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Last month, David and I were privileged to go see “A Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood,” which if you haven’t heard about it yet, is a movie about the impact Mr. Rogers had in a specific journalist’s life. As I sat there watching, I couldn’t help but wonder what our families, churches, and communities would be like if we all took some lessons from Mr. Rogers’ playbook.

There are three ways to ultimate success: The first way is to be kind. The second way is to be kind. The third way is to be kind. ~Mr. Rogers

Throughout the movie, we get glimpses of what drove Fred Rogers, what made him unique, and how his worldview impacted generations of children. I learned a lot about Mr. Rogers that I never knew– and I learned a lot of lessons through the movie that as a Christ follower should be evident in my life each and every day– and gives us some great lessons to pass on to our children by modeling them in our own life.

People Matter.

David and I often discuss that as part of our family “code.”  People matter. It’s no wonder that the second part of the greatest commandment was loving people.

Mr. Rogers cared deeply about people. I mean DEEPLY.  I sat there weeping as I watched even the throwback moments to his own show, through my now adult lens. A big part of the mission of Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood was to help children develop emotionally and help them learn to deal with all kinds of feelings– and he tackled some deep, dark feelings with them, too.

As a man, he showed that same level of concern by investing in the lives of others on a daily basis. He cared. He prayed. He checked up on. He displayed the love of God to everyone with whom he came into contact. I sat there thinking that I wanted to be just like him in those ways.

So, how can we as parents model that people matter for our children? It’s easy, really, if you are tuned in to the opportunities God gives you each and every day.

  • Reach out to those you know are lonely and hurting.
  • Take a meal.
  • Visit a shut-in.
  • Ask questions when you’re talking to someone to let them know that you are truly interested in them.
  • Follow up on things you’ll say you’ll do.

Our children see all these little things and more– and all of these can be done at every stage of life you find yourself in.

Kindness Matters

We teach our children from a very young age to be kind to one another. Over and over, we quote Ephesians 4:32, stressing the importance of kindness. We talk about how God wants us to be kind even to our enemies…. But do we actually take the time to practice this virtue in our adult lives? Mr. Rogers is noted as having said, “Imagine what our real neighborhoods would be like if each of us offered, as a matter of course, just one kind word to another person.”

Sounds easy, right- one kind word. We all know what an impact that one kind word could have on someone– a simple acknowledgement of their value could make all the difference in the world to them.

Titus 3 reminds us that it was “when the kindness and love of God our Savior appeared, He saved us… because of His mercy.” When such overwhelming kindness was shown to us, how could we not show kindness day in and day out to those made in the image of our loving God? How many hearts could be softened and lives changed  if we did? (And that includes kindness and civility online, too.)

I live in the South, so we all tend to speak to one another, but one of my favorite things about taking walks in my neighborhood are those small interactions with people. My spirit- and I hope theirs- is always lifted after we chat about how good their yard looks or what’s happening in their family. It certainly doesn’t take any training or an extreme amount of effort to display kindness to those around us.

Gratitude Matters

I’d like to give you all an invisible gift. A gift of a silent minute to think about those who have helped you become who you are today. Mr. Rogers

Gratitude is a starting point. It’s not a reaction to something, but rather, it’s a frame of mind, a way of living, and it’s sadly becoming a lost art in a world that always wants more or wants something or someone else.

Taking the time to be grateful for all that God has given you. All the people that have invested in you. All the individuals who together have been used to make you who you are today is a stunning exercise to go through, and I highly encourage you to do so (would be a great exercise at your Thanksgiving table this year!!) One of the most stirring moments in the movie happens when Mr. Rogers encourages journalist Tom Junod to do this exercise at a restaurant– and the entire dining room full of people engages in it as well. (You can get a sneak peek of that scene in this video clip, starting around the 3:14 mark.)

Let’s model for our children a heart of gratitude. Let’s not miss the small blessings or the big ones. Let’s be thankful for the people God has brought into our lives, and let’s set out to use kindness to show those we come in contact with that they matter to us and to our Heavenly Father. Just think of what a Beautiful Day it would be if we all did.

