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It’s true! Though God has now allowed us to present Teach Them Diligently events for the last 8 years, we only “signed up” to do one. :)

After that first event in Spartanburg, SC in March of 2012, I vividly remember David gathering the friends and family who helped us produce it around our table to ask each of them if they thought the event was worth the incredible effort and emotional toll it took on all of us.

We set out to create an event that celebrated what we believe is the highest reason for home education—discipling and preparing our children to do all that God has created them to do. We only envisioned it as a one-time thing, and honestly, God worked so mightily, we couldn’t imagine that the event could ever be recreated.

Yet, we were uncertain if God was finished with us…

“Leslie, what do you think, should we do this again?”

“Kristin, do you believe we should do this again? Is this our ministry?”

David went around the room and asked the same question to each of us, and each and every person responded with, “Yes!”

There was a lot of uncertainty in that scene around our table because we were all still extremely tired and sore from walking the convention hall in Spartanburg.  We didn’t even have dates reserved for the following year.

Plus, David and I were reluctant to take any kind of a leadership role in something like this.  To be completely honest, we actually struggled with our own doubt and insecurity in wondering just what we could offer to homeschool families. I talked a little about that feeling of inadequacy in this article, but I think many of you can relate with this insecurity.  I think it is one of those things that happens when God puts people in uncomfortable positions and stretches them.

That evening around our table was one of the treasures God has given our team through these years. We all acknowledged that God was definitely urging us forward, each recounted testimonies shared with us onsite or after the event—lives were changed, marriages were restored, families were revived.

God was clearly at work!

Instead of only producing one event for 2013, God opened the door for us to do three, reaching even more families and seeing Him work in even more miraculous ways.

Each year, God has continued to allow us to produce these discipleship-based homeschool events that many families have attended multiple times. After every event, we stand in awe of all that He has done and is doing, and it is our prayer that He will use Teach Them Diligently to revive His families and mobilize them to change the world.

Teach Them Diligently events truly are amazing (probably in spite of us!) However, I will admit…they do have one obvious weakness. They only last for 2 1/2 days and after each event, we hear from families expressing sadness upon leaving the refreshing fellowship and equipping they find there. TTD events have rightfully been called an oasis by some of the homeschool families who attend.

Increasingly, we became more and more burdened that “our families” (yes, we consider you all part of our family, for we pray for you and think of you every single day!) really needed more support, more encouragement, more mentoring, more fellowship, more of everything Teach Them Diligently is able to offer. So, we began seeking God’s face once again for what seemed to be as overwhelming a task as producing that first Teach Them Diligently event.

We started following His lead in these areas, then last fall, we did a number of surveys asking our families what were their biggest issues and concerns in their family and homeschools. We received thousands of responses and have poured over them as we built out these new offerings.

Since so many of you are personally responsible for helping shape this new arm of our mission, I wanted to share the results with you in this printable infographic. You can get the National Homeschool Survey results here. Download it here and take a look!   I think some of the findings are surprising!

Do you agree with the results? We really want to hear from you! Leave a comment or send me an email detailing what your biggest struggles and successes are in your homeschool. We are eager to incorporate your thoughts as we finalize the schedule for Teach Them Diligently 2019 and the new products we are putting the finishing touches on now.

We are tackling a number of these topics and more within our Teach Them Diligently 365 community.

I also invite you to check out the free “Rethink Education” ebook. It takes a fresh and practical look at 11 of the questions most people are asking about homeschooling. It would be a great thing to share with any friends who are considering home education– and it would probably be a great reminder for you of why you’re doing this in the first place.  Download your copy here.

The wait is almost over!  The first Teach Them Diligently event of 2019 starts in just about a month! I sure hope to meet you there!




P.S. We sure would love to see you at TTD2019. Find an event near you Register Today  so you, too, can experience all that Teach Them Diligently has to offer.

