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Sword Study: We Made Our Own

“We made our own.” You’ve said it. And no doubt you’ve done it, too.

We loved the bread our neighbors bought at the bakery, but we can’t afford it. So we made our own.

We couldn’t find curtains to fit our unusual windows, so guess what? We made our own.

That one-size-fits all discipline method didn’t work for our family. After praying about it, we made our own.


National Bible Bee Family Discipleship

When it came to choosing a Bible study curriculum to share with the thousands of families we serve, the Shelby Kennedy Foundation (sponsor of the National Bible Bee) had some specific requirements. This Bible study would have the following characteristics:

  • Age-graded
  • Inductive; using observation, interpretation, and application as primary tools
  • Tool for family discipleship
  • Revealing deep biblical truth, yet easy to understand
  • Strong Scripture memory and prayer components
  • Affordable

Despite the many wonderful Bible studies available, we couldn’t find one that fit our specific vision of in-depth study of the Word of God, Scripture memorization, and prayer. And yes, you guessed—we made our own.

Final SKF No BB Shield

The Shelby Kennedy Foundation is thrilled to announce the new availability of its unique inductive Bible study series, the Sword Study, to families, Bible study groups, and churches. We’d love to assist you in the critical task of family discipleship.

Organized into five different levels according to age, each Sword Study covers one book of the Bible. We’ve synchronized the levels to cover the same truths at the same time, with age-appropriate graphics and learning tools. A Parent Guide includes step-by-step instructions for leading a group discussion and celebration at the end of each week of study. All levels of 2 Timothy, 1 John, and 1 Peter are now available through your local Christian bookstore and at our dedicated website, www.swordstudy.com. We’ll release a new Sword Study on June 1 of each year.

Here’s a sample of what families are saying about the Sword Study:

We’ve finished the first 5 weeks of the Sword Study book and I can say that it has been AWESOME. We’ve done a lot of Bible studies with the kids, and for an inductive study this has been the most challenging and most thorough so far.—Mom blogger and parent

I have a friend who is a single mom. She has been doing the Bible Bee 1 John study this summer with her boys. She is so, so blessed by it. She was telling me it is the help she needed. She is soooo thankful for this tool to help her impart the Lord’s ways to them.—Parent

The Sword Studies (along with the Scriptures themselves) form the core study tool for local Bible Bee competitions held in August as well as the National Bible Bee to be held in Orlando, Florida October 29-November 1, 2014. But our focus is not on the competition as much as on assisting parents in discipling their children as God intends.

We made our own. And we’d love to share it with you.

National Bible Bee Family Discipleship Family


Do you have questions or comments about the Sword Study or the National Bible Bee? Feel free to share them in the comments below or contact us ([email protected]) for more information.


Does your vision need adjusting? Find the solution via these unique workbooks at your local Christian bookstore, favorite bookseller website, or www.swordstudy.org.

Sword Study I John