some solid instruction and tips whether you are just starting to homeschool this year, or you have been homeschooling for many years. There are 3 things in my quick start guide that I think will be incredibly helpful for you– check it out to see if you agree with me! (While you’re there, you should check out all the TTD365 has to offer! It would be a great addition to your homeschool year, featuring access to more than a thousand audio recordings and over a hundred video mini-workshops, there is more than enough to get you encouraged and focused on your mission all year long!)

Back2Homeschool Conference!!

This year, we are so excited to be presenting the Back2Homeschool virtual conference to help us all be more ready than ever to get back in the swing of things and ready for the new homeschool year at hand. That conference features more than 50 amazing speakers, and more than 65 helpful workshops– all that you can enjoy from the comfort of your home ANYTIME you need a little encouragement and help! This week (July 15-21,) you can get your ticket for that conference for only $19!! After that, the cost is only $25– still an incredible deal. BUT, act soon, because once the conference ends on July 26th, you won’t be able to get a ticket anymore. Click here to learn more and get your EARLY BIRD ticket for only $19 now!


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Vacation with a Vision

No matter when you go, or how you go, or even where you go, vacations are a great way to rest and recharge with family. They can mean even more if you endow them with vision. This year, get the most bang for your buck by asking the question: What could we do that would change us?


A Vacation Vision gives your vacation purpose. And it works even if you’re not leaving town. For example:

This year, we’ll focus on others.

Go on a family missions trip. Spend the week helping build a Habitat Home. Volunteer to cook or clean at a camp. Help family friends pack up and move. Spend your vacation shopping, cleaning, babysitting, and cooking for someone experiencing illness or loss.

Staycation: Camp in your backyard, flag down the ice cream truck for a treat, have a treasure hunt, or play flashlight tag

This year, we’ll learn something new.

Pair new adventures with learning. Try a new Chinese restaurant after everyone can use chopsticks. Take a trip to the mountains that includes white water rafting. Learn sign language before visiting in a deaf community. Tour a factory or a local market.


Staycation: Learn what it’s like to visit old spots at new times. A trip to your favorite lake is good. A sunrise breakfast there—even better! A drive-thru for shakes and fries is good. Drive-thru with kids in their pjs—even better!

This year, spontaneity is our watchword.

Choose spur-of-the-moment activities like roadside museums or the scenic highway. lists locations for everything from the world’s largest peanut to a Cadillac ranch. Select state favorites or map a particular city to find unique attractions. These apps may also help: Hotel Tonight (last-minute reservations) and Travel Zoo (map-based locations).


Staycation: Camp in your backyard, chase the ice cream truck, have a treasure hunt, or play flashlight tag.


When choosing to vacation with vision, you won’t just see a change in the scenery. You might also see a change in your family!


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Every day, you give your all to enrich the lives of your children and educate them because that’s your calling. They will always be your first priority. But it can be easy to get overwhelmed, especially when you’re using a parent-led approach to homeschooling – there’s a lot to think about. “Am I doing enough?” easily creeps up when you’re laying your head down to fall asleep.  Our first priority is to make the Abeka curriculum effective so that you can lead your child’s education with absolute confidence and zero stress.

You Don’t Have To Be a Trained Teacher To Be a Great Teacher

No matter what subject or grade you’re teaching or what level of education you’ve received, Abeka Curriculum Lesson Plans are designed with a proven step-by-step method to help walk you through each piece of our traditional, parent-led approach. You will succeed! We even give you the exact words to say if you need them. Or, if you want to, you can get creative. It’s up to you.

Whichever route you choose, lesson plans serve as a helpful, comprehensive guide, whether you’re brand new to teaching or an experienced veteran.

What’s Available For K4–12th Grade Planning

We take the guesswork out of lesson planning and give you the confidence to stay on track every day. For K4–6th grade, Curriculum Lesson Plans include a detailed, easy-to-follow daily guide, formatted in conveniently bound booklets. Similarly, lesson plans are included in the Teacher Edition of each textbook for 7th–12th grade.  You can sleep soundly at night knowing that tomorrow’s lessons are ready to go, because every day when you wake up, you’re already set up for success.

Included in every subject guide:
  • Quizzes & test timelines (suggested)
  • What to teach when (suggested)
  • Teaching advice
  • Grading guides
  • Tips for when & how to use teaching aids
  • Engagement activities
  • Learning games
  • Discussion questions
  • Step-by-step instructions for teaching compositions, including research papers

But Do Lesson Plans Really Help That Much?

