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Home educating your preschooler is a great and high energy season of life. Homeschooling at this age in your family might involve singing songs, park play dates, loving on and playing with  younger siblings, and coloring with big crayons. You have been teaching your child since birth but now you feel it’s time to get a more formalized curriculum.

Read a book or two on homeschooling and variation can be overwhelming. Questions abound, and that’s okay. It’s common to have more questions than answers at first, so let’s tackle one of the biggest questions and needs of your homeschooling life– curriculum.

Is there even curriculum for preschoolers? Yes, there are many that are either full preschool curriculum programs or preschool level learning for a specific subject.

What books should I use? This is often influenced by what style you are choosing from Charlotte Mason, living books, traditional style, or even a more eclectic style with the structure of a curriculum. The list below covers a broad spectrum of curriculum options for your family so you can find something that fits your style.

We asked our fellow homeschooling Teach Them Diligently families what do you recommend as a Preschool curriculum choice, and we compiled their choices about this and 39 other levels and subjects of curriculum in our FREE Homeschool Family Favorites Guide.

The response was wonderful and so many great options. We have compiled a top ten list that will ease your stress level and start your homeschooling off to a bang!

Here are the top 10 choices for Preschool Curriculum

  1. Before Five in a Row Preschool  From FIAR’s websiteThis important product has two sections: the first presenting 23 Five in a Row-style mini-units (plus an extra mini-unit) based on outstanding children’s books for ages 2-4+.  The second presents an entire treasury of learning readiness activities intended to be used in your every day life: things to do in the kitchen, at the store, at bedtime, bath time and more.
  2. Rod and Staff From the website“This series provides preparation material. Six workbooks give practice in coloring, cutting, pasting, and following directions while learning neatness and carefulness with books. The storybook gives auditory and oral practice for the child.”
  3. Abeka Provided structure curriculum for 18-24 month, 2 year, and 3 year old. From the website“Each grade will give you lessons for 170 school days. Your child will have engaging books written and edited by skilled, experienced Christian educators. You’ll have teaching aids, clear lesson plans, and the option of expertly taught lessons on video.”

The extra fun part for our littlest homeschooling students is you can go at any speed your wish. Slow it down and add in lots of enrichment projects and field trips. Speed it up for a child that is thriving and wants to learn faster than average.

  1. All About Learning Press
  2. Little Hands to Heaven (Heart of Dakota) 
  3. My Father’s World

Creating a homeschooling environment in you home that matches your family is paramount this year. From simple and sweet, basket time in the morning, to baking in the afternoon. Perhaps a more structured style that blends with your other children’s learning is needed and you have to integrate multiple grades. Your family is special and wonderful. Take the time to find what works for you with the help of other families that have been there and have graciously passed along their knowledge.

  1. Sonlight
  2. All about Reading Preschool
  3. Timberdoodle Preschool
  4. A Year of Playing Skillfully- The Homegrown Preschooler!

No matter what you choose have fun and enjoy the beginning of a wonderful homeschooling journey. Preschool is a delightful time of your child’s life when the world is bright, big, and wonderful. You are who they look up to, to guide them through this blessed life. Enjoy!

This is just the beginning of many home education curriculum recommendations. Here is our FREE downloadable Homeschool Family Favorite Guide with many other top 10 recommendation by fellow homeschooling families.


Also, check out “Back to Homeschool for Preschool Moms” on the Teach Them Diligently blog for even more tips and helps for homeschooling preschool. Click here to read that article now.

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Vacation with a Vision

No matter when you go, or how you go, or even where you go, vacations are a great way to rest and recharge with family. They can mean even more if you endow them with vision. This year, get the most bang for your buck by asking the question: What could we do that would change us?


A Vacation Vision gives your vacation purpose. And it works even if you’re not leaving town. For example:

This year, we’ll focus on others.

Go on a family missions trip. Spend the week helping build a Habitat Home. Volunteer to cook or clean at a camp. Help family friends pack up and move. Spend your vacation shopping, cleaning, babysitting, and cooking for someone experiencing illness or loss.

Staycation: Camp in your backyard, flag down the ice cream truck for a treat, have a treasure hunt, or play flashlight tag

This year, we’ll learn something new.

Pair new adventures with learning. Try a new Chinese restaurant after everyone can use chopsticks. Take a trip to the mountains that includes white water rafting. Learn sign language before visiting in a deaf community. Tour a factory or a local market.