My Thoughts On A Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood Movie:

I admit to being a little shocked by the movie at first, for I went in expecting to see a play on Mr. Rogers Neighborhood– simple, sweet, “feel good-ish.” Early in the movie, though, I was confronted with a darker reality– grown up problems, anger, unforgiveness. The “neighborhood” I was expecting looked very different than what I imagined it would, and for that reason, I wouldn’t recommend taking your children to see it.

After I digested the emotions and thoughts I had at the end of the movie, though, I realized that I truly believed that every adult would benefit from seeing it. The themes of kindness and love that are so prevalent within the film are critically needed in society today, and I love that they are there to extend the legacy left behind by this man who loved God and  about whom I have never heard one bad thing.

While I would not deem this a “Christian” movie, per se, there are overwhelming biblical themes running through it that should be both a reminder and cause conviction for us as believers if we are not living them out in out day to day lives.

I highly recommend you grab your spouse and head out for a date night. Some of the movie will be hard to watch, but so much will be encouraging as you see the power of love, investing in others’ lives, gratitude and kindness play out on the big screen. I imagine, like me, you will leave wanting to be a lot more like Mr. Rogers in the days ahead.

Click here to get your tickets for A Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood which opened in theaters on November 22, 2019.


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Family Conference

We are so excited about next week’s Online Family Conference! It is Jam Packed with incredibly helpful and practical information for your family, and we invite you to join us there, because all of us can benefit from taking a little extra time during this busy season of the year to invest in the relationships and functions that mean the most to all of us.

Homeschooling impacts every relationship in a home. And, with the Holidays, and the busy-ness that comes with them upon us, we are offering our Homeschool Family Virtual Summit now to help you get ready.

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Check out a sampling of the workshops you’ll find in the online family conference:

  • Rethink Your Perseverance: Parenting Even When You Don’t Want To
  • Family Wellness Principles
  • Protecting and Praying for our Marriage
  • Raising Children of Promise
  • Keeping it Simple in Your Home: Less Clutter and More Joy
  • Hope for Moms with Chronic Illness
  • Parenting for the Heart (And Speech) of your Child
  • Internet Age Parenting
  • Holiday Homeschooling: Marriage Edition
  • Time Saving Strategies for a Busy Homeschool Household
  • The Family That Reads Together Stays Together
  • Delighting In Your Kids Instead Of Dealing With Them
  • Be Financially Responsible Now So You Can Live the Life You Want!
  • Rethink Your Marriage: A Look At Something We So Often Overlook
  • Family Traditions
  • Marriage and Relationships in Homeschooling
  • Homeschooling in the Hard Times
  • Homeschooling With Unit Studies
  • Work from Home Without Having to Sell a Thing
  • Strategies for Keeping Your Temple in Tip Top Shape
  • 3 Must-Have Tools That Help Me Get Stuff Done
  • What I Would Stress Less About- Reflections from a “Retired” Homeschool Mom
  • How and Where to Look for Work from Home Jobs
  • Why Don’t your Kids Act Like Homeschoolers?
  • 3 Must-Have Tools That Help Me Get Stuff Done
  • True Confessions of a Classroom Teacher Turned Homeschool Mom
  • A Family Transformed by The Word
  • 5 Keys to Parenting Special Needs Kids
  • Creating an Environment for Family Conversations
  • Clash in Your Home: A Game Plan for Cleaning Up the Conflict
  • Making Memories in Your Homeschool
  • Finally!–The Perfect Schedule for Your Homeschool Family
  • Cultivating Marriage while Parenting Special Needs
  • Homeschooling Kids of Multiple Ages…Without Losing Your Mind
  • How To Avoid The College Scam
  • Preschool Should Be FUN!
  • Adult Children with Autism: Letting Go while Holding On
  • Your Identity is Not What You Do, But Who (and Who’s) You Are
  • Don’t Know What to Major In Or what Your Passion Is? Here are some great tips to help you figure that out!

And there are even more than that for you to choose from and enjoy any time you want to!

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Once upon a time, our homeschool looked like us learning all together around the kitchen table, taking nature walks in the afternoon searching for cool treasures we could learn more about when we got home, laughing, learning, and growing together.

We took the time to get together with friends for Bible study each week, recognizing that building that time into our school week showed a priority for studying God’s Word together with friends. We had our own makeshift homeschool group as three families gathered together each week- 1 mom getting to go out while 2 stayed home to teach and enjoy the fellowship. Those were great days!