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Science Teaches Connection

Don’t you love how as home educators, we’re always learning or being reminded of cool things? And isn’t it amazing how as Christian home educators, the Creator God often takes those things we learn “academically” and teaches us great things about Himself and His plan for His people through them. Honestly, those are some of the most remarkable perks of being a homeschool mom. Recently, I learned a little something about homeschool connections that I am dying to share with you!

I’m sure many of you find yourselves doing very similar things to me right now—getting ready to start a brand new school year. After graduating our oldest this spring, we will have a junior, sophomore, and sixth grader to homeschool this year. With my junior, that means my second adventure in Chemistry class in the last 3 years.

It was actually chemistry that God used to encourage my heart today, and I really wanted to tell you about it.

Homeschooling Science

Have you ever stopped to think about the 118 elements on the periodic table (which is WAY more than I had to learn in school, for what it’s worth!) and how much more useful and strong most of them are when they are in compounds rather than on their own. (There are even some that can’t even EXIST on their own!)

Additionally, if it weren’t for the creative ways God has put many of these elements together (think: H2O) or given mankind the creativity to do so, everything we know and see in the world would only be one of those 118 elements. How boring would our world be with only 118 elements making up everything? No trees, no water, no life! Instead, God created those atoms to bond together to create limitless chemical compounds filling our world with life, diversity, and useful things for us to enjoy. (Now would be a great time to stop and thank our Creator for His countless wonderful gifts to us!)  :)

Some of these elements, though useful on their own, become much more valuable and effective when they are combined with other elements to create compounds. Think of how steel is created from iron, or how useful aluminum becomes when combined with other elements.

I’m sure that you already KNEW that, but had you ever stopped to marvel at it?

Homeschool Connections

Here is why that little chemistry lesson last night was such an encouragement to my heart. God has been impressing on me for about a year and a half about the importance of fellowship, community, and connections among believers. He has reinforced to me through opportunities, conversations, and Bible study the fact that we were never created to walk alone—we are much stronger and more useful to Him when we live in community. Seeing that very lesson displayed so powerfully in the 118 elements that make up all life was incredible.

We Need Homeschool Connections

What if we, as moms (and dads) were really dedicated to making those homeschool connections with one another, serving one another, sharing ideas and experiences with one another, bearing one another’s burdens, teaching one another, and generally supporting each other as we all passionately pursue the call God has placed on our lives?

That thought has driven much of the conversation in our home (and among our team) over the last year as we have evaluated all the resources and connections that God has placed in our hands through Teach Them Diligently and how we are to offer it back to Him as a means to further build the families He has called us to serve.

Excited doesn’t really encapsulate how I feel about how He has led as we have prayed that way.

Strengthen Your Homeschool Connections

In the next few days, we are going to introduce you to a brand new, re-designed Teach Them Diligently 365. This re-design is not only structured around adding resources, but we have also enhanced the community (ahem: Homeschool Connections!) element of the website.

God has opened the door for us to offer a community where families can have access to all the great things you love about TTD events—but that can be available to you 365 days a year. Through that community, I have already been encouraged, prayed for, lifted up, taught, and so much more, and I am so excited for you to join us there.

As Christian home educators, we “swim against the cultural current” most of our days, don’t we, but there is no need to do it alone! If you are reading this, you already have access to an amazing group of families who are actually going the same direction you are. Just think of how much more effective and successful we could all be if we lock arms and commit to joining each other in the journey!

In the days ahead, we plan to tell you more about the newly remodeled community outlet we are so excited about, and I am praying that all of you will join with us there. I get very excited when I think of the impact that a group of families who are passionately committed to raising their children to love God and others and to prepare them to walk confidently through whatever doors God may open can have on our world—today and for generations to come!

PSST–> Many times, within those chemical compounds we discussed earlier,  we find that the elements involved compensate for each other’s weaknesses. For example, neither concrete nor steel have the essential properties on their own to be perfectly useful for a foundation in large construction. Yet steel reinforced concrete provides a building block strong and yet flexible enough to hold up a tall skyscraper. We can all use a little strength or flexibility help in our lives, can’t we? I wonder if that’s part of the reason God told us in Ecclesiastes 4 that two are better than one…? Making solid homeschool connections can really make your journey a lot more enjoyable and effective!


