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Can you teach reading at home? In the early years of homeschooling this question was on an ever-present loop from others. No matter who I talked to whether they were family or strangers everyone wanted to be sure I could teach my child how to read. Now I chuckle and think sure I can teach my child to read, it’s more a matter of how do I find ‘the’ reading & phonics curriculum out of the slew available.

This top 10 list gives you ideas from other Teach Them Diligently families that have used these materials to teach their child or in some cases many children to read. We want you enjoy this exciting time of life. Watching the glimmer of understanding and joy fill your child’s eyes as they read for the first time is one of those life moments you won’t forget.

We asked our fellow homeschooling Teach Them Diligently families what do you recommend as an Elementary Reading & Phonics curriculum choice? We compiled their choices about this and 39 other levels and subjects of curriculum in our FREE Homeschool Family Favorite Guide .

TOP 10 choices for Elementary Reading & Phonics Curriculum

  1. Explode the Code (linked to the book at CBD)
  2. All About Reading
  3. Abeka
  4. Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons (linked to the book at CBD)

What a delight we have so many options to homeschool our children through the early years of learning. If you have a wiggly child that just can’t sit still many curricula give you ideas on how to fold in something like jumping on a trampoline while singing the alphabet song. Arts and crafts that work on little fingers agility making writing easier while reinforcing phonics and word families. On the opposite end of the wiggler spectrum and you have a snuggler that wants you to read everything to them we can find curriculum to fit that too.

  1. Language Lessons for a Living Education (by Masterbooks)
  2. First Language Lessons (by Well-Trained Mind)
  3. Easy Grammar
  4. Sonlight
  5. Bob Jones University Press Phonics and Reading
  6. Rod and Staff

Let’s not forget that each child is unique and is maturing at their own rate. This can mean we try to start homeschooling at age 5 fall like the ‘local school’ but our son just doesn’t get it or can’t sit still long enough for a lesson. There is plenty of time to take a deep breath and wait. Try again in a couple weeks and for now focus on something else like science and dinosaurs.

Don’t allow the pressure of proving yourself as a homeschooling mom and teaching reading to push you or your child into trying to keep up with an artificial learning timeline.

The early years of homeschooling can be filled with fun. Read a louds on rainy days. Using finger paints with your child working on letter sounds. God gave you these wonderful little minds to tend and guide. Do so with a gentle hand and a prayer on your lips.

Homeschool Family Favorite Guide Free downloadable

This is just the beginning of many home education curriculum recommendations. Here is our FREE downloadable Homeschool Family Favorite Guide with many other top 10 recommendation by fellow homeschooling families.

If you would like to read more about learning to read Click below:

Tips for Introducing a Love of Reading

Top 10 Homeschooling Preschool Curriculum Choices 

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Homeschooling parents often find themselves surprised and even scared when facing the increasingly intense middle school years. The subject of math only makes these feelings more intense. How do I go from the good old days of addition, carrying, and memorizing the multiplication facts to 8th grade Algebra so advanced it can be on my teen’s high school transcript?

Time for another surprise only this time, it’s a pleasant one. Many families have successful navigated these curriculum waters before and they want to help!

Here are the top 10 choices for Middle School Math Curriculum

Our community of families at Teach Them Diligently have been asked “what do you recommend as a Middle School Math curriculum choice.” We took all these suggestions for Middle School math and 39 other subjects of curriculum in our FREE Homeschool Family Favorites Guide.

  1. Teaching Textbooks
  2. Saxon Math
  3. Math-U-See

You can see in the broad range of styles and approaches in our top 10 that you can continue to homeschool your preteen as per your chosen homeschooling style.

There are many options in our list that span the spectrum of homeschooling styles from a very structured traditional homeschooling option such as the #2 on the list Saxon math, to interactive software/online like our #1 winner Teaching Textbooks, to a more open language based option (great for gifted preteens) #4 Life of Fred.

4. Life of Fred

5. Principles of Math (a Master Books curriculum product)

6. Abeka Math

7. CTC Math

Be aware as you move through the middle school years it is time to start thinking ahead to college. Not to begin pressuring your preteen but to know what prerequisites are required at their top college choices. This can help guide your informed  curriculum choices to build a foundation that your teen can have as many options available to them as possible.

8. Singapore Math

9. Horizons Math  (an Alpha Omega curriculum product)

10. Bob Jones University Press Math

Middle school is a time of transition and change for your preteen and you. No need to be anxious about curriculum as well. Let your fellow homeschooling families help your through these important curriculum choices. The preteen years will be a thing of joy and growth for the whole family.

This is just the beginning of many home education curriculum recommendations. Here is our FREE downloadable Homeschool Family Favorite Guide with many other top 10 recommendation by fellow homeschooling families.

Homeschool Family Favorite Guide Free downloadable

Also check out “The Change Ahead for Middle School” an article here on the TTD blog by Stef Layton.

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