This was taken on the most epic homeschool field trip ever– 10 days in Israel, learning more than this article could ever contain… and that trip certainly wasn’t possible during the same season I alluded to before– It was saved for this one.

Nowadays in our Homeschool…

These days are great, too! With 1 in college and 2 taking dual credit classes while they finish their high school work, and one in middle school, our weeks look very different now. Yet, we continue to learn together, laugh together, and grow together. We continue to invest our time in building Kingdom relationships with others and in growing together through God’s Word.

Yes, our homeschool looks different, and yes, I sometimes miss those carefree days when they were young— but the depth of relationship I now have with my bigs was built through those younger days, and I will be eternally grateful.

Stay the course, mama! Be thankful for whatever stage you are in. Look for the beauty of that season and teach your children by example what is most important— loving God and loving others even as you are preparing for whatever God has in store for you.


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Things don’t always go as we want them to. Bad things happen and always will. Companies close. People move. What we once held dear can be taken away from us. It is how we react to those things that gives us great insight into where our heart is and how we find our identity, for as one of the characters in the new movie Overcomer notes, ” Your identity is tied to whatever you give your heart to.” He goes on to note that, “Something or someone will have first place in your heart. When you find your identity in the One Who created you, it will change your whole perspective.”

I’ll let that last statement sink in a bit.

In a world that seems to have lost its mind and all sense of reason regarding the concept of identity, Overcomer gives hope! There is a solid foundation in which we can find our selves, our worth, and our future. We cannot allow our past to define us or hold us back, for we are offered forgiveness freely from the only One Who is able to change us from the inside out.

Your family really does need to see Overcomer movie, which opens in theaters today! There are great messages there for one and all.

  • Your children need to see it, for there are lessons presented to them as they watch young Hannah Scott learn who she truly is by digging into God’s Word. We are excited to be able to offer you a great resource to help you talk to your kiddos about this issue. Click here to download it now.
  • Mom and Dad, you need to see it. I actually texted David as I watched it, since he wasn’t with me at the time, to ask if they had been living with us. This movie explores some of the stress points you may have experienced as you seek to serve God together. There is some great insight for all families offered there.
  • Your unsaved friends need to see it! Invite them to join you. It’s a very good story, and they will absolutely hear the gospel presented clearly and with great relevance during this movie.
  • Your discouraged Christian friends needs to see it. Their hearts will be encouraged as they begin to look beyond today to see what God is doing– and to remember what He has already done.

So, what are you waiting for? Download your discussion guide, purchase your tickets, and take your family to the movies this weekend. I cannot wait to hear your thoughts on it!

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Peaceful Sleep

Those of you who have been a member of Teach Them Diligently 365 for any length of time, have probably heard me talk about how I used to set scripture to tune as I was teaching my children. We used to sing scripture to help memorize it, to learn the principles of it, and so much more.

One of the songs we sang almost every single day while they were growing up (and even sometimes now that they’re older,) is a tune I made up for Psalm 4:8. That verse starts, “I will both lay me down in peace and sleep…” I would sing that every night with each child individually to help calm their heart and point them to the One Who is able to keep them safe and to help them sleep in peace. It’s very much a part of the tapestry of our family.

This week, I was thinking of how easy it is for us moms (and dads!) to comfort our kiddos with verses like that. We can assure them that the boogie man won’t get them, and there is no monster hiding in their closet. (My youngest used to call those the “Spookies”… :) ) We parents faithfully point their little hearts to their loving Heavenly Father Who promises never to leave them and to keep them safe. It’s easy for us to wrap our heads around that.

But, is it easy for us to remember that and apply it to our concerns as well? Can I sing to myself “I will both lay me down in peace and sleep…” as confidently as I sing it with my children? I am facing “spookies” of a different kind. There are bills to be paid, more to do than there is of me, and stressors that threaten to take my breath away if I dwell on them.  For some, there are serious health issues, economic issues, or relationships that seem completely out of control. How can we possibly lay down in peace and sleep?