Rethink Home EducationWe have a special ebook that we would like to send to you. It’s entitled “RETHINK EDUCATION, Turning Scary Questions About Home Education Into Exciting Possibilities.” This book is about turning the Scary Questions about Home Education into Exciting Possibilities. It was written after countless conversations with moms who are either considering homeschooling or struggling with doubt. My heart in writing it is to offer hopeful answers to some of the questions moms tend to be asking… and you might be surprised at which ones didn’t make the list. I would love for it to become a resource you could share with your friends who are considering home education, or who are wondering if they’ll keep going. So, grab your copy today!


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Alabama Homeschool Convention

We at Teach Them Diligently are SO excited to be coming to Mobile for our first event ever in Alabama. This year, we’ll be hosting our homeschool convention in Mobile, AL on May 3-5, and it is going to be a great event!

To celebrate our inaugural event in Mobile, Alabama, we are giving away 2 Family Registrations AND 2 Hotel and local attraction prize packages!

Enter now for your chance to win a family registration to TTDMobile, PLUS 2 nights accommodation in the Renaissance Mobile Riverview Plaza AND tickets to see the Mobile Bay Bears OR the Gulf Coast Exploreum Science Center.


Enter Below!

This giveaway is now closed.

You will get additional points for every time you share it and for every person who signs up. Before you know it, you’ll have a TON of chances to win and will have unlocked 3 great rewards!

  1. With only 50 points, you get instant access to an incredible workshop by Rachael Carman. “Seven Simple Steps To Sanity” has been a great help to many, and we know you will enjoy it! PLUS you will have access to a special rate on Teach Them Diligently 365, the new membership site from Teach Them Diligently. This site boasts weekly video “mini-workshops” and hundreds of audio recordings from past Teach Them Diligently events. Updated regularly, this is a must-have resources for all homeschool families. Learn more here
  2. When you get 100 points, you will unlock “The Perfect Homeschool Bundle” which is an audio bundle value at $40.
  3. When you reach 1,000 points you will secure future access to a FULL SET of TTD Convention Session Recordings from this year’s 2018 Mobile conference – a $99 value!

You can easily track your points by clicking on the link above to see where you are on the leaderboard. :)

So, what are you waiting for? Share away– and increase your chance of winning a free family registration and hotel accommodations! We cannot wait to see you there!

Got questions about our event? Simply send me an email, and I’ll be happy to answer them. You can also check out a Facebook Live I recorded where I answered questions from local moms in the South Alabama Homeschoolers Group.


PS– Don’t forget that you can register now using discount code MOBILE10OFF to save an additional $10 off your family registration. Secure your registration now and plan to join us there. Get full details on our Mobile event by clicking here.

PSS– Have you SEEN the schedule for Mobile yet? WOW! So many great sessions… so little time! Make sure you plan to join us there!

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Finding Homeschool Support

Finding Homeschool Support

Finding the right homeschool support is almost as important as knowing why you’re homeschooling in the first place. And, sometimes, even knowing where to look for that support proves to be a challenge.  If you are just starting on your homeschool journey, I hope you’ll find some good ideas for where to look for the support you need. If you are a veteran home educator, I hope you’ll purpose in your heart to look around and see the many ways you could bless those around you by using what God has put in your hands and offering that needed support to those who are starting after you.

Look to Those Who’ve Done It

When I was first considering homeschool as a young mom, I called a veteran home educator in our church to ask her what homeschooling was really like. This woman’s children were many years older than my own, and they were very accomplished in the way they handled themselves and interacted with both children and adults. This gave me confidence that home education could actually work as I was seeing it in action right in front of me.

One afternoon, this mom graciously spent more than an hour on the phone with me, answering my questions openly and honestly and painting a clear picture of what homeschooling looked like for her family. I was particularly intrigued that their schedule allowed them to take more than a month off from school at Christmas time each year so that their teens could work in the family business making fresh wreaths for the holidays. This idea of building flexibility into a school schedule was totally new to me. And, because she knew my children from church, my friend was also able to weigh in on learning styles and to give me some ideas to help my kids with the transition to learning at home. Of all the homeschool books I’ve read and the numerous speakers I’ve heard talk about home education, that single conversation with a friend and veteran homeschooler remains the most powerful and informative I have had.