Absolutely. Whether you teach eclectically or use solely Abeka’s curriculum, our teacher support materials will work to keep you organized and on track. If you’re using Abeka across subjects, you’ll start to notice that the subjects all interrelate. A spelling word that your child is learning will also relate to the scientific terms in another lesson, helping them to review those terms in a new way. That’s what we refer to as cross-subject integration, and it’s a big part of why Abeka’s curriculum works. Then, we layer the spiral review approach into our discussion questions, games and activities, which means that integral pieces of each lesson will continuously come back again. As themes continue to circle back around, important concepts will be cemented in your child’s mind.


We believe that learning is not about regurgitating answers, it’s about nurturing your child into becoming a well-rounded young adult. And that’s what our teacher support materials are designed to do – educate your children for life, not just for test-taking. Meanwhile, having a plan gives you peace of mind that you are doing enough.

Try Our Lesson Plans Risk Free

Test out our teacher support material for yourself. With a daily plan in place, we guarantee that your homeschool experience will drastically improve. That’s why we offer a 30-day money-back guarantee on new materials. If you don’t think they’re making your life easier, just send them back. We’ll happily refund you.

Shop lesson plans here.


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With the end of the school year around the corner for many homeschoolers, the folks at Alpha Omega Publications put together an end-of-year checklist to help you navigate this busy season. Work through this checklist to make sure your school year wraps up smoothly, and you can pick up again in the fall with ease.




Finalize record keeping.

Depending on where you live, you will have different legal requirements for record keeping. No matter what your state requires, we recommend keeping documentation of the following: attendance records, details of the curriculum your child used (publisher, grade level, etc), samples of your child’s work, any correspondence with school officials, portfolios, and test scores.


Before wrapping up your school year, be sure all your record keeping is up to date and filed away for safe keeping. Whether you’ve chosen to organize in a three-ringed binder, file folders, or computer files, make sure things are clearly labeled by school year and your child’s name.


Give yourself a year-end review.

This is especially important if you’re taking a summer break. Review what you did this year, including what you liked, what you didn’t, what worked especially well for each child, and what has room for improvement. By writing your future self notes about how things went this year, you ensure that you won’t accidentally repeat things that didn’t work next year. Come August or September, your year-end review will be a leg up when you jump back into your homeschool routine.


Handout final grades (or your equivalent).

Once your children have completed their last assignment, give them a report card, progress report, or other form of yearly assessment. Even if you don’t use traditional grades in your homeschool, it’s important for young learners to be able to track their progress.


Celebrate progress!

At the end of the year, be intentional to take time to celebrate! Celebrate what you accomplished by staying true to your call to homeschool and celebrate what each of your children accomplished. Show your children you noticed what they did and acknowledge the hard work it required, perhaps with an end-of-year certificate of achievement. Another year accomplished is absolutely worth celebrating!


AOP Homeschooling LogoFounded in 1977, Alpha Omega Publications is a leading provider of PreK-12 Christian curriculum, educational resources, and services to homeschool families worldwide. AOP follows its mission every day by creating and providing quality Christian educational materials to thousands of students through curriculum, support services, and an accredited online academy. Visit Alpha Omega Publications online or call 800-622-3070 to learn more.





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With so much entertainment and digital content flowing to cell phones, tablets and computers — and with the themes and subject matter becoming increasingly inappropriate for kids — many parents are looking for safe movies, TV shows and documentaries for the whole family.

Plus, many homeschooling families are seeking ways to bring exciting lesson plans to life. Luckily, there are a variety of resources as well as supplemental documentaries, TV series and movies worth exploring — shows and films can educate and entertain kids and parents, alike.

So, our team at has assembled some of the best, most entertaining and educational content available to your kids. It’s content you can watch right now with a free, one-month trial:


EDUCATIONAL CONTENT recommends exploring a large number of documentary titles to consider implementing into your homeschool lesson plans. For example, you can use the “American Heritage Series” alongside U.C. history lessons, or “Animal Encyclopedia” when you’re studying life science. You can also find documentaries about well-known historical and contemporary figures like Corrie Ten Boom and former Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice.

Here’s a select list of just some of the potential documentaries and series you’ll want to consider:

“Drive Thru History: Ancient”

This illuminating, entertaining series explores places where Christianity took root centuries ago, and visits the settings of key events from the Bible. Watch all 12 episodes of “Drive Thru History: Ancient” here.