Staycation: Learn what it’s like to visit old spots at new times. A trip to your favorite lake is good. A sunrise breakfast there—even better! A drive-thru for shakes and fries is good. Drive-thru with kids in their pjs—even better!

This year, spontaneity is our watchword.

Choose spur-of-the-moment activities like roadside museums or the scenic highway. lists locations for everything from the world’s largest peanut to a Cadillac ranch. Select state favorites or map a particular city to find unique attractions. These apps may also help: Hotel Tonight (last-minute reservations) and Travel Zoo (map-based locations).


Staycation: Camp in your backyard, chase the ice cream truck, have a treasure hunt, or play flashlight tag.


When choosing to vacation with vision, you won’t just see a change in the scenery. You might also see a change in your family!


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Every day, you give your all to enrich the lives of your children and educate them because that’s your calling. They will always be your first priority. But it can be easy to get overwhelmed, especially when you’re using a parent-led approach to homeschooling – there’s a lot to think about. “Am I doing enough?” easily creeps up when you’re laying your head down to fall asleep.  Our first priority is to make the Abeka curriculum effective so that you can lead your child’s education with absolute confidence and zero stress.

You Don’t Have To Be a Trained Teacher To Be a Great Teacher

No matter what subject or grade you’re teaching or what level of education you’ve received, Abeka Curriculum Lesson Plans are designed with a proven step-by-step method to help walk you through each piece of our traditional, parent-led approach. You will succeed! We even give you the exact words to say if you need them. Or, if you want to, you can get creative. It’s up to you.

Whichever route you choose, lesson plans serve as a helpful, comprehensive guide, whether you’re brand new to teaching or an experienced veteran.

What’s Available For K4–12th Grade Planning

We take the guesswork out of lesson planning and give you the confidence to stay on track every day. For K4–6th grade, Curriculum Lesson Plans include a detailed, easy-to-follow daily guide, formatted in conveniently bound booklets. Similarly, lesson plans are included in the Teacher Edition of each textbook for 7th–12th grade.  You can sleep soundly at night knowing that tomorrow’s lessons are ready to go, because every day when you wake up, you’re already set up for success.

Included in every subject guide:
  • Quizzes & test timelines (suggested)
  • What to teach when (suggested)
  • Teaching advice
  • Grading guides
  • Tips for when & how to use teaching aids
  • Engagement activities
  • Learning games
  • Discussion questions
  • Step-by-step instructions for teaching compositions, including research papers

But Do Lesson Plans Really Help That Much?

Absolutely. Whether you teach eclectically or use solely Abeka’s curriculum, our teacher support materials will work to keep you organized and on track. If you’re using Abeka across subjects, you’ll start to notice that the subjects all interrelate. A spelling word that your child is learning will also relate to the scientific terms in another lesson, helping them to review those terms in a new way. That’s what we refer to as cross-subject integration, and it’s a big part of why Abeka’s curriculum works. Then, we layer the spiral review approach into our discussion questions, games and activities, which means that integral pieces of each lesson will continuously come back again. As themes continue to circle back around, important concepts will be cemented in your child’s mind.


We believe that learning is not about regurgitating answers, it’s about nurturing your child into becoming a well-rounded young adult. And that’s what our teacher support materials are designed to do – educate your children for life, not just for test-taking. Meanwhile, having a plan gives you peace of mind that you are doing enough.

Try Our Lesson Plans Risk Free

Test out our teacher support material for yourself. With a daily plan in place, we guarantee that your homeschool experience will drastically improve. That’s why we offer a 30-day money-back guarantee on new materials. If you don’t think they’re making your life easier, just send them back. We’ll happily refund you.

Shop lesson plans here.


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Homeschool Resources

There’s so much to learn from the past—and even more to explore in the world. Why not make your history and geography studies a culinary adventure!

Here are three ways to do that based on actual topics covered in the Abeka History and Geography program.

1. Cowboy Pockets

As children learn about the people who made America great in our 2nd grade textbook, Our America, they’ll discover patriots, explorers, native Americans, and cowboys. This treat imagines the kind of meal a group of caballeros might have put together around an open campfire.

(Of course, they might have used a cut of beef or wild game, but our recipe calls for ground beef.)


