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Let’s Go BEHIND-THE-SCENES to get to know Ray and Charlene Notgrass

After 22 years in church ministry, Ray and Charlene Notgrass decided to serve God in a different way by writing Bible curriculum for homeschoolers. At their first convention, a mother told us that she wished someone would write a Tennessee history, so they decided to write one and call it Exploring Tennessee. They included Bible study in it. Two years later Ray wrote Exploring America for high school. This time they included Bible and added literature. They kept listening to homeschooling parents and writing what they told us they wanted, first for high school and then for middle school and junior high. Now they are writing for grades 1-4 as well. Ray and Charlene believe that God has been preparing them since childhood to do what they are doing now. Their goal of writing Bible curriculum has grown into history curriculum that includes Bible and literature. Thus they are able to share God’s Word with many more homeschooling families. Charlene says, “It was His plan, not ours, and we love what we do.”

Did you know…
Ray and Charlene are personally connected to history stories they tell. Their ancestors include a French-Canadian fur trader who fought with the Continental Army during the American Revolution; pioneers who traveled through Cumberland Gap and on the Tennessee, Ohio, and Cumberland Rivers to found Nashville, Tennessee; and veterans who served during the Civil War, World War II, and the Korean War. They stand on the shoulders of Ray’s dad, who encouraged him to read great literature, and Charlene’s dad, who took her family to historic sites. Those formed the basis for how they taught their own children, what they like to do for fun (read great books and travel to historic sites), and how they write for other homeschooling families.

We think you’ll love them, too! :) Make your plans to stop by the Notgrass booth in Nashville, Atlanta and Myrtle Beach to say hi!


Special Offers for Teach Them Diligently families from Ray and Charlene Notgass.

The Notgrasses love to help families enjoy history. Download their free field trip guide to sites across the country where you and your children can learn about the Presidents and First Ladies:

Behind-The-Scenes With Author Cassandra Driver

Cassandra Driver was homeschooled all the way through school and self-published her first book at age eighteen. As she developed a love for reading while growing up, she rapidly realized there wasn’t an overabundance of clean books out there! This spurred her to try her hand at writing in order to put more wholesome and exciting stories on the shelves, particularly for young people, and the Lauren Series was born. Cassandra now has published 3 books in the Lauren Series with a 4th due out soon. Make sure you stop by and meet Cassandra at #TTDNashville!

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Focus on Jim Hodges

We here at Teach Them Diligently remember well that incredible day in July of 2011 that our very first exhibitor registered. The very first brand to partner with Teach Them Diligently was Jim Hodges Audio Books.

What you may not know about Jim Hodges…

Jim served for 20 years in the US Navy, and met and married Monica (who was also in the Navy!) in Kingsville, TX. He and Monica have 3 grown children who they homeschooled through High School, and 8 grandchildren. Both are adventurous so travel is something that really excites them. They’ve been to Japan, Hawaii, Alaska, all but 4 of the Lower 48 states, Rome, Venice, Switzerland, the D-Day Beaches, Paris, Rothenberg, Germany, London, various places in the Caribbean, and are going to Belize in November of this year! The coolest thing Jim has ever done is stand on the bridge of a nuclear powered submarine (the USS Louisville) as it headed out to sea. The Louisville is the sub The Hunt For Red October was filmed on!

How Did Jim Hodges Books Come To Be?

Monica and Jim were out on a date in 1998 when he was a year before retiring from the Navy, and she asked him what he was going to do for work when he did. Jim told her a couple of possibilities, but then she asked a different question altogether. What would he do if money were no issue? Whatever he did would provide. Jim immediately said “I’d record books.” He’d been speaking aloud just because he loved to do it since he was in 2nd grade! He’d done theater, was the newscaster when his ship was underway, narrated Navy training films for fun, and loved reading to his kids when they were growing up. He thought, “Why not see if I could turn that love into a career?” And Jim Hodges Audio Books was born.
You can see Jim Hodges at TTD Nashville, TN and Myrtle Beach, SC.


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