The answer is found in the last part of that verse (and consequently our little Nunnery-song…) “For You alone, O LORD, make me to dwell in safety.”  Only by focusing on the God Who is able to make me dwell in safety can I truly lie down in peace and sleep. Only by trusting in His love and His power can I find sweet rest. Only in submitting myself to his plan and purpose can I find the repose to lie down in serenity.

So, I wonder, Mom and Dad, are you able to sing that song with me? Are you able to lie down in peace and sleep; knowing that the God of the Universe, Who loves you so much He sent His only Son to earth to make a way for you to live eternally, is taking care of you and making you able to dwell in safety? If not, I urge you to spend some time in His Word this evening, reminding yourself of Who He is. Perhaps a quick trip to Psalm 4 is a good place to start. :)

Joining You In This Journey!


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We are so excited about next week’s Back 2 Homeschool virtual conference! There are so many great sessions coming straight to your home, so you can enjoy them the day they are initially released or any day after that since you’ll have lifetime access to all the recordings and resources. See what you can expect to receive each day next week if you have registered for the Back2Homeschool conference. Haven’t done that yet?? What are you waiting for? The price for a ticket is $19 this weekend only– after that, it goes up to $25!  Click here to register today!  We’ll start sending out the SWAG bag of goodies and the link to the virtual exhibit hall on Sunday night, and the first sessions will be released on Monday morning. It’s almost time for us to have our Back2Homeschool homeschool mom (and dad!) fun!!

Meet the homeschool speakers who contributed the following workshops for this conference here.

Monday– Homeschool Foundation Focus

  • For the Heart of Your Homeschool– Leslie Nunnery
  • Seven Keys To A Successful Homeschool– Ruth Adams
  • The Compelling Case for Homeschooling– Mike Donnelly
  • Understanding The Different Methods of Teaching– Faithe Thomas
  • Kindergarten at Home– Carisa Hinson
  • How to Help Your Wiggly Kids Learn– Sharon Fisher
  • 5 Intentional Ways to Connect With Your Child– Jessica Anderson
  • Connecting With Your Child Through Singing Together– Katie Sutton
  • The Lifestyle of a Charlotte Mason Homeschool– Dollie Freeman
  • Created to be Creators– Penny Mayes
  • Teaching the Bible At Home– Danika Cooley


Tuesday– Homeschool Academics Focus

  • Homeschooling: The Making Of Theodore Roosevelt– Charlene Notgrass
  • Spelling Beyond the Book– Laura Macfarlan
  • Why and How to Create Your Own Unit Studies- Leah Courtney
  • 5 Steps to a Superior Science Education– Jeannie Fulbright
  • Visualizing History: Increasing Reading Comprehension and Independent Learning Through Visuals and Hands-on Projects–Penny Mayes
  • Curriculum 911: What to Do When Homeschool Isn’t Going Well– Kim Sorgius
  • Developing and Drafting an SEP- Student Education Plan– Krisa Winn
  • How to Teach Spelling– Cynthia L. Simmons
  • IRL Math: Math In Real Life– Andrea Hall
  • Dealing with the DARK SIDE of History– Linda Lacour Hobar
  • Teaching Reluctant Readers and Writers– Karen Johnson Bateman
  • Preparing Now For College Writing Success– Dr. Lynn Lease
  • A Charlotte Mason Plant Study: Give it time, it will grow on you — Jasmine Lucero


Wednesday– Homeschool Encouragement Focus

  • Quick Start Guide for this New Homeschool Year– Leslie Nunnery
  • Eternals before Externals– Karen Debeus
  • How to Find Your Homeschool Rhythm– Rebecca Spooner
  • How to Choose the Best for YOUR Homeschool- Kerry Beck
  • Theme Based Learning in the Early Years– Carisa Hinson
  • Your Kids Don’t Have To Go To College– Diane Benson
  • Rethink Your Why– Leslie Nunnery and Jamie Erickson 
  • Teaching Deep Biblical Truths– B.A. Snider
  • About to Burn Out? Here’s Some Help For Homeschool Success– Sharon Fisher
  • Teach The Heart Not The Mind- Lani Carey
  • Homeschool Teachers Are A.W.E.S.O.M.E.!– Davis Carman
  • College Readiness– Realizing the Dream– Elisa Turner