Other Great Places To Get Support Along the Way

Outside of the special friend who can serve as a mentor and sounding board to you (and I pray that God sends you one of those, and then that you BECOME one of those,) there are a number of great places to find homeschool support along the way. God created us to live in fellowship with one another, so local groups, co-ops and associations are fantastic places to get connected and find support for your journey. Joining with local and even online groups can build lasting friendships and be a source of valuable help and encouragement along the way.

Local Homeschool Support Groups

Homeschool groups, like everything else in home education, are as varied as the people involved. Our family belongs to an academic co-op that has well over 500 students enrolled, but that same co-op started with just a few families meeting together at a home to do some classes and activities together. Field trip groups, enrichment groups, athletic groups, and others are available in many areas around the country. We have certainly been blessed by taking an active part in homeschool groups through the years, and I wholeheartedly encourage you to find one near you to get involved.

Online groups can also serve as a great place to ask your questions and share ideas. We would love to have you join us in our Facebook Community and in one or more of our special Facebook groups. (All are remarkably drama free!) :)

Homeschool Support Events

Finally, taking time for personal education and enrichment is also an important way to get support along the way. I tell my children all the time that “you don’t know what you don’t know,” and that certainly becomes evident when you find yourself in a situation where there are a lot of resources and continuing education offered. Special events and conferences like the ones Teach Them Diligently produces offer an intensive dose of encouragement and equipping, often in a weekend. You will be amazed to find yourself among so many like-minded  families, and you will always leave energized, much more knowledgeable, and ready to jump right back into your homeschool journey.  Time and again we see that families who live in fellowship with others and attend homeschool events are much more likely to stay the course and continue on the path God has called them to.

The New Teach Them Diligently Blog Is A GREAT Resource To Help You On You Way!

Support. Strength. Encouragement. Resources. These are just a few of the words that sum up what our vision is for the new Teach Them Diligently blog. Our prayer is that this will become a go-to place for you to get great information about parenting, discipleship, marriage, homeschooling, and more and the support you need just when you need it. And, we’re assembling a great host of amazing writers to share their heart with you right here.

Check back regularly to hear from speakers, authors, homeschool veterans, bloggers, and more as well as regular content from Teach Them Diligently staff. You can be confident that the information published here will be gospel-centered and Biblically sound. We simply cannot wait to see how God will use this platform in the days ahead.

There are many other great homeschool blogs and resources as well. In fact, we just ran an article earlier this year that listed about 15 of the top homeschool blogs as voted by Teach Them Diligently families. You should definitely check them out as well! Click here to visit that post.

Want to learn a little more about the different elements of the Teach Them Diligently Homeschool Support offerings? Click on the links below

Is there a specific topic you would like to see us address in the days ahead on the Teach Them Diligently blog? How about a specific writer or speaker you would like to hear from? Leave us some feedback in the comments below. We want this platform to be built to serve you the best way we can.

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Teach Them Diligently Host Hotels

Choosing to stay at one of the Teach Them Diligently host hotels is a GREAT decision– and will prove to be a very economical one as well!

The Teach Them Diligently family-friendly host hotels not only offer families a great lodging experience, but they also give our families a lot of flexibility that is lost when you choose to stay offsite.

What Are Some Practical Benefits For Staying At  A Teach Them Diligently Host Hotel, You Ask??