“The Amazing Bible Series”

The Bible comes to life for kids through catchy songs and relevant stories, in this buoyant animated program. Watch “The Amazing Bible Series,” which is best for younger kids in the family here.

“Drive Thru History: America”

Get a first-hand look at some of the places where our founding fathers risked their lives to shape our burgeoning nation. Watch all 12 episodes here.

“Great Bible Stories”

Witness a touching depiction of sacred Bible stories in this collection of short films. Watch “Great Bible Stories” today.

“Learn Your Times Table”

Here’s a fun and interactive way for your children to understand their times table. Check out the quick lesson here.

“Buck Denver Asks: What’s in the Bible?”

What is the Bible? How is it put together? Learn alongside Buck Denver, Sunday School Lady, Brother Louie and the crew that the Bible tells the story of God and what He’s done for us. This is a great series for kids. Watch “Buck Denver Asks: What’s in the Bible?” today.

“Discovering America’s Founders”

“Discovering America’s Founders” is part of the entertaining “Drive Thru History” series. Based on the work of David Barton, a leading Christian historian, this film takes you to Washington, Philadelphia, Baltimore, and Virginia to learn about the life and times of the Adams Family: John, Abigail, and John Quincy; the Benjamins: Franklin, Rush, and Banneker; and other key patriots: George Washington, Haym Salomon, and Noah Webster. Discover how faith and commitment to God and country contributed to the founding of our nation. Watch this amazing series today.

“Corrie Ten Boom: A Faith Undefeated”

Struggling to reconcile God’s goodness with the terrible realities of the Nazi camps, two sisters cling desperately to their Christian faith. Their story will deeply inspire you. Watch it here.

“A Portrait of America”

In “A Portrait of America,” George Barna offers his most recent research to examine the beliefs and values of American adults and concludes with a heartfelt call for Christians to engage the culture. It’s a great documentary for understanding where we are culturally — and how we move forward. Watch it here.

“Alexander Graham Bell”

Alexander Graham Bell is known as one of the inventors of the greatest communication tools in our modern world: the telephone. This short piece takes you inside Bell’s accomplishments. You can watch “Alexander Graham Bell” here.

“Buck Denver and Friends: Sing Through the Bible”

Check out 30 music videos that will take you from Genesis to Revelation with characters from Phil Vischer’s “What’s in the Bible?!” The series includes on-screen sing-along lyrics so the whole family can follow along. Watch the show here.


In addition to these excellent pieces of education content, we have hundreds of titles from “Answers in Genesis” — presentations about God, science, creation and plenty more.


ENTERTAINMENT CONTENT is also filled with thousands of entertaining films for the whole family. From dramas to movies about faith and hope, there’s something for everyone. Here are just a few safe, entertaining and inspiring entertainment titles to choose from:

“Pups United”

A ragtag gang of international talking-dog mascots must save the day and foil the plot of villains planning to sabotage the Youth World Cup soccer finals. Check out “Pups United” here.

“Arthur’s Missing Pal”

When Arthur and his pals go on a big hunt for a lost dog, they discover the importance of working together. Watch “Arthur’s Missing Pal” here.

“Summer’s Shadow”

When Summer Larsen adopts a stray dog, she soon realizes she’ll need the help of all her adult friends to turn the mutt into a companion. This sweet story explores themes of redemption and faith, all through the eyes of a 12-year-old girl and her new canine best friend. Dog lovers and families will love this sweet summer movie. Watch “Summer’s Shadow” now.

“A Turtle’s Tale 2: Sammy’s Escape from Paradise”

When Sammy and Ray find themselves trapped in The Tank, an underwater aquarium, they must hatch a plan to escape and reunite with their grandkids. Watch “A Turtle’s Tale 2: Sammy’s Escape from Paradise” right now.


You can access any of these films and series — as well as thousands of faith and family friendly originals, movies, TV shows and documentaries — with a free one-month trial. Also, be sure to read our compilation of homeschooling resources here.

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AOP teach them diligently homeschooling curriculum

Homeschooling comes in many shapes and sizes to fit all the different types of families who homeschool. For busy families with fast-paced lives, online curriculum is emerging as a game-changing homeschool option. Here are five reasons why more and more homeschool families are making the switch:

Online curriculum offers automated grading that frees up parents.

Choosing an online curriculum means freeing up your day to focus on what matters. Rather than grading multiplication questions, you can spend quality time with your child. Rather than painstakingly grading spelling words, you can spend time looking for engaging ways to incorporate topics that have sparked your young learner’s interest.