  • 1 lb. ground beef, shaped into patties
  • Onion, peeled and sliced
  • Potatoes, sliced thin
  • Carrots, sliced thin
  • One 12” x 12” sheet of heavy duty aluminum foil per serving
  • Salt, pepper, and garlic powder to taste


Place first four ingredients on foil sheet.

Season with salt, pepper, and garlic powder.

Fold foil into a pouch until sealed.

Bake at 350º for 45 minutes.

Serves 3-4


(For the complete pioneer experience, make this meal next time you camp or have an open fire. Rake aside some hot coals and set pouches directly on them at the edge of the fire for around 30 minutes.)

Our America can be purchased individually or as part of a full-grade or subject kit.



2. Chocolate Mousse

The Eastern Hemisphere is the focus of history and geography studies for 7th graders. In World Atlas and Geography Studies of the Eastern Hemisphere (which works in conjunction with History of the World and other texts), they’ll identify and label important cities, countries, rivers, mountain ranges, and deserts. And with this recipe, they’ll also get a taste of a traditional French dessert!


  • 2 cups heavy cream
  • 10 oz. dark (bittersweet) chocolate, crushed into tiny pieces
  • Chocolate shavings for garnish


In a double boiler, slowly heat chocolate pieces.

While chocolate is melting, beat heavy cream until peaks just begin to form.

Fold melted chocolate into cream without overmixing.

Divide equally into serving cups and chill at least one hour.

Sprinkle shavings onto mousse just before serving.

Serves 4


World Atlas and Geography Studies of the Eastern Hemisphere can be purchased individually or as part of a full-grade kit.


3. Orange Kumara Chips

Fifth graders learn about international lands and cultures through Old World History and Geography. This yummy side dish from New Zealand can go with lots of meals. And don’t let the name throw you off – kumarais Maori for sweet potato.


  • 2 kumara (sweet potatoes), medium and unpeeled
  • 2 Tbsp Olive oil
  • 1 Tbsp Salt
  • 1 lime, zested
  • 1/8 tsp chilli powder
  • 1/8 tsp paprika
  • 1/8 tsp red pepper flakes
  • Black pepper to taste
  • 1/4 cup chopped fresh cilantro


Place kumara in a pot of water and bring to a boil, then reduce heat and simmer 15 minutes.

Drain and let cool.

While kumara is cooling (about 15 minutes), preheat oven to 375 degrees and combine salt, lime zest, chili powder, paprika, red pepper, and black pepper.

Slice kumara into wedges and place on rimmed baking sheet.

Brush with oil and sprinkle spice mix.

Bake for 20 minutes or golden brown.

Sprinkle with cilantro before serving.

Serves 4


Old World History and Geography can be purchased individually or as part of a full-grade or subject kit.





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Homeschool Resources

Making the transition into homeschooling can be a tough one. In the midst of a decision that will affect your child’s future, it’s natural to experience a flood of questions concerning your child’s well-being. If you’re on the fence about deciding whether to homeschool your child or keep them in a public or private school system, we are here to help. We’ve worked to create a curriculum that allows your child to get the most out of his or her homeschool educational experience.

1. Positive Environment

No more noisy classrooms, rambunctious classmates or other unnecessary distractions that can easily lead a formative mind away from an important lesson. You are now in complete control of what your child will be exposed to, and there will be no question about what’s going on at school. Is there a more stable way to educate a child than within the comfort and security of your home?

2. Teachers Who Care

Parents understand God’s love for His children in a special way. For parents, nothing is more important than the well-being of their children. In a homeschool environment, every student has the most dedicated teacher on the planet: their parents. Since the moment you brought your children home from the hospital, you’ve been watching them learn about themselves and develop their own incredible, unique personalities. And that makes you the most dedicated and qualified teacher they could have.

3. Individualized Education

Everybody learns differently. It’s true no matter a person’s age – we each interpret and retain information in our own unique way. And this is even more valid when we talk about the young mind trying to comprehend important lessons in the classroom and the outside world. Let’s say a child in a public or private school classroom of 25 is excelling in English but struggling with geometry. This young student is a poetic and masterful writer, but math has never been his forte. The teacher, who can’t slow the rest of the class down for one student, has to push on with her predetermined lesson plans.

This would be much easier to control in a homeschool environment. When you have the capability to move at a speed tailored to your child’s understanding, he is going to learn more efficiently. Plus, you can dive deeper into specific interests to further develop his strengths.

