Summer Activities and Projects for Elementary Students

Summer is H.E.R.E! Whether you take the summer off, or you school year-round, there are so many fun summer activities and projects for elementary students! Vacations, swimming lessons, field trips, summer camps….there is so much!

There are times when we parents need to remember to place the books to the side and allow our kids to just learn in the experience. Perhaps that means going outside to play right after breakfast and not seeing them again until lunch. Or maybe it’s talking a family hike to the waterfall you’ve been “meaning to get to” for months.

The days of this summer will fly by. Carpe diem! Seize each one and make a memory of it! Below is a list of summer activities and projects you can do with your family. Have a fantastic summer!!

Summer2Summer Schooling:

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Homeschooling in the Summer

Our Unschooling Summer of Fun!

Starting a Summer Nature School

Nature Study: Out and About

Books to Read:

Best Summer Reads {for Homeschooling Moms}

Amazing Books for Summer Reading

Summer Reading Challenge With Free Printables

Trips to Take (or Not):

Summer Holiday Planner FOR FREE OF CHARGE

Summer Staycation: Ideas for Cincinnati / Tri-State Area

Two 65-Page My Trips Notebooking Journals

Best 10 Road Trip Games in the RV

10 Fun Ideas for a Frugal Staycation

Gas and Food Prices Too High? 13 Staycation Vacation Ideas!

Freebies to Use:

Beach Fun Coloring Pages

Road Trip Printables for Kids: Tic Tac Toe

Road Trip Printables for Kids: Billboard ABC Order

Fun Activities to Giggle Through:

Messy Party

10 Ways to Keep Kids Active This Summer

So You Want Some Screen Time?

 A is for At The Beach

7 ways to have fun outdoors {Kids’ Co-op}

10 Tips to Enjoy Local Splash Pads and Summer Safety for Kids

20 Super Cheap Summer Fun Activities to do with Children

Piano Camp in a Box

Date Nights to Plan:

Favorite Summer Date Night Ideas for Married Couples

Summer Bucket Lists:

Creating a Summer Bucket List

100 Ideas for Your Summer Bucket List

How to Make a Summer Bucket List With Your Kids

What summer activity do you have planned first?

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