Thursday– Homeschool Organization Focus

  • Homeschool Portfolios and Record Keeping 101– Rebecca Spooner
  • Discovering God’s Unique Design– Lesa Dale
  • Scholarships 101– Creating The Strategy– Elisa Turner
  • Be Better Prepared For Your School Year Than Ever– Karen Debeus
  • Organizing Your Homeschool Classes– Leslie Nunnery
  • Creating The Perfect Homeschool Schedule– Amy Roberts
  • Understanding the Way Your Child Learns– Faithe Thomas
  • It’s Crunch Time: How to Choose the Best Curriculum for “Your” Family– Kerry Beck
  • 5 Stones of Goal Setting– Lesa Dale
  • A Four Year Guide to Preparing your Homeschooler for College.– Michelle Osborn


Friday– Homeschool Family Focus

  • A Grumble Free (Homeschool) Year– Tricia Goyer
  • 10 Ways To Keep The Heart Of Your Child– Kim Sorgius
  • Homeschooling and Parenting Without Guilt– Margie Abbitt
  • Rethink Chores and Responsibilities– Leslie Nunnery
  • Financial Aid for Homeschoolers– Dariu Dumitru
  • Raising Future Millionaires : Money Habits Every Child Should Master –Holly Reid Toodle
  • 7 Practical Tips To Stay Sane As A Working Homeschool Parent- Jessica Anderson
  • Our Family’s Journey Towards Home Education– Jessica Hager
  • What You Wished You Knew– Over 30 Year’s Worth Of Questions And Answers From Homeschool Parents Just Like You!”–Deb, Joy, and Hope Deffinbaugh
  • Homeschooling With Little Ones In The Mix– Leah Courtney
  • The Nutrition Connection– Regina Tyndall
  • Busy Mom’s Game Plan: How To Stay Close To God– Kerry Beck
  • Self-Care Tips, Tools, and Techniques– Shayla Lorraine Bryant
  • Calming Angry Kids– Tricia Goyer
  • Rethink Your Influence– Leslie Nunnery and Lisa Schmidt
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As a mom of three children, there is nothing more rewarding than walking alongside my kids as they grow in their relationship with Christ. Whether reading the Bible or attending church on Sundays, I’ve come to place so much value on experiences we have as a family that connect us more deeply with Scripture and help us grow together.

My passion for connecting people to the Bible was cultivated early in my own childhood.

I grew up in our family’s business. My grandfather went from producing milk as a dairy farmer to producing live stage shows with a purpose. He was passionate about helping people see and understand the Bible as he did: full of life and creativity. Deeply motivated by the way Jesus used parables to help people connect to scripture, he used what he had to begin doing the same. Armed with a camera, slide projector and passion for the gospel, he began creating experiences for families to share together that connected them to Bible stories. What started as a small multi-media show grew into the Sight & Sound Theatres that exists today: two state-of-the-art venues in Lancaster, Pa. and Branson, Mo. where Bible stories come to life on a panoramic stage with massive sets and live animals (not to mention our signature roasted almonds which are an experience of their own!).

A lot may have changed in our 42-year history, but one thing remains the same: our passion for bringing the Bible to life. We realize not everyone may be able to visit us in person, so this April we’re “taking the show on the road.” For three days, our landmark production NOAH will be playing in movie theaters nationwide! We’re thrilled about the idea of thousands of people across the country experiencing this cherished Bible story together in their own backyards.

If you’re making plans to bring your family, I’d like to recommend reading the story together before embarking on your excursion (found in Genesis 6-9).

Additionally, here are three discussion questions for the drive home after your voyage:

  1. Noah had to make a hard decision and was ridiculed for it. Was there ever a time that you had to make a decision that wasn’t popular?
  2. Noah had to trust that God was going to deliver on His promise even when he couldn’t see the outcome. Was there a time you had to trust God in your own life when you didn’t know what would happen?
  3. God’s faithfulness is evident throughout Noah’s whole life. How have you experienced God coming through in your life?

We invite you to set sail with us in April to experience this extraordinary Bible story full of animals (two-by-two!), a monumental flood, and (spoiler alert!), a rainbow for the grand finale! Our hope is the story will come to life for your family in a brand new way. We can’t wait to see you there!