4. A Solution To A Problem

Although many families choose to homeschool their children long-term with great success, there is a wide range of reasons a family might choose to homeschool a child. The Abeka community is diverse, with families who use a variety of methods to teach their children at home – some are parent-led, some eclectic, and others use our streaming lessons called Abeka Academy. But for many other families, homeschool is simply a solution to a temporary problem. For instance, if the environment at school is rough for your fifth-grader, but there is only one year left until a change of scenery in middle school, your child may only need to homeschool for one year. Or, if your child needs to be held back because a certain subject is challenging him or her, a single year of one-on-one time with that challenging subject might do the trick. Homeschool can be a solution to a problem and is not always a permanent landing pad for every child’s educational journey.

5. Better Teaching Materials

According to recent studies from the National Home Education Research Institute, homeschool students continue to outperform their public and private school counterparts, scoring above average on achievement tests. Regardless of the parent’s level of formal education, options like Abeka Academy and parent-led teaching provide the support system you need as a homeschool teacher. And any additional help you may require is just a click or a phone call away.

6. Build a Relationship With God

Homeschool parents have the freedom to incorporate Bible study into their daily lesson plans. There are no barriers or restrictions preventing your child from gaining spiritual knowledge and a traditional education. Abeka’s curriculum is founded on Biblical principles and includes scripture throughout. You’ll have opportunities to instill God’s truth and love into their hearts and minds seven days a week.

The unique opportunity to spend time with your child every day and enjoy watching their minds grow is not one that everyone has, and it’s not the right solution for every family. But for moms like Ruth Tinsley, it’s been a blessing. To learn more about how to decide if homeschool is the right path for your family, please reach out to us. We’d love to help.



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abeka academy

You’d be surprised by all the wrong ideas people have about Abeka Academy. Are they myths? Or just misconceptions?

We’re here to set the record straight.

Myth #1: Your Child Will Sit In Front Of the TV All Day
Trust us, we’re the last people in the world who would want your kids glued to the TV. The reality is, Abeka Academy students watch their lessons, many of which are “interactive” in that the teachers address those students watching on video, and wait for their responses. Then they have assignments and activities to complete apart from their video lessons. Your children may practice new skills, review what they’ve learned, work on projects, show their progress to you, read to you, and more.

Myth #2: If I choose streaming video lessons, we’ll be on someone else’s schedule.
Perish the thought. It’s your homeschool, so it’s your schedule. Our streaming video lessons are the same video lessons you’ll find on our DVDs. That means you can watch them on demand, at any time day or night, as long as you’ve got access to the internet.

Myth #3: It Takes Too Much Time
For elementary school, subject lessons vary between 20 and 40 minutes, adding up to about two and a half hours per day. In middle school and high school, the lessons are around 50 minutes apiece (classes may vary), totaling around five hours daily. In other words, if your children get started around eight in the morning, they could easily be done by early afternoon, even accounting for breaks and lunchtime. Leaving you that much more time to hang out with your kids.

Myth #4: Parents Are Left Out Of Their Child’s Education
Left out?! Mom and dad are very much involved in making sure their kids are doing what they’re supposed to do, learning the lessons, mastering the skills, and progressing in their education. You listen to them read, administer tests and quizzes, grade tests, quizzes, and papers, review schoolwork with them, and more. Let there be no doubt: Abeka Academy video homeschooling IS homeschooling.

Myth #5: It Costs Too Much
According to a recent survey in Private School Review, the average elementary school tuition is over $9,200. For high schoolers, it’s over $14,000. The reality is that Abeka Academy video homeschooling is like having Christian school in your living room for a tiny fraction of the cost. Plus, you can choose the accredited option for added benefits like transcripts and a diploma for no extra cost. That’s zip, zilch, zero, nada.

Myth #6: You Have To Follow A Regular Nine-Month School Year
Ha! Tell that to the family who stretches their enrollment over the whole 12 months. Or mention it to the parents whose kids love the video lessons so much,they finish everything in six months. We only create a nine-month calendar based on your start date as a suggestion. It’s there if you want to follow it.If you choose the accredited option, the calendar will help you stay on track so your child can complete the necessary coursework within the six- to twelve-month time frame.