Here are Just A Few…

  • Time – No daily commute in morning rush hour traffic
  • Parking – No daily parking issues and a long walk from your vehicle
  • Weather – And if it rains, you’ll stay dry all day!
  • Great Rates – We negotiate the best possible rates, which in some cases is over $150 off the hotel’s regular rates. 
  • Rest– Staying onsite allows for rest between sessions, giving you and your children time to exhale a bit if they (or you!) get overwhelmed with the busyness of the day. And after the day is done, it’s so nice to be able to go straight to your room, not having to walk to the car and brave the traffic leaving the convention center.
  • Meals and Snacks– This is one of the biggest money-savers! At any moment, you can choose to go back to your room for meals and snacks. If you have a crock-pot meal, you can just head back to your room, enjoy your meal, and mentally go back over what you’ve learned that day. Most of our host hotels do have a mini fridge in each room, but at a few there is limited availability. Please check with the hotel ahead of time if that is not noted on the hotel page. Our family often travels with a large cooler as well as bags of staples such as cereals, breads, mixes, and snacks. We keep our cooler filled with ice to keep our meals and snacks cold while we’re at the hotel.

Exciting New Offering For 2017!



Now is an excellent time for me to share a new addition available this year! Erin Chase from $5 Dinners will be having prep classes for kids in the Teach Them Diligently vendor hall. They can sign up to make crock-pot meals for the whole family to enjoy!

Basically your kids will make a crock-pot meal on Thursday evening, you will keep it cool overnight, then you and your family can enjoy the meal on Friday, courtesy of your young chef. You can find out more information at MyFreezEasy.



Other ideas for meals and snacks to eat in your room


Instant oatmeal (using hot water)

Cereal & milk

Fruit and yogurt

Granola bars


Hard-boiled eggs


Veggies & dip

Cottage cheese

Granola bars


Bring baggies to portion snacks out for each person to take to the convention. This makes them neat and easy to consume on the go.

Lunch & Dinner



Sandwiches (chicken salad, PB&J, egg salad)

Instant rice (using hot water)

Easy Mac and Cheese (Using hot water)

Pre-cooked grilled chicken

Pre-prepped crock pot meals

Don’t forget condiments, paper plates, napkins, cups, bowls and plastic utensils (for easy clean up)! It is also helpful to bring a small bottle of dish soap for things that need to be washed.

 Staying at a host hotel will definitely enhance your overall experience. Unless you find a hotel room for significantly cheaper, we firmly believe our host hotels will be your most economical choice!  Check them out on each site’s page.

Here Are Some Helpful Articles To Give You Even MORE Ideas and inspiration About How To Save While Staying At A Teach Them Diligently Host Hotel 

Ask the Readers: Food You Can Fix in a Hotel Room

Ask the Readers: Food ideas for a road trip?

Freezer to Slow Cooker Meal Ideas

Below is an article that Heather Laurie, one of our favorite speakers, wrote back in 2015. She offers some helpful insight in to meal planning and saving money during a convention.

Frugal Travel Conventions on a Dime


Since many of you will be traveling to the conventions with your children, we also wanted to point you to a Pinterest board we created with LOTS of great ideas for traveling with kiddos– many of these will also prove to be great ideas for your kiddos to enjoy during sessions if they are not in the children’s program.

We simply cannot WAIT to see you in 2017! If you have not registered yet, click here to do so now! Want to know why Teach Them Diligently exists in the first place? Great! Click here to get the scoop. Wondering what you stand to gain as a home educator by attending a Teach Them Diligently event– I think you may be surprised! Click here to find out!

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When God called our family to start Teach Them Diligently, we never imagined what He had planned for it. We simply set out to produce an event in 2012 that would celebrate what we believe should be the ultimate focus for all Christian home educating families, which is to disciple our children and to encourage them to love the Lord their God with all their hearts. Since that first event, God has grown Teach Them Diligently, and many families have been blessed and encouraged by it. We stand amazed at His great work, and we look forward to what He has planned for us going forward.

We would love for your family to join us, and we firmly believe that Teach Them Diligently is the most unique family experience you will ever attend. Why, you ask? Check out just a few of the reasons below.

Why Attend 2015

Teach Them Diligently is designed for the entire family to enjoy. Expect amazing programs for children  and teens, special sessions and fellowship time designed just for men, and an evening of real refreshment and more for mom than she will be able to attend in a weekend. Your family will leave revived,encouraged and ready for more!

