Spring Activities and Projects for Elementary Students

Spring is just around the corner, which makes this month a great time for planning fun, educational spring activities!

Spring should not be overlooked. After the deadness of Winter, God allows Spring to emerge and show us what NEW LIFE looks like! Take advantage of this time to explain how we are dead to sin, but made new in Jesus. Discuss what is happening right before your children’s eyes as the trees, flowers, insects, birds, and weather proclaim the glory of our Lord.

If you are a “step-by-step” planner, you can dive into some projects that take a few days. If you are a “fly by the seat of your pants” type planner, then load up some food, grab the binoculars, and take a picnic out in the backyard to do some observation fun.

Whichever way your family operates, there are fun times to be had as God’s world wakes up around us! Take the time to stop and enjoy the flowers a little more this year. You won’t regret it.




Below are some great ideas that will kick-start your planning for the next few weeks.spring2

Spring Into Writing
Elephant Watering Can
Painted Rock Faces
Beyond Resurrection Eggs
Plant Unit
Bird Unit
Spring Connections
Spring Lapbooks and Notebooking Pages
Homemade Birdfeeders
Build a Birdhouse
Gardening Projects
Easter Lapbook
Legend of the Easter Egg Lapbook
Resurrection Lapbook
Easter Printables
Bird Watching Tips
Hiking With Kids
Terrariums For Kids
Outdoor Activities for Kids
Simple Spring Crafts
Spring Writing Prompts
Spring Printable Pack
Garden Preschool Pack
Spring Preschool Literacy Pack
Another Garden Preschool Pack
Spring Tot Pack
How to Start a Family Vegetable Garden
Checklist of Spring Activities
Spring Dandelion Unit
Gardening Unit Study
Preschool Spring Activity Bags
The Plant Sitter
Birdseed Dough
Spring Sensory Exploration Activity

There are so many fun things to do with children during the spring. And none of them involve a dust mop and a broom! Put the Spring Cleaning aside, grab a cooler with some food, binoculars, a notebook, some colored pencils, and go hunt some flowers to draw.


What Spring “thing” do you have planned first?

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