Online curriculum allows for shorter homeschooling days.

Because there is no set up or tear down time with an online curriculum, all you need to do is log in and begin! This freed-up time can be used for creative play, extracurriculars, or, as your child gets older, real-world career experience.

Online learning takes “work at your own pace” to the next level.

With any homeschooling program, you have some flexibility when it comes to completing curriculum at your own pace, but what about kids who work at a significantly faster pace than normal? With traditional print curriculum, you need to buy new products each time your child advances, even if it means buying years of curriculum in only one school year!

However, with a monthly or yearly subscription plan like the one offered by Monarch, students have access to all main subjects from 3rd grade all the way up to 12th. Even if you finish a course in record time, you can begin the next course without any additional purchases.

Parents can also mix and match the grade level of courses to accommodate subject areas where a child may be struggling or excelling. For example, parents can easily assign 3rd grade or 5th grade math while their child completes 4th grade lessons for all other subjects.

Online curriculum is an organizational dream.

With typical homeschooling, you are on your own to keep track of which subjects you’ve covered in each year for your children. Saving examples of work can be a tedious task, often resulting in mountains of messy paperwork or overflowing file cabinets.

With an online curriculum like Monarch, organization becomes a breeze. You can view and print daily, weekly, quarterly, and yearly grade reports. Monarch also stores all records for 7 years after a child finishes the program, so samples of work and past grades are effortlessly accessible.

Online curriculum is designed for busy, beautiful lives.

If online curriculum sounds like a perfect fit, we don’t want you to miss another moment! Visit and use promo code MON30TTD to unlock your free Monarch account today.


AOP Homeschooling Logo Founded in 1977, Alpha Omega Publications is a leading provider of PreK-12 Christian curriculum, educational resources, and services to homeschool families worldwide. AOP follows its mission every day by creating and providing quality Christian educational materials to thousands of students through curriculum, support services, and an accredited online academy. Visit Alpha Omega Publications online or call 800-622-3070 to learn more.



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teach them diligently abeka

Before you can start homeschooling, there are lots of options to sift through. The decision of whether to take the route of Accredited or Independent Study is one of many that every homeschool parent has to make. There are benefits to both programs. Let’s break it down.

What’s the difference?

Homeschool accreditation is a way to ensure your child’s education and schoolwork is being evaluated against a set of established standards. Abeka’s Accredited Program is only offered for Abeka Academy students. It helps parents keep track of their child’s progress by reviewing and grading their work and providing official documents such as report cards, transcripts, and a diploma upon graduation. In some situations, choosing accredited will help you meet state or college-entry requirements more easily. Your second option is Abeka’s Independent Study program. Homeschool families who choose Independent Study through Abeka will still receive all the materials and videos needed to homeschool, but they will have more flexibility over schedules, reports, and deadlines associated with their child’s education.

How the Accredited option works

If you decide to use Abeka’s Accredited program, you will have to make sure your child watches all video lessons and stays on a predetermined schedule. For some subjects and grades, your child will be required to call into Abeka for an evaluation. You’ll also be required to send tests and quizzes periodically for evaluation and return required course work within 6–12 months of your start date. Keeping up with all of this might sound overwhelming, but don’t worry—Abeka provides all the necessary materials to submit everything successfully, including an easy-to-use, online dashboard with important due dates, test dates, and quiz dates.

How Independent Study Works

You have a lot of options if you choose Independent Study. You’re not required to submit anything to Abeka and you have the freedom to create a schedule that works best for your family; however, you will be responsible for keeping track of your child’s studies, grades, and other necessary documents, and you will still need to finish within 12 months of enrollment. An Independent Study enrollment is a flexible option that’s ideal for a family who prefers less structure and more autonomy. Parents who have children with learning differences may choose Abeka’s Independent Study Program so they can add extra time for their child to learn specific concepts. Some families prefer to homeschool year-round and take breaks to travel throughout, so having flexibility is critical. We highly recommend researching your state’s regulations to be sure you’re following the rules and guidelines for homeschooling your children, no matter which option you choose.

How do I choose?

The beauty of homeschool is that you can do what is best for your family. What works for one family isn’t necessarily going to work best for you, so try not to compare your situation to others. Think about your lifestyle and your child’s needs. Does structure work well for your family? Or do you thrive in a more flexible environment? Consider whether certain subjects pose a challenge or may take extra time. Pray about it, and if you still have questions, call or email us. We will do our best to help.


What’s the price difference?