About NOAH

Seen by more than 5 million people live on stage, Sight & Sound’s landmark production sets sail into movie theaters April 9, 11, and 13 for a special nationwide event. Filmed in front of a live audience, NOAH takes you on history’s best-known voyage as you board the enormous ark—along with two of every kind of animal! For locations and tickets visit


About Katie Miller

As the oldest grandchild of Sight & Sound’s founders, Katie Miller was the first member of the family’s third generation to work in the organization. Katie stepped onto the stage when she was four years old and performed as part of the cast until she was 13. Today, she serves as Corporate Communications Manager. Her unique, rich experience within the company’s formative years has helped her collaborate in everything from publicity opportunities to future succession planning. She lives in Lancaster, Pa. with her husband of 15 years and their three children.        



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Are We Engaged In The Right Battle?

One day last week my son asked me to play a game of chess with him. He had it already set up and was so excited that I agreed to join the game. I was not really engaged, though. My body was playing chess, but my mind was working on something else altogether. It took him all of three moves before I heard “check mate.” He rubbed in that he had beaten me again, told his siblings and his daddy, and generally had a great time with it. I on the other hand realized in an instant the importance of fully engaging in the battle into which I have been called.

As believers, we are in a war right now on many fronts. I don’t think anyone would question that. I wonder, though, if we are fighting the right battles or if we are allowing Satan to make us impotent because we have taken our eyes off the true prize and have no energy or manpower left for the battles that really need to be fought.

The Battle For Home Educators- Fight with the end instead of the means in mind!

We have largely allowed ourselves to be taken out of the spiritual battle as home educators. Satan has caused us to focus and even to fight for home education so much that we have lost sight of the true end we sought initially– that we as families would love the Lord our God with all our hearts and that we would be girded up to fight His battles when they come our way.

I have seen this misplaced loyalty in the news and even through our social media. When someone posts a juicy common core article or  homeschool freedom article, the engagement numbers soar. But a discipleship post sits primarily dormant. This should not be!

Yes, we need to be informed about what’s going on- but not so we can fume or be afraid. No! We must be informed, so that we, like the Apostle Paul at the Areopagus, can intelligently use what people in culture know and understand to point them to Christ. (His speech in Acts 17 is brilliant, weaving culture and history together to point them to Christ.)

The real fight that is ragingWe must rather fight this battle with the end, not the means in mind. The battle should never be strictly for our right to home educate without government influence, though we certainly want to see that maintained. The real fight that is raging, though, is for our families- for the very souls of our children and of our children’s children. That is the battle in which we must engage. It is imperative that we take these freedom-filled days of home education to instill in our children a rock solid foundation of love and devotion to Jesus Christ alone. Every other foundation we would try to give them can be broken down but not the Cornerstone of God’s Kingdom!

The Battle For The Heart of our Children

We must use these days to train ourselves and our children about what love for Jesus looks like– for what is in our hearts will always come out. Love for Jesus will overflow into a life lived powerfully, not running from the skirmishes we encounter. Love for Jesus must manifest a sincere love for people, for Jesus Christ came to seek and to save those who were lost. (Often lost people are very unlovable and disagreeable, but those are the ones Jesus came for. We must never forget that we were once counted among them.) Love for Jesus and a passion for serving Him at all costs and instilling those things into our children must be our highest objectives as parents. There is coming a day very soon when the battles that rage in our land are going to necessitate that we take hard stands and dangerous positions as believers. Are we preparing our children for that day?

Oh that we will get our hearts and our minds in the right battle! May we not be so distracted by the fear of losing our rights to home educate autonomously that we miss the time we have to build a solid foundation for our family that is capable to stand even when the real battle comes to our front yard. Our family started Teach Them Diligently with this battle in mind. There will be a ton of material presented that will equip you to be a better home educator, but the real heart of the event is to equip you to be a better parent, to build a stronger family, and to better disciple your children to love the Lord their God with all their heart, soul, and mind. The stakes are high! It is time to gird up, learn all we can, and prepare for battle.

We sure would love to see you there! Register today and gird up for battle. Find an event near you by clicking here.

Get involved in the battle through strategic prayer. Join me in praying for our children and marriages. Sign up here:


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