Single Parents: Don’t Listen To The Lie

I have a confession to make: I was really scared when I went to TTD Nashville in May. It was the first time that I’d ever driven out of my state. It was the first time I packed my boys in the car for a multi-day road trip. I was traveling to unknown territories alone. Truthfully, the thing that I was really afraid of when I got to the conference was being out of place.

This feeling of being “different” is something that haunts me from time to time. It’s like this big dark cloud hanging over me everywhere I go: “Single mom walking!”. As I walked around the convention center I saw families everywhere. Beautiful babies, helpful teenagers and couples walking hand in hand. I stood there smiling at the sweet sight of families just being together and a voice whispered to me: “You don’t belong here.”

That voice, that lie used to derail me. But I knew that I had a divine appointment in Nashville that weekend. I shared my feelings with my sweet friend Rebecca who encouraged me to ignore it. And I’m so glad that I did. I had such a wonderful time over those 3 days. I was blessed and encouraged in more ways than I can share. I was finally able to hug the necks of sweet friends that I’d made online. And I was challenged to do better for my boys.

Single mom are you avoiding conferences and chances of fellowship because you feel like you don’t belong? Don’t listen to that discouraging voice. Get out there. Reach out to people, let them love on you and pray for you. Teach Them Diligently cares about single parents trying to disciple their children. It warmed my heart when Sally Clarkson, Rachael Carmen and Heidi St. John took a few minutes to encourage me and answer my questions. Angie Smith (not a speaker) talked with me for about 20 minutes and just blessed my socks off. And when several speakers prayed for the parents that were on this homeschooling journey alone I was reaching for my tissues.

We are not forgotten. We are not alone. There’s an army of people ready and willing to stand beside us and hold us up. You just have to take the first step put yourself out there.

LaToyaLaToya is a single, homeschooling mom of two bouncing boys. She lives for the quiet moments of the day which are few and far between with two rambunctious young men running around the house. She strives each day to life fully for God and although she often falls short she is determined to stay the course. She wants to encourage women to follow God’s direction for their lives no matter the circumstances. You can keep up with LaToya on her blog, Twitter, Facebook, and Google Plus.