There isn’t one! With Accredited and Independent Study, you get the same textbooks and the same lessons for the same price.

Does this just apply for Abeka Academy? What if I’m doing Parent-Led?

You can only do the Accredited Program for full-grade, full-year Abeka Academy (online streaming or DVD video lessons), for one semester enrollments or for individual courses in grades 9-12.

Can you switch between Accredited and Independent Study at any time?

This is a decision you’ll have to make at the time of initial enrollment. You can switch for free within the first 30 days. After that, you’ll have to contact customer service for details on switching fees. However, you’ll have the option to switch when you enroll for the next school year.

What about college?

In some situations, the Accredited Program makes it easier to meet college requirements. However, there are colleges who will recognize Independent Study—just be sure to keep records of projects/tests showing progress, courses taken, days spent schooling, extracurricular activities, and grades. We recommend that you have your child take the ACT or SAT since it’s required by most colleges.

Does where I live have anything to do with it?

Different states have different rules and regulations when it comes to homeschooling. We recommend researching ahead of time and make sure you’re complying with the education laws where you live. HSLDA is an excellent resource when it comes to state homeschool regulations. No matter the laws for your state, it’s extremely important to keep records of your child’s schooling. If you have any questions regarding our Accredited and Independent Study Program, feel free to contact us.  




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Long gone are the days of being limited to simply deciding which college to attend. Today’s incoming college freshmen have the choice of an on-campus program, an online program, or a combination of the two. But which option best fits you?

In order to choose what fits you best, there are important considerations for each option.

Location and Setting

When you consider going away to college, it is important to not only consider the qualities of the school but also the location and the setting. How far away from home is optimal? Do you want to be close enough for parents to visit you easily or further away to truly get a sense of being out and on your own? In addition, do you currently live in an urban or rural setting, and do you want to also experience that type of college setting or would you prefer to experience something different?

An online college program allows you the flexibility and independence to remain in your current location and setting. Will you have the space and quiet time you might need in order to set aside time for studying and completing assignments? Consider talking with those in your home about how this might be an adjustment of roles for both you and your parents and/or siblings.


Moving to a college campus appeals to many students. There are many opportunities to meet new people and make new friends in the dorms, in classes, and at campus activities. Does moving away and meeting new people sound exciting to you?

Even in online programs, many colleges build in community experiences or options. Would you prefer to interact with your peers in an online environment through chat sessions, virtual meeting rooms, and discussion forums? In addition, some online programs offer travel and study learning experiences such as internships and study abroad opportunities. If this appeals to you, be sure to ask college reps what the online learning community offers their online college students and what opportunities there might be for traveling and learning.

Time Management and Study Strategies

On-campus programs typically require attendance in on-campus classes. Do you prefer to attend face-to-face classes? Do you learn best when you participate in hands-on activities and listen to direct instruction and lectures? Would the accountability of required attendance at set times and in set locations help you best manage your time and achieve your learning goals?

Online programs typically offer content in weekly modules, with mid-week and end-of-week due dates to guide students through the course. Some online programs do offer a live, virtual meeting option or videos of lectures and direct instruction to help guide learning. Does having the flexibility to adjust your weekly schedule to meet due dates appeal to you? Do you have the skills to learn independent of in-person instruction?

Faculty and Learning Support

On-campus faculty are typically available in an on-campus office throughout the week, and most campus locations offer student support offices with services such as tutoring, study skill development, and services for students with specific learning needs. Would you take advantage of these in-person services?

Online faculty are typically available via email and phone, and sometimes for virtual office hours via a virtual platform. Most online programs also offer student services for their online students with specific learning needs and to support online learning overall. Does being able to access these services from home appeal to you?

Blended and Hybrid Options

Blended and hybrid options typically allow students to choose both on-campus learning and online learning based on course offerings and specific needs and situations. Benefits of a blended or hybrid college program are that you get the best of both worlds, having the flexibility to study from home some semesters and the benefits of studying on a campus community other semesters. Be sure to ask if this is an option when you are considering your college options!

Ohio Christian University Programs

Consider Ohio Christian University’s Residential Undergraduate program, an Associate or Bachelor degree program at our main campus in Circleville, Ohio. Students can either commute or live on campus, attend weekly chapel services, participate in small groups, and more! For more information visit

Consider Ohio Christian University’s Online Plus program, an online Bachelor degree program allowing you to complete 100% of your program online plus choose from options to study abroad, complete internships, spend a semester on campus, and more! For more information visit



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