Myth #7: An Accredited Enrollment Is The Only Option
Nope. Not true. Accredited is just one option that we make available because of all the added benefits. (And in case you haven’t heard, the accredited option costs nothing extra.) We also offer an independent study enrollment which includes the same great videos. However, some states may require an accredited enrollment for homeschooling families, so it’s a good option to have.

Myth #8: You Have To Turn In All Your Student’s Work
First of all, you never have to submit all your student’s work. In fact, with independent study, you don’t turn in anything. What’s neat about an accredited enrollment is that parents submit some of their child’s schoolwork—like tests and papers—for Abeka to validate. It’s like having another homeschool mom double-check the work just to be safe.

Myth #9: Accredited Enrollment Means You Have To Turn In Everything By The Due Date.
Abeka Academy gives you 12 months to complete your school year. If something happens—like a family emergency, or your child needs more time—you can extend your child’s enrollment a few months for a small fee. With the accredited option dates are set for turning in certain assignments.

Myth #10: It’s Too Difficult to Keep Up With The Teacher
Let’s just pause a moment and think about this. Literally. Did you pause?Because with Abeka Academy video lessons, that’s exactly what you can do. Pause. Rewind. Watch it again. Stop and think about what’s being said. Restart the videos. You can’t do that in a regular classroom.

Myth #11: When You Use Video Lessons For Homeschool, You’re Completely On Your Own
This one is not even close to being accurate. In fact, with an Abeka Academy enrollment, you get access to an academic helpline. It’s a toll-free number you can call when your child needs a little more explanation or is having trouble with a concept. The education specialist answering your call even uses a virtual chalkboard sometimes. That’s a free app that lets you see what the specialist is writing as he or she works out a problem in real time. Pretty cool, isn’t it?
Myth #12: Using Videos “Restricts” Me From Doing What My Child Needs.
Reality? Only if you let it. In fact, Abeka Academy makes it possible for you to give your children exactly what they need. Does your son need to take breaks every 30 minutes? Then take breaks. Does your daughter need to stand up while watching lessons? Let her stand. Mix up the way they count, draw, write, read, etc. With Abeka Academy, you get a customized homeschool experience with lessons led by experienced master teachers.

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abeka video lessons

How Abeka Academy Makes It Easy

In recent years, video lessons have become more and more popular among moms in the homeschool community. So, how does Abeka Academy differ from the rest? As an affordable option with a flexible curriculum taught by master teachers, we make homeschooling simple for your family. Those experienced teachers will guide your student through every subject and lesson on our pre-recorded videos lessons. Your child will be able to learn at their own pace and can rewind or rewatch a lesson as needed. In the meantime, you’ll be able to take care of your family. We make it easy so you can make it amazing.


Peace of Mind

Abeka Academy alleviates the stress of planning and teaching every lesson. By relying on our skilled teachers, you’ll never have to worry if your child is getting the best education possible. You even have the option to choose from video lessons by subject (Grades 7-12) or full-grade enrollment. Built with the understanding that it’s not always possible for you to teach your child everything, our video homeschooling takes the pressure off. Abeka Academy has the option of accreditation and all of our courses are college preparatory level. Your child will receive a report card every nine weeks and will have transcripts to send to colleges to showcase their academic success. You’ll no longer have to wonder if your child is ready to take on college. They’ll be more than ready.


Homeschool Anywhere, Any Time

Whether you’re on the way to visit your parents across the country or at your daughter’s dance practice, Abeka Academy’s pre-recorded video lessons empower you to literally homeschool anywhere. The added flexibility and freedom allow you to homeschool on a schedule that works best for you and your family. You also won’t be limited to starting when the traditional school system starts their school year. If starting in July or October is what works best for your family, then you have the option to start then.


2nd Semester Switch

Is your non-Abeka curriculum simply not working out? Want to see what Abeka Academy has to offer? Give us a try with a 15-day free trial! Simply log in or create an account and watch any lesson from our video lesson library. When your trial is over, it ends automatically. No further action will be needed. Already know Abeka Academy is for you? Now until Jan 31st receive $50 off your single semester Abeka Academy enrollment! Add Abeka Academy enrollment to your cart with promo code ABEKAFIRSTDAY. Learn more here.



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Leslie Nunnery and her husband David founded Teach Them Diligently, the nation’s premier source for gospel-centered homeschool events. With seven years of homeschooling experience from preschool-high school and a passion to encourage and equip homeschool families, this mom of 4 shares her know-how and insights weekly through Teach Them Diligently media and on

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