Teach Them Diligently is bringing together many of the leaders in the Christian Homeschool Community! You can get to know, learn from, and interact with some of the most influential and well-written leaders in the Christian Homeschool Community at Teach Them Diligently!

Teach Them Diligently has workshops in a wide range of topics that will be of interest to you and your family! With academic offerings from pre-school to college, discipleship and parenting classes, organization, and more. Teach Them Diligently is the perfect place to re-focus on what’s important to your family.

Teach Them Diligently is a great value! In addition to having access to more than 150 workshops and a huge exhibit hall full of resources and curriculum, you will also receive a 1-month subscription to the Teach Them Diligently online planner, special Resources available throughout the year on our resources page, PLUS free materials in the TTD Tote Bag you will receive.

Teach Them Diligently has a gospel focus. Proceeds from Teach Them Diligently are used to support Worldwide Tentmakers, a mission agency with the purpose of promoting, preparing and placing self-supporting witnesses worldwide. Additionally, TTD is actively working with other missional organizations like Food For the Hungry, Operation Christmas Child, Shelby Kennedy Foundation, and many others. Join us and learn how your family can make a difference!

Want more information?


Hope to see you there!

Leslie Nunnery


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The Foundation of Homeschooling is important.


Attending a Teach Them Diligently Convention is a great start to your homeschooling journey.  You will meet like-minded families from across the country and the world, and you will be presented a correct foundation.

The Foundation of Homeschooling is important.

Do you know what your foundation is? If we looked inside your homeschool, what would we find at the core?

The point of Teach Them Diligently is to encourage and renew the vision of Christian homeschooling–disciple your children and equip them to go into the world and glorify God.  It is the Gospel that makes us distinctive.  As parents, our effort should center around two things: proclaiming the Gospel in word and deed and preparing our children to go out and make a difference in the world.

There are many reasons homeschoolers set out on the journey of home education.  Whether it is bullying, failing public schools, doctrinal issues with the local private Christian school, or something else–we start this journey for diverse reasons.  Too often though, once we get into this adventure, we put our faith in some method that promises it will make our children smarter or more capable or more “Christian.” However at Teach Them Diligently, the method of homeschooling is secondary to the foundation.

At Teach Them Diligently, your foundation is the most important aspect of your homeschool.

Academics will be well-represented, along with instruction on methods, strategies, and how-tos for teaching and organizing just as you would find at other homeschool conventions.  However, what is different about Teach Them Diligently is a stated focus on the authority of the Scriptures and centrality of the truth of the Cross.  The foundation is the grace of our Father and the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

A Family Revival Movement

We believe revival, if it is to come, will start in the homes.  If you have come before, come back!  Refreshment, Renewal, Revival–they need to happen constantly.  We hope to see you in 2017!  This year we have planned several elements for our speaking sessions focused on Men and Fatherhood, Health and Nutrition, Getting Started Homeschooling, Classical Education, Technology, Parenting, Special Needs, and others.  We invite you to join us at one of our events this spring.

 What does The Lord have for your family at Teach Them Diligently this year?

If you are just starting out, or if you need some encouragement on your homeschooling journey, check out our Teach Them Diligently course on How to Homeschool with Confidence. You can also join Teach Them Diligently 365 for many more resources to help you on your homeschooling journey.

David and Leslie NunneryDavid Nunnery is the founder of Teach Them Diligently Conventions as well as the president of a mission agency called Worldwide Tentmakers. It is his passion to see families return to a solid, gospel-driven foundation of home education and discipleship. And it is his prayer that God would send revival to our land and around the world, beginning in the families represented at Teach Them Diligently.

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Homeschooling Parents

About David and Leslie Nunnery

Leslie Nunnery and her husband David founded Teach Them Diligently, the nation’s premier source for gospel-centered homeschool events. With seven years of homeschooling experience from preschool-high school and a passion to encourage and equip homeschool families, this mom of 4 shares her know-how and insights weekly through Teach Them Diligently media and on

Yes, I want more from this Homeschooling Community!



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